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Screen brightness?! =P


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I always use v bright, simply because it made it alot easier to see which ores were spawned in the mining guild back when I was mining coal. I got so used to it, everything seems dark and gloomy if I put it on anything less bright.

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Dark. To me it looks most realistic (will also depend on what brightness your monitor uses) eg in caves it looks relatively dark, outside it looks just right. My opinion anyway :P

How many runescape players does it take to change a lightbulb?


1 to change the bulb and the other 49 to complain about how it was better before.


So why are you here?

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Normal for me. I used to play on dark, but I decided to change the brightness on my monitor instead, so it would be overall easier on the eyes, lol. Normal/dark brings out the best colours in my opinion. Bright is decent I suppose... V-bright just looks fake and unrealistic.




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Very Bright. My old monitor was a bit faulty and couldn't go any brighter than what is normally 'dark', so I was literally ripping hairs out every time I went in the mining guild or some other dark spot in Runescape. Now I make the most of my screen's brightness and go with very bright every time :)






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Very Bright.


Normal is just too dark for me.


I bet you no-one uses dark when they normaly play other than role playing at night time.

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i play on normal/bright depending on locations.

Currently P2P.


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