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  1. -- hit post too soon --

    Enjoying your mod duties? Everyone behaving themselves ok since I left? :p

  2. Does your uni provide you with access to Westlaw UK/LexisNexis for cases? If you can't find it in there then it probably aint worth knowing :p

  3. Yeah, I had to do that in first year (was just called Contract law, no idea what this Contract 'A' business is all about ;p ). It may be a dry and dull area, but it is probably the most useful module you can have as it applies to so many other areas of law. Knowing your way around a contract will aid you to no end, especially in company law/employment law etc.

  4. Yeah, it's going alright. I've got a big piece of employment law work due for tomorrow that I'm of course putting off as usual >.<

    Placement is not going so well. The company has had a lot of trouble during this recession, but hopefully they'll commit to the programme..

    How has life been treating you over these last few months?

  5. Can't help but bash dem bots, Gmod or not!

  6. Hey, I'm 2/3 through a law degree (UK). Just so you know, if you're serious about taking legal action, you should know what you've signed up for just by creating an account. If you really want to go down this route then I'd advise you to first contact Jagex themselves by emailing [email protected] This is the current version of the legally binding contract you have entered into with Jagex Limited: Terms and Conditions [3rd March 2011] Now, I don't think that I fully understand what the grounds of your planned action are. Which terms from the above contract do you think Jagex have breached exactly, because that is what a court will want to know if it ever did get that far. Just skimming through the contract, the terms which regard people who break the rules themselves (including use of bots) are covered under the heading "Our Rights". The most important part of the whole contract regarding what I believe to be your complaint, would come under the heading "OUR AND YOUR LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY": What would at first be important to consider here is the extent to which Jagex owe you a legal duty of care, and whether by "allowing" players to use bots breaches this duty of care. The extent of the duty of care owed to you can be estimated through several cases that have already taken place at High Courts, Court of Appeal and the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court), so you'll have to research the case law yourself I'm afraid. Oh, and by the by, if you're American (I'm assuming you are, what with the "class action"), you should to familiarise yourself with UK contract law to take this further because, like with every contract you've agreed to online, the company will want any proceedings dealt with in the country of that company's HQ, as stated here: Going by what I believe to be your complaint... I really don't think you should bother with this, though. From what I've read, there are no terms in the contract which specifically bind Jagex to providing a "bot free" environment for you to play. In fact, Jagex specifically do not guarantee that other users will comply by their rules. They go on to suggest a possible remedy for people in your situation ("I paid for a product and I don't want bots diminishing my enjoyment of the product"?): If you can clarify exactly what part of the contract you think has been breached then I can go into further depth for you if you like. Hope this helps.. As far as I can see, there has been no breach. Jagex have excluded themselves from liability with regard to other players using bots. They have not breached their duty of care owed to you. You have no legal claim to remedy. Then again, I've only spent 10 minutes reading through the contract, and I do not have a full law degree yet (let alone the fact that I'm not even a practising contract law lawyer), so I must warn you that I am not liable if you choose to take action based on my advice. As said, if you really want to look at the full possibilities then I'd suggest you first talk to Jagex about it and then seek independent legal advice.
  7. Please, WKW, just use bank tabs! I'll even let you use my template: Magic tab example: Tab: 1 - General junk used infrequently (Desert Robes, Pyramid plunder loot (to note and sell later on to the NPC, all kinds of currency & tickets, bones etc) 2 - Melee (weapons, armour, slayer gear) 3 - Range (crossbow, knives, darts, bolts, hides, accumulator etc) 4 - Magic & Runecrafting (Runes, staves, robes, pouches, books, essence) 5 - Fishing & Cooking (raw and cooked fish, cakes [for agility], rods, nets, bait, feathers, cooking urns) 6 - Herblore & Farming (vials [filled + empty], clean herbs, secondary ingredients, pestle & mortar, finished potions, herb and tree seeds, spade) 7 - Summoning (charms, pouches, shards, commonly used familiar pouches, common secondary ingredients) 8 - Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Fletching, Construction & Crafting (Pickaxe, ore, hammers, bars, knife, tinderbox, axe, logs, saw, planks, chisel, gems, jewellery, moulds, needle, dragonhide, flax, bowstring, etc etc) 9 - General items used frequently (Glory amulets, lightweight gear, task area rewards, other quick teleportation items) I can provide pictures of each tab if you prefer a visual alternative. Tab 8 is so big because the resources are usually shared between those skills.
  8. I must be the only one that wishes Jagex would simply let their art director make the choices for all the capes. Since when were the typical adolescent boys that usually plague MMORPGS capable of making a stylish choice? It's a shame that Jagex didn't leave one of the less important cape decisions to the community rather than this one, eg one of the all skills 10/20/30.. capes.
  9. Quite a hypocritical comment. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that "Unbeatable" () was just joking.. because, otherwise he just displayed exactly the kind of attitude that makes people dislike the place, which he even spoke about in his initial criticism of the Pearl Harbour Facebookers. I take it as a given that his comment was some kind of trolling attempt akin to coming into a thread about blind American pride and saying: "herp derp 'merica's da best derp derp"..
  10. It's always nice when someone else's contradictory reply makes my argument for me. I don't want to provide Google with "anonymous data usage reports" so I can get "targeted adverts". I don't want freaking adverts at all! Why do you think I have four separate adblockers installed on my browser? Why do you think I signed all my phones up with the Do Not Call registry? That's also one of the main reasons I prefer to watch TV shows online instead of on TV; too many damned commercials. Besides that, though, I don't want Google gathering "anonymous data" from me that most likely isn't that anonymous. You all laugh at my paranoia, but when some hacker with a bee up his butt gets into the database with all your information and destroys your life, I'll be laughing my paranoid butt off because that same hacker only got minimal information from me. And now you're going to say that I'm being "sensationalist" or "blowing things out of proportion" or whatever, but the incidences of ID theft are rising almost exponentially worldwide and are becoming one of the top reported crimes in most civilized countries. Why? Because too many people aren't paranoid enough about the security of their personal information and it's getting stolen by crafty, greedy hackers. I'd rather be paranoid and safe than have my ID stolen because some web entity failed to keep my information secure. I have a feeling that you think if Google has your phone number they'll start sending adverts to your mobile. They really do not do this. As said, the mobile number request is for verification and an added layer of security when using an account (this is all explained in their blog post from early February). In regard to targeted adverts as a whole; I agree with you. I hate being constantly advertised to everywhere I look, which is why I also use an AdBlocker on Chrome, so all adverts, targeted or not, and served by Google or not, make no difference to me. It may be morally a grey area, what with Google providing me with all these services while I block their attempts to monetize the products, but this is a personal issue. I think I've been using the internet for so many years now that I've become conditioned to ignore many adverts anyway, so it's questionable whether Google would gain anything from me if I did not use an ad blocker. As for "anonymous data", you're right; I think you're paranoid. I have faith in the EU directives (I don't know what protective measures there are in place in America, I assume weaker regulation) which govern the use of personal data because the penalties that Google would face for operating in the EU without making sure their data truly anonymous is just not worth thinking about. These sum of the fines they would face would be considerable, even to a company as big as Google. That's not to mention all the civil legal action they would face. I assume you give a false name and date of birth to your friends, and pay for everything in cash, right? Wouldn't want those banks having your account details stored online somewhere would we.. think of the hackers! All your money sucked out of your account, leaving you without any remedy! Oh wait, silly me, there are already several legal remedies to victims of identity theft and the like here in the UK which allow you to recover what you lose in such an event.
  11. I think we have a new contender for the smallest item in the game! It's so small that I didn't realise I had it in my inventory until about 15 minutes after I had checked my shortcut. How cute!
  12. Well, either my Ring of Wealth is broken, or I really don't understand how it's meant to work now. I've killed over 300 Abyssal Demons now and have got the "Your ring of wealth shines more brightly!" message after every drop, yet there is no difference to what the Abyssal Demons have been dropping today compared to what I was getting yesterday (aside from what seems to be fewer Crimson Charms.. ) I assume getting the message after every kill is a bug, because if this ring keeps getting brighter I'm going to be blind by the end of the week! Aside from that, the ring's teleport to the Grand Exchange is extremely welcome; no more spellbook swap while on Lunars!
  13. Do you honestly see no social problems with patriotism..? Ah, I don't know.. Maybe it's because Britain has already had its "day" at ruling 1/4 / 1/3 of the world and so we know that the legacy our old empire has in some of our former colonies is really not something to be proud of. Then again.. America has done its fair share of oppression around the world in the last 100 years, so you would've thought its citizens might not be so in love with the country, especially after Vietnam. Paw Claw may not have a problem with it, but I would be shocked if I started seeing the English flag in the corner of every school, library, police/fire station, hospital etc, or having our nation anthem played out at every domestic sporting opportunity, or it being somehow 'wrong' to criticise the country, or worse still for it to be almost a necessacity for the end of every public speech to end in "...and God bless England." The problem with instilling this sense of extreme pride of a country in citizens is that it leads to a sense of self-righteousness and arrogance. If you've been brought up to believe that your country has some kind of divine right over others then you're not exactly likely to respect the thoughts and wishes of the people that you believe are below you. If anything it makes it easier for a country to oppress another if its citizens, instead of chastising their government, are happily justifying it. Any act of aggression gets people so riled up with the desperation for retribution that they will make sure that someone pays in blood. Just look at how the reaction to September 11th differs with the reaction of other countries who have also suffered a major terrorist attack. Maybe it's because Britain is such a secular society now, I don't know. I think I'll leave out the relationship between patriotism and the willingness of citizens to believe in a deity, because that's a whole can of worms that I'd rather not open.
  14. Marco

    DG tokens

    ...what the hell do you need with a tome of frost? Just buy water runes - much cheaper for your time and makes much more sense. Assuming you can get 10k tokens an hour (which is quite generous and that's probably for those who are leveled 70ish running with a good team) - it'll take 4 hours to get enough tokens for the tome of frost. Most people can easily get 1mil an hour (just gathering/doing random things) x 4 = 4mil. That's the equivalent of 200k+ water runes. I can't figure out something that I could do with 200k+ water runes. If you really need water runes - get a mud staff - takes care of your earth/water runes Alright, but if I use a Tome of Frost + Lava Battlestaff then the only elemental rune I'd have to carry would be Airs! I'm sorry, but after having played this game for more than 6 years that just sounds amazing to me I don't care too much about whether it would be more efficient for me to just buy a huge stockpile of Water runes, because knowing that I'll have an infininte supply of 3 elements on me (and also saving an inventory slot) is just.. wow
  15. Marco

    DG tokens

    Sorry to hi-jack the thread, but why has no one mentioned the Tome of Frost? I'm no where near having enough tokens for it myself (40 something dungeoneering, almost all from Tears of Guthix) but I quite like the idea of having unlimited Water runes without taking up an inventory slot and was planning on getting buying the Tome when I finally bother to train the skill. Are the benefits gained from having the Tome of Frost really not enough to justify the 40k+ token price?
  16. In terms of greed, no. I don't think American citizens are any more greedy than the citizens any other developed nation but, as Pasta Cheif [sic] said, when talking about the comments in that picture, this isn't a question of greed, it's about ignorance, stupidity and (worst of all) nationalism. In relation to the last one I would have to say that yes, from my experiences with Americans they are, as far as I'm concerned the most nationalistic and proud citizens I've found. What I find worrying though, is that in a few recent-ish (late 90's, early 00's) studies that I went through while doing my Sociology A-level a few years back, is that these surveys which indicate a uncomfortable level of patriotism also show that many Americans don't see any problem with having such a blind love for a country. Blind, unquestioning love for your country (and the things representing it [be it a monarch, a flag, constitution, building etc]) is the kind of attitude that leads to ignorance of others at best, and stupid, pointless wars at worst. To me, nationalism is a very dangerous thing, and governments who want to use their citizens for something.. underhand.. would do well to instil that false sense of belonging and love in all their citizens. I find it funny how one minute Americans will be making fun of countries with a (powerless) monarchy still in place (eg Britain), and the next minute they'll be in floods of tears due to the pride of having their flag waving in the wind as a backdrop to their national anthem being sung at every opportunity they get. Honestly, patriotism is a serious problem. While the stupidly proud comments regarding Pearl Harbour may have only been voiced by a minuscule proportion of the American public, I think that scary sense of nationalism can be found in a much higher percentage of the country.. So, Americans; Greed level = normal Patriotism level = whoop whoop *warning warning*
  17. That's exactly what I do. I've found that it often helps to feign extreme naivety so as to make the scammer believe you'll hand over more once he proves himself. Technically scamming a scammer.
  18. I have on several occasions sat in Edgeville bank in popular PK worlds successfully selling off the use of my Lunar Spellbook for exactly those spells, and I was making a fair bit of money off of it too. Hell, a couple of weeks ago someone hired me 500k to provide them with a constant of the aforementioned spells for 10 minutes while he was fighting in single-way Wilderness. I had no problem providing that service, as I was under the now obviously mistaken impression that Lunar Magic was a "support" spellbook be it in single or mutli-way combat areas. I love the idea of having a team mate specialising in support/healing as I think it adds an interesting dynamic to combat, but oh well.. Aside from that, the Lunar Spellbook is in serious need of some more useful spells, especially teleports. I'm really hoping any future additions don't involve aggressive combat spells, though, as we've already got 2 other spellbooks for that. I really feel sorry for anyone using Lunar Magic without Spellbook Swap..
  19. Serious answer: Bots, unfortunately. General rule of thumb; if you see someone wearing a Dragon Med helm then, yep, you guessed it! Bot bot bot.
  20. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1139797/ Better. So true. Another unnecessary American remake for the people that struggle with subtitles.. I've found that, with foreign films like 'Let the Right One In', the people that typically can't cope with subtitles are also not the kind of people that would actually understand the more subtle parts of the film in the first place, so I don't know who these English language remakes are aimed at.. Saw "The Adjustment Bureau" last night with my girlfriend. I thought it was OK, but she was bored by it. I'll admit finding it a little dull during some of the more religious moments in it. Also saw "The 7 Year Itch" (Marilyn Monroe) for the first time ever earlier today (it was TV; Film Four) and I'm shocked and disappointed in myself for not having watched it earlier! Such a classic. As for other films I've seen since I last posted here (going on a year), well, there are too many to mention, so I'll just leave this here to save time: IMDB vote history (I swear I've seen more than two films made in 2011.. )
  21. Oh boy, imagine if some of the people on this thread had to move onto mobile phone running Android! I'm sure some heads would explode with the sheer paranoia and anxiety in the knowledge that everything on your phone is done through a Google platform! There are few parts of my online life that Google are not a part of, for example: I use Gmailmy browser is Chromeboth my university lecture (and day-to-day life) timetable is through Google Calendaralmost all of my uni law lecture and seminar work gets backed up onto Google Documentsphotos are backed up with Picasa,news RSS feeds (BBC, Lifehacker, Engadget, GameCentral, various blogs etc) are read through Google Readerhell, even my main profile page I direct people to is a "Google Profile" (although I'm yet to see what will come of this, as it's a recent release) Even my phone (HTC Desire) is running Android! That means I rely on Google Maps navigation in unfamiliar places, all my texts, phone calls, app downloads and email are done through Google's mobile platform. Thankfully the only things asked for in return is some anonymous data usage reports and targeted adverts. Google's tentacles are far reaching but fortunately free. I can't imagine how much all of the above would have cost back in the old days of the internet, through private, smaller companies. I expect a lot of the more paranoid members here would be surprised to see just how much they already rely on services provided by a single company, be it Google, Microsoft (Windows, IE9, MSN, Hotmail, Windows Media, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Security Essentials, Xbox, Windows Phone 7, Zune), Apple (Mac OSX, iDevices, iTunes, Apple TV) Yahoo (no one really uses this ) etc Worrying about Google requesting your phone number for verification purposes seems... cute (naïve), in the grand scheme of online data.
  22. Along with NikolaiH, I'd also strongly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. I've had it running on my laptop for a good 18 months now and coming from using other anti-virus software it's a breath of fresh air to note how lightly it runs. It is highly recommended at techie website such as LifeHacker et al.
  23. Exactly. I thought it would have been obvious why http://services.rune...rs/frontpage.ws (GE) would be slow, as there are a mass amount of fansites and players using GE links in things like their Google Documents which put a huge strain on the server. It's shameful that the actual reason why those servers are so slow has only been mentioned twice (123Neopet and Golvellius) in the space of 3 pages! Do people not remember when Jagex introduced rules on how often signatures could talk to the highscores server? Bloody hell, that'll teach me not to overestimate the Runescape community again..
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