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Kent's guide to Summoning mastery! Bork


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89+ Summoners: Is it worth making Geyser titans? Read page 31




I'M BACK!!! As some of you know, I'm back to Runescape and I think I should keep my guide up-to-date. If there's anything that you think I should add, just post away and I'll get to it as soon as possible.




Got a question, concern, or suggestion? Just post here and you'll get a quick, prompt reply!









<3: Introduction to Kent’s Summoning Guide! <3:




So, I see you clicked my Guide. This guide will hopefully contain everything you'll need to know. Just to name a few of thing’s it contains are: A review on what food to use, what armour to use, what pouches to make to level, how to obtain charms, how to obtain secondary ingredients, a Jargon dictionary, review of pets and familiars, funny facts, false rumors, and much, much more!




This guide's been growing ever since Summoning was released! Thanks for all the positive (and negative, constructive) responses!




Latest update: Bork.(8/11/09)


Latest big update: Bork (8/11/09)




-= Table of Contents =-




• Summoning basics


¤ Summoning introduction


¤ Definition of terms




• How to train Summoning


¤ Bogrog, the Pouch - Shard trader


¤ Estimate cost to 99 Summoning!


¤ How to obtain 99 Summoning - The casual way


¤ How to obtain 99 Summoning - The advanced way


¤ How to obtain shards




• Which charm to collect and how?


¤ Summary of charms


¤ Food


¤ Equipment


¤ Tips


¤ Clue scrolls


¤ What monster to kill





• How to obtain seconds


¤ (Secondary ingredients that are worth collecting.)




• Which obelisk to use


¤ Method 1


¤ Method 2


¤ Method 3




• Which familiars are good to use


¤ General information about how charms determine familiars


¤ The big 3


¤ Skills


¤ More specific activities




• Pets


¤ (All pets)




• False Rumours


¤ (Rumours)




• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)


¤ (Questions and Answers)




• Errors




You must first start the quest Wolf whistle.




[hide=Summoning introduction]When you complete Wolf whistle, you should understand how Summoning works, but I'll type this down for anybody who doesn't know.




You can summon familiars with this skill, and it lasts for a certain amount of time before it "dissapears". These can help you in combat, skills, hold items for you, make items for you, and boost skills. They have a certain time limit, and they drain your summoning points for summoning them, and having them out. You need a certain amount of summoning points to summon them, but they stay until your familiar timer runs out.




You can summon these "familiars" using pouches. You make these pouches by making one at an Obelisk. The materials required are: A colored charm, shards, a blank pouch, and a secondary ingredient.




These pouches can also be turned into 10 Scrolls, which is basically a special attack. A special attack differs for each familiars, and it takes a certain amount of their special bar.[/hide]


[hide=Definition of terms]Beast of Burden – Holds items for you, but it has a value limit of around 50k per slot, and only abyssal familiars can carry pure essence.


BoB - Beasts of Burden


Familiars - Summons.


Forage – Holds up to 30 of these items, with no work required. Gathers items over time.[/hide]




Where to level




[hide=Bogrog, the Pouch - Shard trader]Bogrog, located at Gu'tanath's summoning obelisk will buy your pouches for 70% of the shards used to make it. ALWAYS do this. To get there, go to Gu'tanath (The place with the Blue dragons, unofficially AKA Watchtower) and you'll see him there. He is near the first gate. He does take noted pouches. He now does take scrolls, but it is better off used as junk. Do not make them into scrolls, as you get less shards then you would with pouches.








[hide=Estimate cost to 99 Summoning!]Number of charms required (Assuming using only Crimsons) (Parenthesis is shards-per-pouch.)




Honeybadgers - 535 (84)


Bloated leeches - 1,466 (117)


Stranger plants - 2,448 (128)


Granite lobster - 6,642 (166)


Swamp titans - 8,746 (150)


Wolpertinger - 5,569 (203)


Pack yak -2,187 (198)


Iron titan - 7,931 (211)




===== 36,514 Crimson charms






The cost of shards (Look above for the number of each and number of shards per pouch.) (I am assuming you buy them for 25 each)




Honeybadgers - 1,123,500


Bloated leeches - 4,288,050


Stranger plants - 7,833,600


Granite lobster - 27,564,300


Swamp titans - 32,794,500


Wolpertinger - 28,262,675


Pack yak - 10,825,650


Iron titan - 41,836,025




=====154,528,300 Coins for Shards






Cash back for trading shards for 70% at Bogrog. (Look above for the number of each and number of shards per pouch.) (I am assuming you sell them for 25 each)




Honeybadgers - 786,450


Bloated leeches - 3,001,635


Stranger plants - 5,483,520


Granite lobster - 19,295,010


Swamp titans - 22,956,150


Wolpertinger - 19,783,872


Pack yak - 7,577,955


Iron titan - 29,285,217




===== 108,169,809 Coins cash back for Shards


===== 46,358,491 Coins total for Shards






Cost of Secondary ingredients (Assuming you buy them for medium price 7/28/08) (Parenthesis is amount needed per level)




Honeybadgers - 130 (535)


Bloated leeches - 69 (1,466)


Stranger plants - 1,144 (2,448)


Granite lobster - 1,263 (6,642)


Swamp titans - 1,259 (8,746)


Wolpertinger - Raw rabbit = 86 | Wolf bone = 453 (5,569)


Pack yak - 154 (2,187)


Iron titan - 375 (7,931)




===== N/A






Number of coins on secondary ingredients




Honeybadgers - 69,550


Bloated leeches - 101,154


Stranger plants - 2,800,512


Granite lobster - 8,388,846


Swamp titans - 11,011,214


Wolpertinger - 478934 | 2,522,757 = 3,001,691


Pack yak - 336,798


Iron titan - 2,974,125




===== 28,683,890 Coins total for Secondary ingredients


75,042,381 Coins total on Secondary ingredients and Shards






Cost of charms at Rock lobsters.(I am assuming you bought runes at medium price. 7/28/08)




220 Crimsons/1,000 Bursts




292/Death. 584/Gp on Deaths.


98/Chaos. 392/Gp on Chaos.


16/Water. 64/Gp on Waters.




1040 Coins/Burst.


1,040,000/1000 Bursts


1,040,000/220 Crimsons




4727 Coins per Crimsons at Rock lobsters.


36,514 Crimson charms for 99.




172,601,678 Coins for bursting


===== FINISHING =====






28,683,890 Coins total for Secondary ingredients


46,358,491 Coins total for Shards


172,601,678 Coins for Burst Rock lobsters.




247,644,059 Coins total if you burst Rock lobsters.


75,042,381 Coins total if you kill Waterfiends/Slayer. (Assuming you don't make any money from either.)(Although you will. ;), so it's more around 50m from Waterfiends... )[/hide]


[hide=How to obtain 99 Summoning - The casual way]Level 1-4




Start out by doing the quest Wolf whistle.




It is worth noting that many miniquests, such as Penguins and Lamp random events that gives Summoning xp. This could be considered a wise investment, as Charm value goes up exponentially as you level.




Level 4-16




Gold Charms: These are where your main xp will come from. Make Dreadfowl pouches.


Green Charms:Save these for later use.


Crimson Charms:Save these for later use.


Blue Charms:Save these for later use.




*It takes 266 Dreadfowl pouches to get 16. You get 275 gold charms at the end of the Wolf whistle.




Level 16-28




Gold Charms:Well, you still stuck with using gold charms. Now you will be making Granite crabs.


Green Charms:Save these for later use.


Crimson Charms:Save these for later use.


Blue Charms:Save these for later use.




* You need 374 Granite crabs to get 28.




Level 28-32




Gold Charms:You can use your Gold charms to make more Granite crabs if you wish.


Green Charms:Make compost mounds, these are great xp.


Crimson Charms:Save these for later use.


Blue Charms:Save these for later use.




* You need 114 compost mounds.


* Granite crabs are pretty slow xp and Green charms are pretty easy to come by so you really don't need to make Granite crabs.




Level 32-49




Gold Charms:If possible make Bull ant, but I personally wouldn't bother obtaining the Marigolds. Save the golds.


Green Charms:Make Beavers at 33, then Macaw at level 41 and Magpies at level 48.


Crimson Charms:Make Honeybadgers until 46, then Pyrelords.


Blue Charms:You CAN make Bronze minotaurs, but I would highly go against that. Wait until at least level 55.




Level 49-78






Gold Charms:Keep making those Barker toads! Terrorbirds are a choice for the poor, but I would recommend highly against it.


Green Charms:Ibis are nice, but when you can switch to making Fruit bats. You can also make Bunyips to use for yourself, they are VERY useful.


Crimson Charms:Bloated leech until 64, where you will make Stranger plant. Their secondary's are easy to come by and they're fast xp, as well as cost efficient. At 72 Make Phoenix if you have completed In Pyre Need. Granite lobsters at 74.


Blue Charms:Spirit jelly from 55-56, Steel minotaurs from 56-57, Spirit Kyatt/Ghaark from 57-58. If you want money, you can keep making Spirit kyatt/ghaark instead of Karamthuhlu overlords. Mithril minotaurs at 66. Obsidian golems at 73, but don't make adamant minotaurs, they're too expensive.




I'll remind you all that saving blue charms will allow you to gain much more xp in the long run.






Level 78+




Gold Charms:Barker toads are better than Spirit terrorbirds.


Green Charms:Make Giant ents until you are lv 88 and you can make Spirit stallions for your own use. However, willow branches can be a pain to get, so fruit bat's are a great choice.


Crimson Charms:Make Swamp titans at 85 until lv 92, at which point you should switch to Wolpertinger. Make Iron titans at 95 and Pack yaks at 96.


Blue Charms:Titans are GREAT for training. You should use these here, but if you have extreme patience, you can wait for a geyser titan.




* Blue charms... Worth making Geysers?




At shards at 23 each, Water talismans at 3,263 each, and Earth talismans at 566 each, it costs 4794 to make Geyser titans and 1959 to make Earth titans. It costs 2835 gp to obtain an additional 88 xp. Is this worth it? Well... you can get ~110 crimsons charms worth of xp at Waterfiends an hour, or 9 hours 6 minutes for 1000. You can make 1000 pouches in 27.5 minutes. 1,000 Iron titans (Seems in the middle) would make around 417K Xp, at a cost of 1.68M. The total time would be 9 1/2 hours, and if you divide everything by that number you would get 43,894 Sum xp/hour, as well as losing 176,842 gp/hour. Now, we plug this into the 88 xp for the 2835 gp we saw earlier. That's 500 blue charms worth, so that's 43,894 xp, but 1.4M. Basically, you save an hours worth of time, but lose an extra 1.4m -175k. If you make over 1.225M an hour, you should make Geysers.[/hide]




[hide=How to obtain 99 Summoning - The advanced way]There has been many discussions of what is the "best" method to train summoning. Rock lobsters are very expensive, but definitely a good option if you can make money fast. Many people say camping at Waterfiends, but they dont give one thing. Even if you max combat, there will be something missing...




The reason I keep this under hidden is most people won't have the patience to obtain this level. Also, you must save your charms for a very long time for this method to work.




Method of charms - Slayer




Why? This is very simple. This gives a pretty balanced amount of charms (which is required for this method to work), and you will be able to unlock several monsters with high-end drops and charms. Also, you will gain slayer xp, which is always nice.




Well, after much consideration and much requests, I have decided to put how to level 4-68 efficiently into the guide. However, I would only recommend that you train via this method (4-68 the efficient way) if you are extremely high combat, and can finish slayer tasks without the use of a Bunyip, or a Guthans, as that is considerably slower than the Whip. If you have to use Guthans for your hp, your wasting too much time and should obtain a Bunyip faster. (This means 90+ combat stats)




It is worth noting that many miniquests, such as Penguins and Lamp random events that gives Summoning xp. This could be considered a great investment, as Charm value goes up exponentially as you leve




Level 4-68




Gold Charms: Make Dreadfowl from 4-16, then Granite Crabs from 16-52. From 52, Make Spirit terrobirds until you can make Barker toads.


Green Charms: Well, save these.


Crimson Charms: Save


Blue Charms: Save




Level 68-85




Gold Charms: Make Barker toads.


Green Charms: Again, two choices. Forge regents and Fruit bats. Ruby harvests are hard to obtain, and they're pretty hard to buy at the GE. Willow branches are too expensive, along with water orbs to be worth the extra 10-20 xp. So Fruit bats all the way!


Crimson Charms:This is the most important part of this guide. SAVE THESE!!!


Blue Charms: Also very important. SAVE THESE!!!






Level 85-92




Gold Charms: Barker toads all the way, the price went down.


Green Charms:


Keep making what you always did, and make unicorns at 88.


Crimson Charms: Save these!


Blue Charms:


Make Geyser titans at 89.




Level 92+




Gold Charms: Nothing new, keep making Barker toads.


Green Charms: Who doesn't like making ponies? :lol:


Crimson Charms: Make wolpertingers, then Iron titans at 95, then Pack yak at 96.


Blue Charms:Make Geyser titans at 89.




* Blue charms... Worth making Geysers?




At shards at 23 each, Water talismans at 3,263 each, and Earth talismans at 566 each, it costs 4794 to make Geyser titans and 1959 to make Earth titans. It costs 2835 gp to obtain an additional 88 xp. Is this worth it? Well... you can get ~110 crimsons charms worth of xp at Waterfiends an hour, or 9 hours 6 minutes for 1000. You can make 1000 pouches in 27.5 minutes. 1,000 Iron titans (Seems in the middle) would make around 417K Xp, at a cost of 1.68M. The total time would be 9 1/2 hours, and if you divide everything by that number you would get 43,894 Sum xp/hour, as well as losing 176,842 gp/hour. Now, we plug this into the 88 xp for the 2835 gp we saw earlier. That's 500 blue charms worth, so that's 43,894 xp, but 1.4M. Basically, you save an hours worth of time, but lose an extra 1.4m -175k. If you make over 1.225M an hour, you should make Geysers.




Remember: This is for people seriously going for 99 only![/hide]




How to obtain charms




How to obtain shards




No, it is not as simple as going to Pickkupstix and buying Shards, lol. As you should know, shards are a major cost in Summoning, along with secondary ingredients. So, how should we obtain them, you ask? Easy! Buy pouches! Certain pouches are good to buy, as they are much cheaper than 25 each per shard after you trade them into shards. The market changes all the time, so I can’t tell you whats good and what’s not. The second method is to buy them off the forums by junk trading.




Which charm to collect and how?




Summoning is highly related to combat. (Well, besides thieving but thats junk anyways.) You must kill monsters to obtain charms. Different monsters have different rates. I will explain which monster is the best for which charm, and what is the best way to kill them. I will only name a few methods on gold, blue, and green, mainly because they're bad for training summoning.




[hide=Summary of charms]Gold charms




Gold charms are a very low level charm. They require very little shards, but in return give very little xp. Do not hunt for these.




Green charms




Greens are expensive. They give around half the xp of crimson, but costs just as much. Definitely do not hunt for these.




How to obtain Blue charms


The Blue charm. Yes, it gives a massive amount of xp. Yes it's not expensive. But... it's rare. Very rare. Even monsters that drop these drop them just as commonly as the other charms, and to top it off, they barely drop any charms! This is the charm you want to keep your eyes peeled for, but don't go charm hunting for these.




Crimson charms


Ahh... the Crimson charm. Your main xp will come from these. Alot of monsters drop them, and they're easy to collect in large quantities. Not too expensive, and the xp is good. This is the charm your going to want the most.[/hide]




(All charm rates are based on a level 130+, so it may be slower or faster depending on your combat level.


All of these equipment and inventory is what works for me, adjust as needed.)


The order is a tier list. The higher it is, the better it is for charms. The monsters without numbers means I didn't rank them yet.




[hide=Food](Will add other healing methods, such as Guthans, Unicorns, and Bunyips.)




Which food to use? Well, thats a good question. Here, I will discuss all commonly used foods, and tell you which to use. In order of how much they cure.




* Saradomin brew (56 life, 4 bites, 4993 gp) - Highest curing item in the game. But... they lower your other stats and raise your defence. Very inconvinient, and it is extremely pricy. I would say let boss hunters use this... They cure 15% of your life, meaning that 56 is with max hp. 94 Hp to get the max 56 life though.




* Basket of Strawberries (30 life, 5 bites, 318gp) - Highest curing food in the game. However, they are in a basket, and you need to take them out and eat them, curing 6 each. They take extremely long to eat, and I would say they aren't really worth the time. However, they could be handy at places where you need that much hp and the bank is that far away. (Dark beasts pre-summoning, anyone?)




* Pineapple pizzas (22 life, 2 bites, 587) - Very high hp cure. Reasonable cost, mainly because of it's 2 bites. However, they have less of a delay then other foods. (Just for eating another food, not attacking again.) You can take a bite of Pineapple pizzas, then eat a monk/shark/tuna potato for max healing speed. Use this for high damaging tasks, such as Scarabites.




* Manta ray (22 life, 1930 gp) - Technically the "best" food in the game, considering it's heal and time to eat, but it's too expensive for casual charm hunter/slayer.




* Sea turtle (21 life, 1286 gp) - Same case as Manta ray. Too expensive.




* Shark (20 life, 839 gp) - Very expensive for it's life boosts. I would only use this if you are fighting a boss, which your never going to while your hunting for charms. (Scarabs don't damage you that fast, lol)




* Cooked Karambwan (18 life, 658 gp) - These are great. They cure more than monkfish, but less than sharks. Their price is a mix of the two. However, that isn't what makes them wonderful. They have NO delay after eating (if you time it right, that is), just like potions. Does it really matter? Not really, but it is pretty handy at some places like... bounty hunter.




* Monkfish (16 life, 344 gp) - Heres one of the best foods. It costs very little for curing 16 life. Use this for most slayer tasks.




* Lobster (12 life, 278) - Very low cure. I would advise against this, but you can use it if you know your barely going to get damaged. More of a f2p food though.




* Wine (12 life, -1 attack, 77gp) Same as the lobster, except it reduces range. As you can see though, it costs very little. This is a very good food to use when your ranging, and barely getting damaged. Which means safespots.




GP/Hp cure




Wine - 6.4


Monkfish - 21.5


Lobster - 23.1


Pineapple pizza - 26.7


Cooked Karambwan - 36.5


Shark - 42


Sea turtle - 61.2


Manta ray - 87.2


Saradomin brew - 89.1




Summary: Stick with Monkfish and pineapple pizzas, although the wine has it's uses.




[hide=Equipment]What armour to wear to each monster is already explained, but I'll give you a detailed descriptions on each armour and weapons. You'd be surprised at how not straight forward the answers are.








1st) Abyssal whip - This is the generic weapon that should be used most of the time. Nice accuracy, fast, one handed, nice strength, and to top it off it's cheap. Seriously, its the best weapon in the game. A common argument against this weapon is that it cannot be used to train Strength. This is only partly true. Why not train controlled (1/3 the xp in Attack, Strength, Defence)? Why not train all 3 stats at the same time at the fastest pace possible instead of training 1 at a time at a slower pace?




2nd) Saradomin sword - The famed Strength training weapon. It has the exact same stats and speed as the Whip, but with an extra 2 prayer bonus. It is also 2-handed. It does a Strength training option which the Whip lacks, but it significantly more expensive and is technically weaker because you can't wield a shield with it. However, it also has a crush option which makes it one of the best options at the famed charm harvesting monster, Waterfiends.




3rd) Godsword - Ahh... the never ending Godswords vs Whip debate. Whips win. Debate over. This is because although they do give high hits, the extra accuracy isn't needed during training. I would use this only during PvP or boss hunting, where it is better than the whip. A notable fact about the Saradomin godsword is it's special. It is extremely useful, and should be used whenever possible.




4th) Obsidian sword - This must be combined with a Berserker necklace. This is stronger than the Dragon scimitar, but you have to sacrifise a necklace slot. It isn't as good as the Saradomin sword however, so I wouldn't reccomend using this set-up considering it has no merits and lacks accuracy which lower levels need.




5th) Dragon scimitar - This weapon is what us veterens used to use before the release of much more powerful weapons. A decent weapon with a Strength training option, but it falls short compared to the Saradomin sword or the Whip. However, it is still a viable training option for lower levels.




6th) Zamorakian spear - This weapon has an extremely high crush bonus, making it perfect for Waterfiends. That's it. Don't use it anywhere else.








1st) Black mask/Slayer helmet - 15% Attack and Strength while on slayer tasks! Seriously, if you on a slayer task, USE IT!




2nd) Helm of Neitiznot - Reward from the Fremennik Isles quest, it gives as much Strength as a Berserker helm except it gives more prayer. Use this if your not on a slayer task.




3rd) Verac's helm - (Could be replaced by a Torag's helmet, but has no prayer) A very good helm in terms of defence, but it's bonuses don't compliment a charm hunter! This can be used at places such as King black dragon (if your not praying) or the like where you want melee defence. However, it also decays. (Seriously though, barrows doesn't degrade as fast as everybody makes it out to)








1st) Bandos plate - Yeah, who didn't see this coming? This has a somewhat decent (pretty bad to be honest) while giving prayer and Strength bonuses! Use this if you have it, unless the monster requires a good defence bonus. The strength bonus is twice as much as Bandos tassets.




2nd) Dharok, Torag, Guthan's (Karils) plate - Has the best defence in the game, and they're cheap. However, they degrade (barely adds up though) and lack the Strength bonus the Bandos plate has. Use this if you don't have it, it's doesn't make that much of a difference. Karil's is when you need magic defence, can be substitued for a Black dragonhide top (which has more melee defence)




3rd) Proselyte top (Monk robes) - When you need prayer bonus, use these no doubt. Huge melee defence (for prayer armour!) and more Prayer bonus than Monk robes. However, Monk robes has more mage defence (barely) and are cheap with no requirements. If you have Proselyte, use it.




4th - Rune/Dragon/Granite - For noobs only. Don't bother with these, use barrows even if it degrades over time.




5th) Fighter torso - Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I just put this in it to laugh at the people who use it. :lol: It's the most overrated piece of trash in the game.








1st) Verac's skirt (Karils) - Wait? What? Not the Bandos tassets? Yes, the Verac's skirt has a very high Defence and Prayer bonus, and the repair isn't as much as people make it out to be. Use karils when you need Magic defence. However, every other barrows legs doesn't have Prayer bonus and has no better defence than Verac's, so don't use those.




2nd) Bandos tassets - Overrated. It's defence isn't that great compared to the Verac's skirt, and it lacks the prayer bonus Verac's skirt gives. Also, it's strength bonus is only +2. The strength bonus is very nice though, so it is advised to use it while training in locations that doesn't require defence.




3rd) Proselyte legs (Monk robes) - Use these when your using a Protection prayer and not getting damaged. However, if you are using SuperHuman strength, or Piety then I would advise you using Verac's skirt for it's defence bonus. Monk robes has no melee defence, but it has no requirements.




4th) Dragon/Rune legs - Umm... No. Use barrows.








1st) Rune defender - Again, *gasp!* Just like the Bandos tassets. This little thing is too good. It lacks flashy looks or the huge Strength bonuses or Defence bonuses of the Dragonfire shield, but it does give a huge accuracy bonus. 19+ to slash! That is insanely good.




2nd) Dragonfire shield (Anti-dragonfire shield) - Dubbed as the DFS. Well... when I said the Rune defender is better, I meant for powertraining. When trying to obtain the fastest experience possible, the 2 Strength or the huge defence is negligable compared to the 19+ to slash. However, when fighting high leveled monsters (Scarabites and obviously all variants of dragons) this could be a replacement. (Note that Godsword is better than a Whip+DFS while hunting very high level monsters, however) A plain Anti-dragonfire shield is a replacement while hunting dragons.




3rd) Obsidian shield (Toktz-ket-xil)(Granite shield) - It's real name is Toktz-ket-xil, but is dubbed Obsidian shield. This is a miniature version of a Dragonfire shield. It has 2 less Strength, and less defence bonuses. However, it still is a viable replacement for the DFS on higher leveled training. The Granite shield has the exact same stats as the Obsidian shield except it has no Strength bonuses, and costs much less.




4th) Unholy book - A completed Zamorak book. Good for ranging, but the prayer bons doesn't make up for the lost Slash and Strength bonuses. Don't use this for meleeing.




5th) Dragon squre shield - Does anybody still use this? It has virtually no place in Runescape anymore, just ignore it's existance and you'll be fine.








1st) Berserker ring - Well, it's a great ring. 4 Strength. However, it comes at a hefty price. A good ring, but it comes at it's price... You will not keep this if you die as it's alch value is almost 0. GET THIS BEFORE BANDOS!




2nd) Warrior ring - 4 slash bonus and is very cheap. If you don't have a spare 2 million gp to spend, just buy this. The effects are defininate, and it's very cheap.




3rd) Explorer's Ring - Obtained from doing the Lumbridge achievements. It's very useful, and it even has 30 low alchemy runes daily, along with 3 50% stamina recoveries. Also, it teleports somewhat close to a bank, and has a prayer bonus! If you lose it, it's free so you can retrieve it.








1st) Salve (e)/Salve amulet - This gives 20 (15) Attack and Strength to undead. This doesn't stack with a Black/slayer mask, so if your on a slayer task use a Fury instead! Remember, this is for undead only. (Doesn't work at Barrow's, go figure)




2nd) Amulet of Fury - Seriously, it's bonuses are huge for it's cost. If you're considering getting a DFS or Bandos pieces before this, you're an idiot. Get this!




3rd) Amulet of Glory - Eh, cheaper version of a Fury but has 4 very important teleports. I have 50+ in my bank just for teleportation purposes. It is very handy to be able to teleport to Edgeville.




4th) Strength/Power - This is not a nonmember's guide, so this has no place here. Even the strength.








1st) Fire cape - No debate, it gives the best Attack and defence bonuses.




2nd) Trimmed skillcapes - As much defence as an Obsidian cape but with prayer bonus. Use this over the skillcape while praying.




3rd) Skillcape (Obsidian cape) - Exact same stats. Good defence, but don't use it if you have a Fire cape.




4th) God cape - Gives +10 magic defence, but who needs that anyways? Don't use this.




The rest




Ones that are too obvious and have no controversy will be put here.


Gloves - "Barrow" gloves if you have them, or Mithril+ if you have it. If not, use the Combat bracelet.


Boots - Dragon boots.






[hide=Tips]¤ Always plant Snapdragons! They make 1m+ per hour!. Always.


¤ Don't forget to use familiars.


¤ Always use Super/Range potions.


¤ For melee, always try to train controlled.[/hide]




[hide=Clue scrolls]Well, personally I don’t do these. However, this is mostly because I hate interruptions while doing a certain activity. Especially if they’re long and inconsistent, unlike Herb farming. However, I would highly advise most of you to do them. You get a HUGE amount of them while Slayer/Charm hunting. In fact, I’ve gotten 50-92 Summoning mostly off Waterfiends/Slayer, but I havn’t done even 1, lol. Yeah, I don’t like them. But you can get rid of your rewards thanks to the Grand Exchange, so … do them if you can. Make sure you do them fast, though.[/hide]




What monster to kill


*Note* For a better description and more, check out my Slayer guide. All monsters here are Slayer monsters besides Cockroaches.




[hide=Bork]You can only kill Bork once a day. Bork is located in the Chaos tunnels, and he gives 250 Slayer xp, 7 Crimsons, 5 Blues, 2 greens, and 3000-9825. He attacks with melee, and he is assisted by Surok, who occasionally attack and has a max hit of 25. He also summons a few Ork legions which attack with Range and Melee. Just ignore them.




You should wear Karils, a Godsword (whip is fine), and the familiar really doesn't matter. Turn on Protection from melee, and Piety. He is pretty easy, I just take whatever familiar is available. The best is a combat familiar or a Unicorn, though. You could take Proselyte if you are higher leveled, or if you are already there and you don't want to go all the way to the bank just to get new equipment. I would suggest a Super set, although a combat potion alone is more than enough. I would take 1 Super energy potion, and 1 Prayer potion if you have no prayer left. A couple monkfish will suffice.




You could possibly do Ranging. There are safespots, as shown in the picture as shown below. You could Protect from Magic, and safespot the Ork legions. However, Bork has an extremely high Ranging defense. You should use Diamond bolts (e) if you can, as it will speed up the kills alot. Bork has a reasonably low Magic defense, but it costs alot and it isn't very fast, so I would advise against it.




So, is it worth going all the way there? Well, it takes 1 minute and 15 seconds to get there, 1 minute and 45 seconds to kill it making it a grand total of 3 minutes if you are higher leveled. If you are lower leveled or Ranging, it could even take 4, or even 5 minutes. The reward is 250 Slayer xp, ~5k gp, and ~7k Summoning xp for ~3 minutes. That's 5000 Slayer xp, 100k gp, and 140k Summoning xp per hour! If you can, always do this daily. Also, it is worth a mention that if you decide not to, you should always go kill the bork if you have a Nechryael, Black demon, or a Dust devil task.




(Don't worry, the Bronze dragons won't attack you unless you run near them.)


The youtube video will tell you how to get there.




<!-- m -->

<!-- m -->[/hide]




[hide=1) Waterfiends (115)]Why you should kill these: Fastest economical method for training summoning.






Waterfiends are weak to crush attacks, and attack with range and mage. They are located in the Chaos Tunnels and the Ancient Cavern. They are the best Crimson charm dropper. They are extremely fast, and they doesn’t cost a ludicrous amount of money, such as bursting Rock lobsters. In fact, you now make money here. Alot. To get to them in the Ancient Cavern, go down into the whirlpool (Must have started Barbarian Training minigame) and follow the map. Pray mage when you get to the brutal green dragons. Anti dragon fire shield is not required.






Use protect range, and set your style on Crush. Kill them in the Ancient cavern.








Head: (Slayer mask is on slayer, of course)Helm of Nietiznot>Dwarvern helmet>Berzerker helmet>Karils coif




Top:Karils top>Black d hide top


Bottom:Karils skirt>Black d hide chaps


Weapon:Saradomin sword=Zamorikian spear>Godsword>Verac's flail=Barrelchest anchor>Torag's hammer




Cape:Trimmed skillcape>Fire cape>God cape


Boots:Dragon boots>Rune boots


Ring:Berserker ring>Explorer rings 1/2/3>Farseer ring


Arrow:Mithril arrow=None




Use piety, and set your style on Crush. Kill them in the Ancient cavern. Pray range only if your hp gets really low.








Head: (Slayer mask is on slayer, of course)Helm of Nietiznot>Dwarvern helmet>Berzerker helmet>Karils coif




Top:Karils top>Black d hide top


Bottom:Karils skirt>Black d hide chaps


Weapon:Saradomin sword=Zamorikian spear>Godsword>Verac's flail=Barrelchest anchor>Torag's hammer




Cape:Trimmed skillcape>Fire cape>God cape


Boots:Dragon boots>Rune boots


Ring:Berserker ring>Explorer rings 1/2/3>Farseer ring


Arrow:Mithril arrow=None




1549- 1215,60,151,32




A little note: Dharoking Waterfiends is a perfectly reliable source. In fact, it is much faster than the other methods (by a few %), but it is very dangerous. You must have a Unicorn, and you must use Protect from Range (NOT Magic!), Piety, Unicorn, and you must have high stats.




[hide=2) Rock lobsters(127)](Sorry, incomplete...)Why you should kill these: Fastest way to train Summoning




These are the fastest method for training Summoning. Surprisingly, these are very well worth their price for many rich players; it is very fast summoning and magic xp. They are located in two spots, both near the enterence of Dagannoth kings. They are known as the 9-spot and the 7-spot, for obvious reasons. I will be talking about the 9-spot, as it is commonly accepted as a better location.




To get there, keep following the path to the Dagannoth King's lair. Don't know how to get there? Heres a map. You do need a partner to enter the lair.






[hide=3)Scarabites()]Why to kill these: Extremely fast xp and charms. Very dangerous and quite costly.








569- 173,29,28,6[/hide]


[hide=4) Black demon(172)]Why you should kill these: Range xp




You can kill them in Chaos tunnels or Tavelry dungeon. Strangely, however, the ones in Tavelry drops close to no charms. There are safespots for ranging in Chaos tunnels, or you can melee them with protect melee on (They hit too high without). I suggest ranging as prayer potions are quite expensive. They are the only viable range monsters for charms, in my opinion.








[hide=5) Nechryael (115)]Why you should kill these: Good, but not as good as


Waterfiends. Only do them if you hate Waterfiends, for whatever reason.






Nechryaels are a great monster for Crimson, because they are easy to kill and are cheap. They also drop many Rune boots and Full helms, with the occasional Clue. The down side to these is that they require 80 slayer to kill. I kill these in the Chaos tunnels[/hide]


[hide=6) Greater Demon(92)]Why you should kill these: Very weak requirements




They are kill-able in two spots. One being the ogre city Gu'tanath, where there are blue dragons (which won't attack you), and another being Brimhaven dungeon. They come with their flaws, however.




Brimhaven dungeon has wild dogs that are aggresive unless you are 127+ combat or you stay there for 15 minutes or so.




The Greater demons are in a cage with no entrance, so all drops must be telegrabbed, and they must be ranged.[/hide]


[hide=7) Dust Devil(93)]a><!-- m -->


Dust devils are decent, but they drop more green and gold charm then the other crimson droppers. They are good xp though, so go here if you want a way to train combat, with some summoning on the side.






3501- 903,236,406,30[/hide]


[hide=Abyssal Demons (124)]summonws1.png


Abyssal demons. The monster that dropped the highly coveted Whips. Before, they were extremely common and you were easily able to gain 3m+ gp/hour. (Or 20+ million when the first few people obtained 85 slayer) However, time passed, prices stabilized and crashed. Now, you barely make even close to as much cash, but they drop... CHARMS! :D/




This is a monster that I would advise using 10% str prayer against. Although you obviously don't have to, it is highly recommended. If you don't, just replace your Proselyte top with another Barrows top, and bring 2 more Pure sets and bunyips, with no prayer pots.




There are two locations to kill them. The Alternate abyss, which is the more preferable one, only requires the access of Fairy codes (ALR). However, unless you have over 118 combat the Abyssal guardians will be hostile towards you, just like wild dogs until 127 combat. If you don't have 118 combat, go to the Slayer Tower. It's pretty basic, but don't forget your nosepeg/Slayer helm! It helps if you have a Slayer ring, as it allows faster access to Abyssal demons.




The actual killing is quite simple. They have pretty high defence and an extremely low offence, so don't expect fast combat experience from here. Instead, they are more of a hybrid of Combat xp, cash, and charms. (as inefficient as they may be) They teleport you around, as well as teleporting themselves towards you if you try to run! That means always turn auto-retaliate ON, because when it teleports you, your attack cycle is interrupted but you won't lose an attack turn if you have your auto-retaliate on.




1742- 903,75,170,30[/hide]


[hide=Skeletal Wyverns]Visage! I bet that’s what you guys thought when you say Skeletal Wyverns, lol. (And maybe Granite legs and 72 Slayer) Well, these guys are not only a good dropper of Visages and Granite legs, but they have a 100% drop of Wyvern bones! (They do sell, although it may take a while) They are also an excellent dropper of Crimson charms!




They are actually pretty strong, so be prepared. A Dragonfire shield is extremely helpful, but of course, along with every other expensive item in the game, they are unnecessary. Mind shields are more than enough, and can be purchased at the Grand exchange for a few measly gp’s.




There are many known methods for killing this special dragon, including Ranging, meleeing, and other unorthodox methods. However, I will be covering my own method of killing these dragons. We will be using a Whip while Praying protection from melee, and pietying along with full melee armour. That’s right. Protection from melee and Melee armour. You may be thinking “Is he stupid? It mages FFS!” but it’s magic attack isn’t really a magic attack. In fact, it’s actually a range AND a mage attack! They’re Dragonbreath has two variations. The range one is a animation less, but for the magic attack, it’s a blue spray coming from him mouth. (They have different sounds, as well) The mage attack is strong and can freeze you, but is used less often. Therefore, you should protect from melee and wear melee defensive armour. Antifire potions and Salve amulets do NOT work.




Head: Black mask > Neitiznot helm > Verac’s helmet > Berserker helmet


Amulet: Fury > Glory (Salve does NOT work here)


Top: Bandos > Dharoks/Torags/Guthans


Bottom: Verac’s skirt > Bandos


Weapon: Whip


Shield: Dragonfire shield > Mind shield


Cape: Fire cape > Trimmed skillcape > Obsidian/Untrimmed skillcape > legends


Boots: Dragon boots


Ring: Berserker > Explorer’s ring> Warrior




There are two methods to get here. First, is if you have access to Fairy rings. If you have a Mounted glory in your house, use the altar and teleport to Edgeville. If you don’t have a mounted glory, just teleport directly to Edgeville using a glory. Head east, and recharge your Summoning points at the obelisk. Go south, and type in Fairy code “AIQ”. Head north, and recharge your prayer (If you didn’t at your house) and go to the Asgarnian Ice caves.




The second method (which is quite unorthodox) requires you to teleport to your house if you have a mounted glory. Same deal. Recharge your prayer and teleport to Al Kharid (Not Edgeville!) if you have it, but if you don’t have a mounted glory, just teleport to Al Kharid using a Dueling ring/Glory ring. Bank, then talk to Shantay and tell him you’re an Outlaw. He should throw you in prison, conveniently close to the Ice caves. Head a few steps north, and recharge your summoning points. Head south into the Ice caves.




Ok, now you're there. Just follow the path past the Muggers, Pirates, Hobgoblins, until you reach Ice giants/Warriors. Go through the cave, and you’re there! Remember, don’t go in without a Mind shield/Dragonfire shield. Kill them near the entrance, and kill the one to the west of the entrance. Much like Mithril dragons, you can get attacked by one Wyvern while getting attacked by another, even in single combat! This leads to annoying kills, and the other Wyvern heals much of its life. This is remedied by killing the one west of the entrance. (To some point)




They drop a myriad of items, but the most notable are: Dragonic visage, Granite legs, and Wyvern bones. And of course, Snakeskin chaps! (Just kidding, lol. However, they look somewhat like Granite legs on the floor… don’t get excited. :XD: ) The Wyvern bones should only be picked up if you have extra inventory spaces. They drop a lot of Rune bolts, Adamant bolts, Pure essence, and many alchables. You should bring alching runes.




Now, about which familiar to use! This is very interesting, as there are MANY choices to choose from! However, the most notable are definitely: War tortoise, Bunyip, Unicorns, and Pack yaks. There are many choices and combinations to choose from, but I would use the best Beasts of burden available, and use the best healer as well. You CAN allow your Beasts of burden familiar to live even when your inventory is clear enough to dismiss it. This is one of the two choices available in this situation. You can either Summon a healing familiar, or allow it to hold bones (or other goodies). I would personally dismiss it and summon a healing familiar. (Which is highly recommended even if you only have a bunyip.)[/hide]


[hide=King black dragon]The other dragon viable for charms! The other is Skeletal Wyverns. If you get a Black dragon task, remember that this is a great option! These also drops Black dragonhides and bones, giving constant profit. Also, these drops the highly sought Dragonic visage! You could either go with a team or solo, but I will recommend solo. This is because lootshare worlds are packed with newbs. The thing I love about the King black dragon (From now on going to be dubbed “KBD”) is that there are MANY methods to kill them, and I’ll be covering most of them! (Yay!)


But before that, I will be discussing how to get there. There are many choices, but I will be covering the best methods.


1) Requires 96 Magic (92 with Magic potion) Do not use a Wolpertinger to teleport, although regular potions works fine. This is because you will have to sacrifise Beasts of Burdens. You will be at the Ice platue next to Ice giants, so run south east. This is EXTREMELY fast, but you must be on Ancient magicks, with the spell Ghorrock teleport. (2 Laws, 8 waters. 2 inventory spaces consumed)


2) Lava titans. Though they don’t require a hefty Magic level, they aren’t as close and you can’t use a Beasts of burden! Although this is overall bad, it does have its merits. You can now have much inventory spaces if you decide to summon a Beasts of burden familiar (Bad idea though, since a Unicorn/Bunyip is better.) Walk along the Lava maze. So this doesn’t really have a bunch of good points, except the banking is much quicker than method 3.


3) This is a more recent method, but definitely good. Teleport to Bounty hunter using your Game’s necklace, and walk a little southeast to a portal. Keep randomly teleporting around until you get to the one next to the King black dragon. This replaced the old method, which was using the Ardougne lever, and walking all the way to the King black dragon. (as this current one has no requirements as well)








Pushover, seriously. Revenants are as stupid as a rock, literally. They don’t know how to *walk around* obstacles. Seriously, abuse their stupidity. They can teleblock you, which is the most annoying thing they can do. Besides that, they have the ability to deal damage and freeze you. Just run south and eat, while praying range (They freeze with this, not their mage!). When you exit the wilderness, your teleblock will dissipate, allowing you to rebank and retry. Or, the second option is if you are next to a tree or a obstacle, trap them, log off, and switch worlds.




/Revenants, lol.




Ok, now we’re there, past the annoying obstacles Jagex calls “Revenants.” What now? Well, you should see many lesser demons. Pot up, go down the ladder, and pull the lever in the room with Poisonous spiders. (Note that if you’re teleblocked, you can’t go into the KBD’s lair.) What you do once your inside depends on the route you decided to take. If you decided to kill them in a team, this is what you do.




First, go in. You and your team should be ready, potted up and praying. Unlike the newer bosses in Runescape, this one doesn’t lock onto one target. This means it’ll keep twirling around, (It looks like an idiot while doing that, lol.) and attacking random targets. If you decided to bring a Godsword, it’ll be tough for you. Only do this with a team. Pray range, and pot up your Anti fire potion. They’re max hit isn’t that high, but watch your hp and your prayer. If you decided to go with a team with standard melee and a (Anti)dragonfire shield, it’ll be simple. Just whack away. Same applies for range. Yeah, going with a team is easy.




(Range, solo and team)


Head: Armadyl > Robin> God coif


Amulet: Fury > glory


Top: Karils > Black d hide


Bottom: Karils > Black d hide


Weapon: Rune X bow


Shield: Anti dragonfire shield (You lose range attack with a Dragonfire shield)


Cape: Ava’s accumulator


Boots: Rangers > Snakeskin


Ring: Archers > Exploreres


Quiver: Ruby/Diamond




(Melee, solo and team)




Head: Slayer mask > Neitiznot > Berserker


Amulet: Fury > Amulet


Top: Proselyte > Monk robes


Bottom: Proselyte > Monk robes


Weapon: Whip


Shield: Dragonfire shield > Anti dragonfire shield


Cape: Fire cape > Trimmed skillcape > Obsidian/Untrimmed skillcape


Boots: Dragon boots


Ring: Berserker ring > Explorer’s ring > Warrior ring




Now if you solo, it’s a different story. I will be going more in depth for this one, as there is more to cover. Don’t use a godsword here, you’ll be getting hit too constantly and there’s nobody to bless your grave if you happen to meet a revenant while trying to retrieve you grave. If you use a whip, it’s pretty simple as well. Make sure you use piety. Try to empty out your Beasts of burden as soon as possible, especially if you’re using a Titan/Unicorn! (Bunyip too) They have a hefty defence, so don’t expect too much kills per trip.




If you range, it’s almost the same as melee. Use 10% range prayer, and Protect from mage. If you use Ruby bolts for the dragon’s first half life and Diamond for the second half, you’ll be getting kills pretty quick. Probably only passed by melee if you are on a Slayer task.




However, soloing comes with it’s downfalls. Not only do you get less kills per trip, but you can get crashed! If you do happen to get crashed, try to fight them back. That’s what I do (although I’m 133 combat during the time this was typed…) Give him all you got. Repot, piety, and unleash your specials. Try to make the guy switch worlds. However, if you just can’t, retreat to a corner of the room. The KBD should focus on the crasher as long as you don’t attack it. Same goes if your in a team. (Although if you have a good team, this probably won’t happen…)[/hide]


[hide=Cockroach soldier]TBA. Honestly, not sure if these should belong or not.[/hide]






How to obtain Seconds




Just like in Herblore, you need to be able to collect secondary ingredients for your pouches. Here is a list of ways to get your secondary ingredients effectively.




I used to have every single item listed, but they are already found in all item databases, so I ommited them for space. I will still leave some here because they are worth doing for money, or because it is hard to obtain info on them. (Eggs) As you can see, there's not many actually worth doing for money.




(Most tests used Super energies)




[hide=Cockatrice Egg (and variants)]Requirement: 63 Summoning




Made by using the Spirit cobra's Ophidian Incubation scroll on certain eggs. The best way to gain the colored eggs is by Manage thy Kingdom putting max on Maples. The Penguin egg can be obtained by speaking to the Penguin Keeper at Ardougne Zoo (30 Summoning required). The Raven egg is a very rare reward from Woodcutting. The best logs to cut are Willows, Teaks, and Oaks with a Rabbit foot on (24 Hunting required). Colored eggs can be obtained with this method too, but you get a lot of nests from Manage thy Kingdom, and for whatever reason, you can’t obtain Ravens from them. (Need confirmation.) Vulture eggs are obtained from killing lv31 Vultures in the Desert.


Cockatrice egg – Can only be obtained by from killing lv37 cockatrices (25 Slayer required), or foraged by the Spirit cockatrice.


Coraxatrice egg – Raven egg


Guthatrice egg – Green egg


Pengatrice egg – Penguin egg


Saratrice egg – Blue egg


Vulatrice egg – Vulture egg


Zamatrice egg – Red egg




Reccomended: If you already have the eggs, you can use them if you want. But don't go hunting, it's a waste of time. Buy them at the Grand exchange.[/hide]


[hide=Raw bird meat]summonqj5.png[/url]




You can make ~400K+ an hour if you pay attention. I haven't tested the exact rates.






Which obelisk to use




[hide=Method 1]I didn't want to hide this 1 method because it literally owns every other method out there. Although I did anyways, lol. There is a pretty big requirement though, but nothing major.




Requirement: 57 Summoning.




Start at Castle wars, then teleport using your Kyatt. You should already see the obelisk, make your pouches and teleport back to Castle wars.




Untimed, but I heard from a trusty source that it is possible for 2200+ pouches an hour. (Around 30 seconds a trip)[/hide]


[hide=Method 2]Requirement:


Swan song




You must craft pouches and recharge your Summoning points at an Altar. Here are possible methods to get there, and the fastest ways.








1) Run out of the bank, exit the gate, crawl under the hold, and head west.


2) Go down the ladder, and make your pouches.


3) Run back to the back the same way you came.




Using this method, I manage 1 run every minute. 60 runs an hour.[/hide]


[hide=Method 3]Requirement:




Enlightened Journey


1 Regular log








1) Run from Castle wars to the balloon and pay him 1 Regular log.


2) Run north and enter the trapdoor and make your pouches.


3) Teleport back to Castlewars using your Ring of dueling.




40 seconds per trip. 90 runs an hour.[/hide]




Which familiars are good to use?




General information about how charms determine familiars




These are just general informations. Some familiars could break the rules, however most don't.




Gold - Very low shard costs, but low xp at the same time. They tend to require rather lower levels. (Highest requirement is 71!) The familiars created from Gold charms tends to do many things, varying from Combat, skills boosts, Beasts of burden, foraging, ect. However, it do any of those very well, except for Beasts of burden. Also known as the low level charm.




Green - This charm tends to cost many shards, but not much xp. It’s known for making the familiars that benefit skills.




Crimsons - This charm is known to be very useful for training. However, it has many more uses than just training. The familiars it creates are just like Gold charm familiars. They do many things, but mostly combat. However, this charm's familiar tends to get better as they level. At lower levels, most familiars made by the Crimson charms are useless. But as they level, they tend to be the best.




Blue - This charm is known for making very strong combat familiars, and that is very true.




The big 3 - This refers to Combat, healer, and Beasts of burden familiars. They are the 3 biggest categories, although there are others such as foragers... but I don't think they are close to as important.




[hide=Combat Familiars]While determining this, max hit isn't the only factor. Accuracy is just as big, along with size, duration, ect.




The order of this is NOT from best to worst familiar. This is listing what familiar to use when you can. For example, the Abyssal titan isn't listed in the Combat familiar's section. This is because it is worse than the Wolpertinger, even though it has a higher requirement, thus having 0 reason to use it in combat.




This only goes to level 57, because anything under isn't worth the hassle.




1st: Steel titan (99, 230 Combat)


Max: 24


Hp: 754


Xp: Range


Time: 64 Minutes


Size: Large


Notes: Yeah, who didn't expect this? These dudes have the biggest max hit, and they are range based. These have a very nice defence and hp, so they'll last a while. Their special is 4 powerful range hits, but of course they are quite overpriced, currently 500 gp in the Grand exchange. Remember their second ability. They give 15% Constant invisible defence! I don't know why, but this always seems understated...




2nd: Iron titan (95, 220 Combat)


Max: 23


Hp: 694


Xp: Defence


Time: 60


Size: Large


Notes: Basically a lesser version of Steel titans. They also have a large max hit, at 23. They are defence based, so they could be preferred over Steel titans depending on what you killing and the xp you want. They're special is closely related, and also overly priced. Remember their second ability. They give 10% Constant invisible defence!




3rd: Wolpertingers (92, 220 Combat)


Max: 22


Hp: 651


Xp: Magic


Time: 62


Size: Small


Notes: THESE DON'T HIT HIGHER THAN STEEL TITANS. THEY DON'T. The reason why they sometimes are more accurate is because some monsters are weaker to mage then they are to melee or range. (Not the majority, but there are still some). Remember, smaller size means that they will dance less, which makes this preferable in some spots, especially if its small size and magic based attacks come in handy. (Black demons for one)




4th: Geyser (89, 200 Combat)


Max: 21


Hp: 610


Xp: Range


Time: 69


Size: Large


Notes: This guy is the best combat familiar you have gotten in a while... Yeah, his special owns. However, specials should ony be used in PvP, so this guy would be ideal to use during pvp. This guy shouldn't be used if you have a Wolpertinger unless it's PvP and your using scrolls, or if his huge size doesn't matter, and the monster is weak to range.




Side Note: Rune Minotaurs. They last 150 minutes, and slightly worse than Swamp titans. They are the best defence xp familiar, besides Iron titans.




5th: Swamp titan (85, 152 Combat)


Max: 16


Hp: 152


Xp: Attack


Time: 56




Notes: Pretty underrated, but they aren't even close to as good as Geyser titans. Rune minotaur could be used if you want the 150 minutes it lasts for.




Side note: I heard that Hydras are better than Spirit dagannoths. Testing is required. (Max hit of 15)




6th: Spirit dagannoth (83, 148 Combat)


Max: 14, with special affect.


Hp: 528


Xp: Controlled


Time: 57


Size: Medium


Notes:"Ferocious - chance of attacking again without delay." This means that it can attack twice in a row, just like the Granite maul special attack. Yes, it is better than the Lava titan.




7th: Moss, Fire, Ice titans (79, 139 Combat)


Max: 15


Hp: 476


Xp: Stregnth Moss, Magic Fire, Attack Ice


Time: 58 Moss, 62 Fire, 64 Ice


Size: Large


Notes: The 3 starter pokemons! Just kidding, lol. Anyways, each have their uses, with Fire being the best, then Moss, then Ice. Ice is pretty much useless, as Strength xp is considered to be worth more than attack or defence. (Fact, due to the whip). Fire is magic based, and that is a very good thing as most monsters are weak to mage. (Not all, but a good amount) Magic xp is worth more than melee. Their special cures 8 hp and 13 Defence. (Maxed)




8th: Talon beast (77, 135 Combat)


Max: 5, but they hit 3 times.


Hp: 454


Xp: Strength


Time: 49


Size: Large


Notes: They don't hit 1000x faster than normal familiars do. Although they seem like they do. They hit 3 times almost instantly, but there is a delay afterwords. Also, I would like to make note that they're secondary ingredient makes them not worth making. (Totally wrong section, yet I thought I should mention that...)




Side note: Granite lobsters are most likely better. I need to confirm.




9th: Obsidian golem (73, 126 Combat)


Max: 14


Hp: 406


Xp: Strength


Time: 55


Size: Medium


Notes: They have a special that increases your strength. (Not sure how much, but I say Super str is far better so it's unimportant... to a degree).




10th: Karamthuhlu overlord (58, 95 Combat)


Max: 10


Hp: 276


Xp: Range


Time: 44


Size: Small


Notes: These are pretty useful, and these are extremely behind the next useful fighting familiars. I guess it shows how bad everything is in between, lol. Jagex failed. These are very comparable to the Spirit kyatt.




11th: Spirit kyatt (57, 93 Combat)


Max: 10, 30 with special affect


Hp: 268


Xp: Attack


Time: 49


Size: Medium


Notes: These are the lowest level fighter familiars that you should use. Anything under isn't worth the hassle. These are weaker than the Karamthuhlu overlord, but their first hit is tripled, making its max 30. So for a low hp monster, use these. For monsters with high hp, use the Karamthuhlu.[/hide]


[hide=Healer familiars]1st: Unicorn stallion (88)


Hp: 100


Time: 49


Hostile: No


Notes: These are the king of healing familiars, curing 14 hp each scroll. That translates into 21 hp/minute, but their scroll is quite costly, so beware. These provide quick healing, unlike the Bunyip. They're rick click ability "Cure" cures poison, but provides no immunity. So it doesn't replace the Super anti poison.




2nd: Bunyip (68)


Hp: 40


Time: 44


Hostile: No


Notes: These cures 2 hp automatically every 15 seconds. This translates into 8 hp per minute. So why did this familiar earn second place? First, they give hp automatically which means they require 0 effort to cure. Very useful while slaying hard monsters. Also, they're extremely cheap to used, not even comparable to Unicorns. Also, they're special ability allows you to eat raw fish, (if you have the cooking level to cook them) which is especially useful at Waterfiends. (The animation of eating is lagless, which means you can attack as though nothing happened. There is a delay between when you want the hp, and when you get it though.)




3rd: Moss, Fire, Ice titans (79)


Hp: 476


Time: 58, 62, 64 respectively.


Hostile: Yes


Notes: Being a good combat familiar it is, it has a huge amount of hp. Unlike the Unicorn stallion or the Bunyip, it actually can defend itself, and deals good damage. They're scrolls are expensive as well, and doesn't cure as much as the Unicorn, however. (8 hp and 13 def at maxed stats, or 12 hp per minute) There is more information on the Combat familiar section.




4th: Fruit bat (69)




Time: 45


Hostile: No


Notes: These guy's uses are extremely situational, and mostly used in GWD or Mithril dragons. Their main use is the scroll special, which drops Papayas (along with a myriad of other fruits). They cure 8 each, with almost an infinite supply. They are expensive though, and slow to eat.




5th: Void spinner (34)


Hp: 59


Time: 27


Hostile: Yes


Notes: A miniature version of a Bunyip in most aspects, curing 1 hp every 15 seconds.




6th: Albino rat(23)


Hp: 68


Time: 22


Hostile: Yes


Notes: The uses are somewhat similar to a Fruit bat, but instead of the fruits appearing on the floor the rat forages and stores up to 30 of them. Also, he makes Cheese (2hp) instead of Fruits(8hp)...




[hide=Beasts of Burden]1st: Pack yak (96)


Slots: 30


Time: 58


Hostile: No


Notes: These holds 30 spaces, which is 65% more than the second place. They also have a special that allows you to bank 1 item it is holding. Although that may sound useless, it's uses are definite. It consumes 12 points (2.5 per minute) and you can use it to bank items such as Dragon bones and hides, mining runite ores, ect. It is also alot cheaper than the War tortoise.




2nd: War tortoise (67)


Slots: 18


Time: 67


Hostile: Yes


Notes: Controversy starts here. The War tortoise costs approximately 5,000 each, while the terrorbird is around 200 each. Big difference right? But 6 inventories is alot, but not always neccisary. I would say use it if you need to, such as if your raising prayer via Gilded altar. If the Beasts of burden is just there to support and a just in case, use the Terrorbird.




3rd: Spirit terrorbird (52)


Slots: 12


Time: 36


Hostile: Yes


Notes:Read above, to War tortoises. These guys are cheap. Dead cheap. Along with their scrolls. They are also extremely useful, and have many applications. Need some extra inventories and energy for your Herb farming runs? Bring these alongs, and it comes at virtually no cost! Serious, this is a very useful familiar. They restore energy equal to half of your agility level.




4th: Bull ant (40)


Slots: 9


Time: 30


Hostile: Yes


Notes: It's your first useful Beasts of burden, and it's very useful. In fact, the energy restoration is equal to that of a Spirit terrorbird! (Half of your agility level) However, they also cost ALOT more, over 10x more.




Side note: Other Beasts of burden include: Spirit kalphites (25, 6 slots) and Thorny snail (13, 3 slots)










This part of the guide is not useless. Unlike most Summoning guides, I won't just tell you mage - Wolpertingers. No. Thats useless information. I will tell you instead what is the best familiar that compliments the skill! So, instead of just saying Farming - Stranger plants, I will say which familiar actually helps you while farming, (and why) not just increases the level. (You can find that at Runescape Knowledgebase.) Which in most case is a Spirit terrorbird, not a Stranger plant.




[hide=Runecrafting]1st: Spirit Ghaark (57)


Time: 49


Notes: Well, I guess I can't really say the best. However, this is fastest method to craft Nature runes. Although Natures at the best at 91 Runecrafting, until then I would avoid crafting natures.




2nd: Abyssal titans, Lurker, and Parasite (93, 62, 54)


Time: 32, 41, 30


Notes: For whatever reason, Jagex decided to make them all hold 7 Pure essence. That's right. From 54 to 93, the amount of essence is unchanged. Not only that, but the Lurker lasts 9 minutes longer than titans. Remember that titans costs less than lurkers to make, which is cheaper than a parasite. (All use the same secondary.) All in all, use Lurkers and buy them at the Grand exchange.




Side note: Beasts of burden familiars can NOT carry Pure essence.




3rd: Spirit terrorbird (52)


Time: 36


Notes:They can't hold your Pure essence for you, but they do give very cheap energy. (The time it takes to Oog'lag isn't worth the money and time saved.) I wouldn't really use this however...




[hide=Hunting]1st: Arctic bear (71)


Time: 28


Notes: 7 Hunter bonuses. Not much more to say, it's 2 better than the Spirit familiars.




2nd: Spirit Graahk, Kyatt, Larupia (57)


Time: 49


Notes: These gives 5 invisible hunter boosts. (You can't hunt things before you have the requirement, just faster catches.) Not much more to say, just use the cheapest one that's buyable in the Grand exchange. However, Larupia can teleport you directly to Feldip hunter area. So I would use that as my first familiar. (Assuming you are hunting Red chinchompas - everybody does, lol.)[/hide]




More specific activities!




[hide=Mining granite(Banking)]Granite is now officially the best junk maker, lol. I would personally bank 2kg and 5kg, and drop the 500g.




1st: Pack yak, War tortoise, Spirit terrorbird (96, 67, 52)


Notes: Yeah, these are the best. Just use them as you normally would. Store and bank.




2nd: Lava titan, Obsidian golem (73, 83)


Notes: I would like to note that these do increase the mining speed by only slightly. The extra inventories of the Beasts of burden outperform the Mining boosts.




[hide=Power mining]1st: Lava titan (83)


Notes: Always use this familiar while powermining if you can. It significantly increases the xp/hour, as the +10 mining really does help. However, if your mining far from a bank (granite) it may not be worth the trips to the bank that is required.




2nd: Obsidian golem (73)


Notes: Look at Lava titan.[/hide]


[hide=Pure essence mining]1st: Abyssal titan (93)


Notes: Yay, this familiar rocks! Or... at this, at least. It allows you to mine much more than what you normally could. 2-3k/hour, which is not bad. (Remember that Pure essence only gives 5 experience each, however.)




2nd: Abyssal Lurker, and Parasite (62, 54)


Notes: Basic Runecrafting. Just use your pouches, and store pure essence in them. Try to mine them at the Wizard's guild.






The ones that are just too obvious I will put here. However, if a skill is obvious and it's not here, maybe theres more options then you thought... well, heres the list.




Firemaking: STOP! It's not, Pyrelords, lol. In fact, there is no familiars you should use while Firemaking.


Fishing: The highest level Fisher familiar. Granite lobsters, than Ibis, than Granite crabs.








Of course, summoning isn't all about making familiars fight for you. There is also the infamous pets!




Monkeys coming next!




[hide=Chameleon(90)]Level: 90


Egg location: Cairn Isle


Food: Flies, available at any pet shop


Colors: 10, but every single chameleon can access those colors.




The chameleon is famed for changing colors according to it's environment. It has 10 different colors. Here are all the colors.








(This goes from left to right, top to bottom.)




Brown with light brown stripes - Piscatoris


Light green with green stripes - Edgeville, Falador, Varrock, Camelot


White with yellow stripes - Desert/Grand exchange


Blue with cyan stripes - Zanaris


Black with red stripes - Tzhaar


White with slightly darker shade of white stripes - Ice mountains


Orange with red stripes - Party room


Grey with white stripes - Wilderness


Yellow with red stripes - Player owned house


Blue-green with green stripes - Canifis[/hide]




False Rumours




R) I heard that summoning makes alot of junk!


A) False. You can easily trade in your pouches for shards. Why would you want an unsellable version of that?




R) My friend saw a pet dragon attack!


A) He lies.




R) Summoning is fake combat levels!


A) I don't see how it is, you can use Combat familiars in multi combat, healers and BoB otherwise, and foragers and other skill boosting familiars are also nice.




R) Summoning is useless in PvP.


A) Err... no. If you're using it places such as PvP, combat familiars help A LOT, and most importantly, Combat levels don't even matter if you're not doing PvP with level caps. Even if I'm a level 135, I can fight people level 117. If I want to fight lower levels, than all I have to do is not use a familiar. Even if you're a pure, there is no reason not to get it, because you don't have to have a familiar out when you PK.




R) Summoning costs 500m it's too expensive for me.


A) Go up and search for "Estimate cost to 99 Summoning!" below how to get 99 summoning. It only costs 70m, although it costs 243m if you Burst Rock lobsters.




Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs)




Q) What charms should I use to train?


A) Blue is the best, but they are so rare you should stick with Crimson.




Q) I'm a pure, but should I train summoning?


A) Definitely. Because of how useful familiars are for training, I would definitely advise getting it. Bunyips, Unicorns, BoBs, Combat familiars... so many ways to benefit even and especially if you're a pure. The ONLY downside to Summoning as a pure is that most pures find it to be "fake" combat levels. If you can ignore them, great.




Q) What monsters should I hunt to get my charms?


A) There are many choices, but the best are Waterfiends and Rock lobsters. Slayer is the absolute best way, however as you get slayer xp.




Q) I can't hunt those! What should I do?


A) Other great options are: Abyssal demons, Nechryaels Dust devils, and Black demons.




Q) I have all these pouches, what is the best thing to do with them?


A) Turn them into shards.




Q) Can I Summon a Spirit wolf (level 1 requirement) without doing Wolf's Whistle?


A) No, you may not. No worries though, as it is a short and easy quest.




Q) Help! I dont have enough money to afford summoning. Maybe I should use gold charms, I heard theyre really cheap.


A) Uhh... well. Yeah, theres always that approach. However, you can easily make money, and use crimsons charms which in the end would save you alot of time.




Q) So what is the absolute BEST way of training summoning without slayer? Waterfiends or Rock lobsters?


A) Well. Before, Rock lobsters were considered the best. People bursted them and obtained mass amount of charms. Waterfiends were decent charms, but they also lost alot of money. Albeit not as much as Rock lobsters, but you definitely did not make money. Now, however, Jagex has updated Waterfiends to have MUCH better drops. If you compare them now, youll probably end up with 5x more cash. People are also discovering new methods to kill them, such as pietying and Dharoking. I would personally say Waterfiends, as Mage xp is gained through superheating gold ores, which was recently discovered to be the most efficient way to train smithing. Or it is said by "The" famous person...




Q) What are the most useful summons?


A) All summons are useful in their own way, but some definitely are more useful than others. These are:




*34: Void spinner - Heals half as much as a bunyip, which is 1 hp per 15 seconds which is very useful. Obviously gets replaced by the Bunyip at 68.


*52: Spirit Terrorbird - Has 12 spaces for BoB, and it restores energy. There are extremely cheap and easy to come by, which is the main reason why people use them. They dont get completely replaced by the War tortoise because they are pretty expensive and hard to come by and dont restore energy.


*67: War tortoise - Most people dont reach 96 Summoning for the Pack yak, and this is the best BoB until then. It has 18 spaces and gets replaced by the Pack yak at 96.


*68: Bunyips - Cures the owner by 2 hp every 15 seconds. This may seem very insignificant, but it adds up to alot. Enough to get me through most slayer tasks without food. Also, it's special lets you eat 1 raw fish per scroll, which is perfect for waterfiends. This does not get completely replaced at 88 because of the cost of scrolls and because while training 2 hp per 15 seconds is usually more than enough.


69: Fruit bat - I hesitated to put these here but their spec can make Papaya which cures 8 hp and barely takes any bar. You can probably keep using the spec, but it can be annoying to your inventory, expensive, hard to heal when you have full inventory, ect.


*88: Unicorn Stallion - This is actually one of the best familiars in the game. It cures 14 hp per spec, which is 42 hp per bar! This is every monster hunter's dream.


*89: Geyser titans - Arguably when combat familiars start becoming very useful while training. Replaced by many more combat familiars after it.


*96: Pack yak - 30 Beasts of burden. Must I say more?


*99: Steel titan - King of Titans. King of summons. His special demolishes ANYTHING hitting over 80! Has 750 Life. Ultimate attack summon.




Thanks to




Me: For making the guide


Jagex: For making my favorite skill. And pics.


Readers: For reading.


Laura0077: For helping me get pics, advice, ect.


Promise: For making me an ownage banner. :D/


Tip it: For hosting my guide, and for Pics.




[hide=Found errors]VjuliusT, Fadooda, Promise, Blue [bleep]y anima, Patben, Manoman, Bedman, GibberEsh, Wioneo, Maul machine, Kingjoe, PBPProductions, pirate_felix.[/hide]


[hide=Summoning drop rates]Ryuuka, Hantoumei, abbydog95, Brandon917, pizzar456, tb_uk, De_Lille_D, richpoepaap, nuts1, weirdoweirdo, D Jay99, green9090, bakura18, My_Eggs[/hide]


[hide=Other credits]Renwick-Calculations.


J3s4s m4- New idea for snails.


De Lille De - Told me about listing.[/hide]


[hide=Thanks for links][/hide]

Edited by Pure_MageUK
The BBCode in this guide was so bad that I've gone through and actually corrected all of the errors in it. You are lucky it actually ever worked on phpBB, it shouldn't have done.

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Yeah, I have noooo idea why they took hide tags out.


I think they were a custom code, and the staff hasn't gotten around to putting it back yet.




Great guide though, should help me out if I get members and train summoning.

[bleep] the law, they can eat my dick that's word to Pimp

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Code: Select all






This is what you should get:
















I hope it helps . Oh and nice guide you've there...






This is what you should get:






I hope it helps :D . Oh and nice guide you've there...




No, thats not what I meant. I know all that, if you quote my guide you'll see that it's in perfect format, but the hide options aren't functioning...




Edit: Wow, I edited my guide and now it works!

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Very nice guide, which would have been nicer if I'd noticed it a bit earlier...You seem to have done everything prettty similar to me, except for the bit about training with stranger plants. Granite Lobsters give more experience and the second is easily bough off the GE now. They do cost 1 or 2 GP more per xp point, but they decrease the amount of charms that you hav to use. Also, I think that you said that the Level 79 titans heal 13 and boost defence by 12... I get 8 HP healed/boosted, and I seriously doubt that there can be a difference of 4 extra points between 90(me) and 99 which you may have but I don't know. I never really payed so much attention to the defence boost :lol: but i think that I get around 10 points boosted...

Barrows: 9~2 V Brass,V Flail,2 Dh Plate,V Helm,V Skirt,T Legs,Malevolent Shield DKing: 48~6 W Ring,13 A Ring,8 M Staff,9 S Ring,7 B Ring,3 Seercull
Dragon Drops: 500+~50+ Med,26 Axe,3 Chain,10+ Legs,10+ Spear,2 D2h,10+ L Half,49 Boots,2 DDs,10+ Lump,9 Claws,50+ Dagger,14 Visage,50+ Mace,4 Scimitar,7 Hasta,Baxe,50+ Long,30+ Royal,2 Kite,4 Ward,2 Plate,Staff,Hammer,Limbs, Mattock,Halberd
GWD: 156~4 S Staff,50+ Shard,9 B Tass,13 B Plate,5 B Boots,6 A Plate,11 S Sword,8 A Hilt,4 A Skirt,9 A Helm,S Hilt,3 B Hilt,B Glove,2 A Buckler,Z Ward,Z Garb,2 Z Boots,B Shield,B Helm

Corp: 3~Elysian,2 Sp Sh Nex: 6~Torva Legs,Cere,P cowl,Z bow,2 T boots + GWD2: 9~2 Glaive,Wand,2 Crest,Blade,2 Essence,Core Araxyte: 5~Web,3 Pheromone,Fang + Raids: 4~3 Codex,P Boots  + Trails: 2~Bob Shirt,Fortunate

Etc: 64~3 Sceptre,B Mask,16 Whip,2 Focus Sight,5 D Bow,7 SOL,Ragefire,2 Steadfast,Arma Staff,6 Rider Armor,5 Vine,2 Razorback,2 A Wand,Abby Orb,3 Blood Shard,6 Hydrix,Gland,Asc Xbow
[spoiler=Capes]Quest Cape Aquired 12-7-07 ~ Level 93 + + + Completionist Cape Aquired 5-22-15 ~ Level 138
Hitpoints Cape Aquired 9-21-09 ~ Level 131 + Magic Cape Aquired 9-24-09 Attack Cape Aquired 3-5-10 ~ Level 135 Summoning Cape Aquired 3-12-10

Strength Cape Aquired 6-1-11 ~ Level 137 Fire Cape Aquired 6-23-11 Defence Cape Aquired 7-5-11 + Ranged Cape Aquired 8-1-11 Kiln Cape Aquired 2-26-12 ~ Level 138
Dungeoneering Cape Aquired 4-22-12 + Slayer Cape Aquired 6-25-14 ~ Level 200 + Herblore Cape Acquired 12-9-14 ~ Level 138 Prayer Cape Acquired 12-20-14
Agility Cape Acquired 1-4-15 + Hunter Cape Acquired 1-30-15 Construction Cape Acquired 1-31-15 Crafting Cape Acquired 2-22-15 Thieving Cape Acquired 3-18-15
Runecrafting Cape Acquired 4-14-15 Mining Cape Acquired 4-19-15 Fishing Cape Acquired 4-25-15 Firemaking Cape Acquired 4-26-15 Woodcutting Cape Acquired 4-26-15
Cooking Cape Acquired 4-26-15Smithing Cape Acquired 4-28-15 Farming Cape Acquired 4-29-15 Divination Cape Acquired 5-3-15 Dungeoneering Mastery 5-4-15
Fletching Cape Acquired 5-4-15 Max Cape Acquired 5-4-15 + Invention Cape Acquired 11-9-16 Invention Mastery 5-16-19 + Archaeology Cape Acquired 10-30-20

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Very nice guide, which would have been nicer if I'd noticed it a bit earlier...You seem to have done everything prettty similar to me, except for the bit about training with stranger plants. Granite Lobsters give more experience and the second is easily bough off the GE now. They do cost 1 or 2 GP more per xp point, but they decrease the amount of charms that you hav to use. Also, I think that you said that the Level 79 titans heal 13 and boost defence by 12... I get 8 HP healed/boosted, and I seriously doubt that there can be a difference of 4 extra points between 90(me) and 99 which you may have but I don't know. I never really payed so much attention to the defence boost :lol: but i think that I get around 10 points boosted...




Actually your right. Those are errors, and the granite lobsters is pretty unupdated. I'll have to update my guide now that TIF is back.








***EDIT:*** I'm extremely active in the Help and Advice forums, and whenever I see a summoning help thread, people link this site. However, thats only when they're asking general things, or how to level. Whenever somebody asks how to collect charms, this thread is neglected.




So, in light of this, I have updated the Monster guide! Enjoy!

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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I'm going to guess your aware of the errors in image cropping on a lot of hideaways, and text size on several headers. Can't list them all, but Which Obelisk to Use is one of them. :P

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I'm going to guess your aware of the errors in image cropping on a lot of hideaways, and text size on several headers. Can't list them all, but Which Obelisk to Use is one of them. :P




Actually, it's all the headings.




Heres a question. Are the TIF mods planning to bring back the ability to put hide tabs inside hide tabs?

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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Great GUIDE!! :thumbsup:




One thing.... i went to look for Alphakodes Ice bursting guide and i couldnt find it :shock:




Other than that... AWSOME JOB




Yeah, I'm waiting for them to repost it... if they are. It got lost in the rollback.




And thanks for the :thumbup: comments.

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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Where would i go about getting bagged plants? I didn't find it while reading the guide.(might have skimmed over it)




You get it by buying Bagged plant 1 at Falador garden. I didn't have that in my guide because I havn't got that far in updating the seconds.

[Summoning guide (AOW)] [Slayer guide] [Melee & Brawl player]


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