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  1. These are some parts of my elite clue scroll today that weren't in the guide. Monster that dropped Clue:Steel Dragon Level of Clue (If 100% known): Elite Clue Hint (With picture): It was an arrow locating clue (sorry, forgot to screenie the arrow, so you're going to have to trust me when I say that where I'm standing is the exact spot for the clue.) Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Slightly west of the Love Story quest start point. Monster that dropped Clue: Steel Dragon Level of Clue (if 100% known): Elite Clue Hint (With Picture): Another Arrow clue (this time i have the X in the screenie) Where to solve Clue (With Picture): Mort Myre Swamp, just north of the area for the Nature Spirit Quest
  2. I'm a little biased toward slayer mainly because it's my favorite activity in runescape, and I do consider it the hardest 99 just because of it's slowness. But If I were to take a totally neutral perspective I'd say rc is the hardest because it's just as slow to train as slayer (if not slower) and far more tedious.
  3. I do every clue I find, which is quite a bunch thanks to slayer. It slightly irks me that since the clue update, I've done two level 3 clues and both ended up trash, while some people I know who haven't touched a clue scroll in years suddenly dusted off their age-old banked scroll and made millions off the new items. Meh, that's luck. I'm hoping for a new reward soon. For the first time I'm camping monsters for a clue scroll rather than for slayer. And yes, I know my two clues and my friend's one good clue are not representative of the clues in the long run. just sayin' its a slow week
  4. Blargh, another week of holding this half-completed clue scroll in my bank.
  5. http://linkagg.com/ A remarkably simple site that scours the indie corners of the internet for websites that mainstream users may have not heard of, ones that contain all kinds of cool features and tools and material that the mainstream sites ignore. It's a brand new site and a work in progress so the organization may be a bit odd, but I definitely learned a lot about the web through just a few minutes of browsing.
  6. Not a very professional handling of the interview by MMG (regardless if EA and Activision actually used expletives with them, I don't think it's very business-like to quote it). Then again, it's hard to blame the guy for wanting to rub it in the publishers' faces on how they reeled in 140 million users in this day and age, customers that could have belonged to the publishers.
  7. I quit members before the update, and rejoined during the update once school stress became lower. So what, I pay an extra dollar a month. At 6 bucks a month, I can find 2 dimes per day off the ground and have enough money to play rs. Oh, and don't forget, Jagex said that after paying the 6$ rate for a year straight, it goes back down to 5$. So really I'm only paying an extra 12 bucks a year if I continue members.
  8. I am SO going to use that line someday when I own a business.
  9. It took me a while, but I consider myself now to be an expert at sliding puzzles (in both runescape and real life) thanks to treasure trails. I beat out all my friends' times in those little iphone app puzzles thanks to frequent clue-scrolling. But as for this celtic knot... my puzzle solving skills will be limited again... eventually we'll have runescape Rubix Cubes =P
  10. Rank does have an affect on the way I play. Recently, I've made it my informal goal to work slowly up the overall ranks, just so I have a little pride in my account as better than others =P. My overall rank is 78kish, I want to slowly work my way to top 50k at least, and from there keep working to level my total and bring myself up. It's not a die-hard goal for me, just a way to keep me focused on using time somewhat productively.
  11. Be prepared for this site to go down as well. Usually whenever runescape blanks out, thousands of players overload the site trying to find out what happened.
  12. People are freaking out about these boots just as much as they did when pvp was changed forever. Seriously, I think some of you are overreacting. I'm not sure if it's envy because everyone has a friend who happened to store 200+ boots before the update, but whatever the case I think everyone needs to stop. Back when pure essence was introduced, even more people made money when their ess converted because rune essence was much more common to stockpile than climbing boots. I'm not saying more money was made (I have no evidence of that), but the extra cash was spread across a lot more of the community than these climbing boots. It seems like the panic is coming because everyone sees one or two guys who have a bunch of boots and assume it is likewise distributed across many rich players in runescape. Mod Emile already made a post with math to back everything up, showing that the amount of money introduced from the boots is about 1/10 of the money introduced daily from the game. People need to stop freaking out and stop extrapolating.
  13. I don't really think the dungeoneering req will be for the dragon defender... Jagex stated they are still working on the defender and are figuring a place to put it in the game. With Batch 2 for dung just around the corner, doesn't it sound reasonable that Jagex would have figured out a dung req was the best? It doesn't sound like them to wait till the 11th hour in editing an update for more content. The dragon defender is a big and highly anticipated item. I think it requires more planning than "throw a dung req on it" right before batch 2 is released. I predict quest reward involving the warriors guild, because it seems too simple to just throw it in as a cyclops drop and let the warrior guild overflow. At the same time, the quest would have to involve the warrior's guild (and have a rune def req) or else people could skip bronze-rune defenders and go for dragon.
  14. I'm pretty sure a lot of people here (me included) own a d hally and know its uses, but just have it sitting in their bank because it's not used as often as other weapons. Back in the day, I used a d hally as my primary wep because my entire money-making was from hallying blue dragons. Sure, range was faster, but I wanted the melee xp and was too low level to fight them up close efficiently. So I hally'd a lot until I converted to slayer and used that as a source of money. Now for slayer I use whip and sgs for spec so hally really doesn't come in handy for me, but I keep it in my bank anyway.
  15. So software creators can now be in deep [cabbage] if their users abuse their products...? Doesn't sound fair at all. Limewire is a legitimate program, but a majority of users abuse it for illegal filesharing of copyrighted music. So are sites like Zamzar, but a lot of people are using it to rip copyrighted audio off youtube videos. Here's a relevent quote from someone in the music industry who is against abusive legal action on file sharing: David Draiman, lead vocalist of Disturbed. (source:wikipedia)
  16. For fletching, broad arrows. They are supposedly 500k+ exp per hour easily, but unless you're a die-hard broad arrow ranger who wants to spend years killing turoths/kurasks, the process is costly: the arrows aren't tradeable to players or stores, and I don't think they alch for anything either, so you're stuck with all that money invested in junk. Only good if you really want the fletch exp quickly (perhaps the rich guys going for 200m xp)
  17. Want to explain exactly what's bad about this? I've seen lots of people complain about this but no one has provided a reason what's wrong with it. And how about giving us a reason why Jagex wants other game adverts removed? How about common sense... why would Jagex support a site that advertises competitors? By encouraging players to run to tipit and view these ads to other games, it increases the likelihood of players switching over or playing both. And from a business perspective, that's not a good thing. Perfectly legitimate reason from Jagex if you ask me. And I don't see why people are complaining that tipit is kissing ass now... Has it not worked in our favor too? Remove a few ads, and in return we get more traffic from the platinum rating and a better position with the game's creators. We are a fansite, not a business. Getting closer to the game's management is always a good thing. Why does the media pay so much for details and images of controversial isues? Because that's what their customers want, in depth stuff. And that's what the new tipiters will want too: extra exclusive content. Why SHOULDN'T tipit take the offer from Jagex (which was NOT forced upon them) when it can ONLY lead to good things for us? What did we lose in the process? Unless you REALLY liked seeing those Evony ads on the side while looking up how to kill a mithril dragon...
  18. If I'm not mistaken, the reason every pker used climbing boots were because they were an inexpensive strength bonus. Now they're almost equivalent in price to rune boots, and if i'm right, surpassed addy boots by a bunch. Why even use it anymore? Why not get cheaper addy boots that carry a small str bonus and have a defence bonus? I don't think climbers will be popular at all anymore because only the die-hard "pay-everything-for-a-strength-bonus" pkers will use them.
  19. I'm pretty pumped up after the USA game. even though I was never a fan of soccer, I have to admit the chaos of the world cup is really starting to change my mind. Now let's see how far the Americans can go!
  20. This isn't related to apple, but is very related to the police being in the palms of corporations, and i really wanted to share this with others. http://motherjones.com/rights-stuff/2010/06/BP-louisiana-police-stop-activist Indeed, we are now socialists.
  21. Vls is still the best weapon in game(mostly beacuse of special), so no, fastest isn't always the best. Also vesta spear is best for corp, which is long speed aswell. Well obviously certain weapons have a niche (for corp or fiends, etc), but generally speaking, fastest typically is best, which is unfortunate. CLS is missing the special attack, which I'm sure is more than likely the bigger part of why a VLS is 15m or whatever it is. rapier still does way more dmg than vls and cls + claw spec > vls, its also like 100x cheapre meaning that vls is now entirely useless vls is the only pvp weapons thats useless now, all the armors are good, stat ham spec rapes corp, and v spear rapes corp so now vls just blows Doesn't matter that rapier has more overall damage. in pvp, it's about ko potential. If your opponent hits 100% 200 damage, it's hella accurate for sure but unless lag is added, no way of getting a ko. Which is why spec weps exist. The VLS has incredible accuracy AND a special attack. You have to be insane to use a cls and claws instead. First of all, losing either of those is an incredible setback. Second, it's not as good for ko's as whip+claws, or scim+claws. Why? Because with cls+claws, you have to flip to claws and pause for the spec according to cls speed. Gives em plenty of time to heal up, and if they were stupid enough not to eat then they deserve to be ko'd with whatever you have. With a whip/scim and claws, you spec right away after switching. Maybe a rapier+claw combo would be deadly (consistent hits AND good ko) but that's where VLS beats it out, simply because it involves less risk and no switch.
  22. Found this, thought it was very relevent (and heartwarming) http://pogpog.com/v/8-month-old-deaf-babys-reaction-to-cochlear-implant-being-activated/ Now to contribute to discussion. I really don't see how this implant could be detrimental to a deaf person's health. If they really think noise is unbearable (after living an entire life without noise, i would think it would be hard to get used to even gentle noises like a fan or computer running), then they can deactivate it (no source, but i would hope there's the ability to deactivate it). So I guess the best compromise for "dead culture" would be the ability to deactivate the implant if they find that hearing is impossible to handle after silence for one's entire life. If it is permanent, i don't blame the deaf people from rallying against it, because someone who doesn;t want the ability to hear would now suffer for a very long time at this new rush of noises.
  23. Totally agree, bs call by the refs and I think we should have definitely won that. Pretty sure we're out of the cup now though, the chances of England and Algeria tying aren't as big as we like it. I was browsing the CNN facebook page where they reported the tie after the game, and I was rather annoyed to see some idiot Americans calling this game a fix because the ref with the bad call was supposedly Muslim, and obviously has some connections to terrorist organizations in the Middle East or at least some hatred against the US. Goddamn fools, you're the reason everyone wants America out of this cup so badly.
  24. Because then they'd have to sift through the tons and tons of people who used auto's (despite Jagex's ability at autoer-tracking, there will still be plenty of idiots with the guts to do it anyway) to raise the skill. At least for combat, you're gonna have to have a hell of an auto program to fight for you... And Aura, it didn't seem like you were "merely" ranting about the game and competition, you actually said you thought that a wealthy 138 didnt deserve it as much as a true castle wars fan, which was already disproven by his high minigame rankings. Ranked 9 in duel tourneys, top 500 in MA, top 1k in cwars, and top 5k in BH rogues, this guy knows how to play minigames and how to kill people. But you were probably right that he was rich: ranked 550 in mage without a very good rc. But I don't see why he wasn't a good enough candidate for a "lover of the minigame".
  25. The parody movies never get any funnier and usually abuse the same joke motifs over and over again... I'm sure this one is no different.
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