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  1. AWESOME GUIDE!!!! Ya, I made a guide like this over a year ago, not sure if defenders were out at the time because I quit RS 6+ months ago and dont remember when updates were. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=434168 So gratz on telling people something thats been known for 15+ months....
  2. Then all the "pures" would go kill the low leveled people.
  3. You,sir, are 100% right because Runescape is and will be the only online game.
  4. I thought I would never give up on Runescape until I gave it a try and didn't log in for 150+ days. True story.
  6. Good ol' Dmoneysme, Best friend forever.
  7. I accepted the fact that runescape sucks but then again its on the internet. I know I am lucky.
  8. I'm gonna choose to "Late" this message. Care to explain how?
  9. December 2nd. I quit RS. I didn't even have it planned. I just quit because theres no end game content. No monsters are hard. Theres no challenge to anything.
  10. I indeed have a pure rune essense. Thanks for asking.
  11. HUH? =/ and runescape cusses, scams, macros, imo were alot worse then their results. People cuss in WoW, people macro in it (though it's rare because it's hard to do), people don't scam in WoW (well hardly ever anyway). The WoW community is just as bad, you wouldn't believe the vulgarity they use in that game (have you ever played?) ~L so what, suck it up. i get cursed by random people everyday. macroing in runescape takes away your fun, cussing can be easily avoided and it causes you no problems (if you have a high self esteem) runescape cusses way more then WoW (if you dont stake, safe in the wild). just glance at the f2p lumby more often, see what im talking about. seriously. Seriously, you have no idea what your talking about until you have played, RS is a much cleaner game when it comes to language used. Lol, thats because the game is made for 10 year olds that dont need to heard cuss words. Ya, End game stuff on RS made me quit....nothing! no new items, monsters, WEAPONS. Every monster because jad could be grouped with hundreds of people. Wow you can only have 5 for a dungeon(instance) or up to 40 for a really hard raid. Or...(This is me =D) http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/9716/wowscrnshot042407195439vl9.png
  12. Cape design: Firecape Skill symbol:Firemaking Emote:dance Trimmed?:no
  13. lol stupid jegax will ban someone for playing rs....lol
  14. Don't you love how cloth is the same as metal?
  15. Oh really? tell me how to find out in 10 seconds. Also 9m people playing a free games isn't much to 1m less playing a game for $15 :\
  16. ok 10m play but i bet theres like 4m unqiue accounts. Also i i'm not God like you so i dont know these stats.
  17. :mrgreen: And this to anyone who thinks WoW is better.... compare numbers? Runescape has 3m players, WoW has 8m Runescape takes 5$ wow takes $15...i think if theres 8m people paying $15 a month then its alot better than 3m paying $5
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