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The Finest Fist of Guthix Strategy Guide - UPDATED

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Welcome to The Finest Fist of Guthix Strategy Guide!




Guide Updates:



I decided to make this guide (hopefully) easier to use and less bulky by integrating the index into the hide tags, so that it all makes good sense and you know what you're opening.



I've begun to start updating the guide. Nothing big has happened today, just done some spelling and grammar corrections, deleted Edgy Abandonment tactic (should have a replacement tactic in by this weekend) and much more updates are soon to come.

I hope to refine and update all images, shape up all the tactics, add in some suggestions given, and hopefully reorganize so that it's a little easier and user friendly.


My ultimate goal is to refine this guide to be perfectly user friendly and totally updated so that it can last without any need of update for a couple of years.



Hide tags have been added to the entire guide, though for some reason I could not have hide tags within hide tags - I don't know why.



[hide=1.0 Introduction ---) Strategy]

1.0: Introduction



1. Also, strategics. The science or art of combining and employing the means of war in planning and directing large military movements and operations.

2. The use or an instance of using this science or art.

3. Skillful use of a stratagem.

4. A plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result.



1. A military maneuver designed to deceive or surprise an enemy.

2. A clever, often underhanded scheme for achieving an objective. [/hide]


[hide=2.0 Resources --) Temporary Resources --) Permanent Resources]

2.0: Your Resources


Here you'll read about and learn the many resources you are given to use while you play FoG and in later Chapters you'll learn to put all these resources to use.


2.1) Temporary Resources


Resources that have temporary use


When you first enter into the waiting room of FoG [Fist of Guthix] you automatically recieve 8 items into your inventory.



- 1000 Elemental Runes (replaces fire, air, water, and earth runes)


- 300 Catalytic Runes (replaces all non-elemental runes)


- 5 Bandages (replaces food, heal 15; all bandages = 75hp)


- 1 Tele-orb (teleports player to center)


These 8 items, when put to careful use, can help push you over the top and let you beat your opponent with ease.



Portal Chambers


When you enter onto the FoG map and start to travel near the center, you'll find 4 Portal Chambers.


Some people may be wondering why this is a Temporary Resource and not a Permanent Resource - seeing as these Chambers never go away.


But the reason it is temporary resource is because there's a limited amount of times you can use these chambers. Each time you enter in your health is damaged, so as you keep going in and out - you lose health. Your health limits the amount of times you can enter in, making this temporary.




Inside each of these Chambers there is a portal.




Each Portal teleports you to 1 of 2 places: Inside another portal or right by the fist (the center of the map is the 'fist').


Pros and Cons for the Chambers




- Invisible from your Hunter.


- Escape your Hunter when your under attack.


- Portal moves you to another area away from your hunter.




- Damages 3-5 when entering portal.


- Continues to damage health while your still in the Chamber.


- Portals drain 20 charges from your stone each time you teleport.


- Do have the ability to use the portal if you do not have enough charges.





Time is one of your most abundant Temporary Resource.




You have 10 minutes each round to find your opponent and then the next round to hunt down your opponent. Ten minutes may seem short to some, but trust me - it's plenty of time in most cases.


In some certain cases when your opponent is proving difficult to kill/find - you should keep an eye on your clock and always try to maximize whatever you do in the time you have.


Run Energy


Everyone automatically starts out every FoG round with 100% of Running Energy.




Running is a vital part of catching your opponent or escaping your hunter. Always keep an eye on your Run and let it recharge whenever you can and it's safe. *more about this in Part Three*


Your Gear and weight strongly affects your Run Energy and the rate it goes down - you'll learn a little bit about your gear at the end of part 2.0.




Everyone automatically starts out every FoG round with a fully charged Prayer.




You must learn to use your prayer very sparingly and always turn it off whenever you shake off your hunter or he is not near.



2.2) Permanent Resources


Resource that can be constantly used, having no negative side-affects and are permanently in place.




Playing FoG with your sound settings set correctly can turn the simple sound effects into a an effective tool that can aid you in the game more than you may think!


With the sound set right and will you are the hunter you're able to hear your opponent getting hit by the charges and also able to hear when he enters and exits the Chamber Portals because of the HP drain sounds.


Also, it helps you able to tell when your opponent switches attack type on you because mage, range, and melee all have different sound effects when their being used.




It'll take some experience recognize and here the sounds in there, but over time you'll master this resource.



Chat Settings


The Chat settings are a resource that many use to spam (which is against Jagex rules) and it covers up the arrow pointing to where they are when their hiding in a crowd.


The best thing to do to block out this spam and any other disturbances that may come your way, is to set your chat settings like so:




This keeps you focused on the game and completely kills the 'spam-tactic' that some people use (and then get themselves reported)





There are about 10-15 different size stone ruins cast about randomly on the FoG map.







Your mini-map is an invaluable resource. It's main use is in finding your opponent and knowing their location so you can either get away from it or head towards it (hunted or hunter).




The Mini-map does have some limitations. There are certain boundaries that the Mini-map are held within and there are 2 main ones that are set in FoG.


Player Boundary and Land Boundary.


The Land Boundary is as much land as you can see in your mini-map, while the Person boundary is a smaller circle within the Mini-map.


You may be able to see areas of Land at the edges of your mini-map; but you must move close in order to see the white dots of people on that land - this is where the Person Boundary comes from.



Your Gear


The weight, strength, amount and bonuses of your gear is very important in FoG.


I don't know everyone's combat levels, but I recommend something very light yet tough and able to withstand multiple types of attacks. Heavy armor is a BAD thing to bring into FoG because it slows you down when you're trying to hunt down a runner and in most cases it gives you terrible defense against Magic attacks - which can be very common in FoG.


Personally I wear full green d'hide, full rune helm, rune scimmy, power ammy, earth staff (because I use earth blast), and fighting boots - but I've never tested or looked much into other types of gear so I am not saying this is the best.


Just experiment and research what best fits your stats - but remember, the weight is a big factor in FoG because of the constant running you do.[/hide]



[hide=3.0 Hunting --) General Tactics --) Wall-Huggers --) House-jumpers --) Center Defenders][

color=#804080]3.0: Hunting [/color]


Strategies in Finding Your Oppenent


3.1)General Tactics


There's a number of General Tactics that you can use to find and kill many different types of opponents.


1 - The B-Line


It's a pretty simple and efficient way of catching your opponent before they can start moving.


*Reccommend: Range or Magic gear.


The goal in the B-Line is to catch your opponent while they are walking over to pick up the stone and wield it, and for you to attack them before they can start moving.



As seen in the image above, you immediately take off and rune a 'b-line' across the map using your mini-map to run and while you run weild your weapons (select your spells, whatever..).


The B-line is one specific tactic you can use and here are a few tips for hunting down and killing a variety of opponent.


- Switch up your attacks, especially when your in a heavily populated area. Your opponent won't be able to tell what type of attack your using for a little while so you can get in a couple good hits before they can switch armors and change prayers.


- Keep your cool. If your opponent is proving very difficult to find or just being plain annoying, don't let that blow your temper or make you give up. You'll get them sooner or later and then next time it'll drive you harder to be better.


- Use your resources to the max - magic spells like Bind (more info later)


- Don't let them get you stuck behind a barrier, continually click attack on them whenever they try this tactic.


- Keep your eye on your minimap (or the opponent if your attacking) and block out distractions. Don't be in a conversation with a friend thru PM while your hunting - chances are they'll walk right through your sight of view or if your attacking they'll go through a house (knocking off your attack) and then run into the center without you noticing.





First there are a few main categories you can fit most people in, these categories describe what your opponents tactics are like when you face off with them.


- Wall-hugger (hides on the very edges of the wall)


- House-jumper (when your yellow arrow comes into view on their mini-map, they immediately move into a Chamber Portal)


- Center defender (stands in the center using prayer and bandages until death)


- Strategist (moves in and out of the center, using prayer, bandages, and chambers sparingly, while using all his resources to avoid and shake off his opponent when attacked. Moves across the map while trying to maximize his amount of time in the center to achieve as many charges as possible before death).


It's the Strategist that you will NOT want to face when your a hunter, but you WILL want to be a Strategist when your being hunted.


~~Now please remember, ALL of these descriptions are in their EXTREME FORM - no sane player is going to hug the wall ALL 10 minutes or just jump from house to house in a constant motion or just simply stand there in the center and let you attack.


Usually each player you go against is going to fit in about 2 of these descriptions. For example: Some may hug the wall and when you finally find them they may start house jumping, ect...~~





Wall-huggers are a pain in the neck and can become frustrating to find when their doing their thing. Wall-huggers basically attempt to escape the eye of their hunter while gathering charges extremely slowly at the edges of the FoG map. They try spend lots of 'safe time' they have by running along side the outer-wall - hiding from their oppenent.


In order for you to efficiently find your oppenent while they hug that wall - instead of running to the wall and running (and then walking) the entire circumference of that wall to find the flashing yellow arrow and then attacking you opponent - I recommend the using the B-Line you read about in Part 2.0 General Tactics.


If your opponent was quick and the B-Line failed, then I recommend the...


Boundary Scan


It's a pretty simple and efficient way of finding your opponent while they hug the wall.


*Reccommend: Range or Magic gear.


First you need to learn to recognize if your opponent is a Wall-hugger.


When you first start out and the B-Line failed then you should run back to the center, wait 20-30 seconds watching your mini-map. If there is no yellow arrow then do a "house scan". See image below




As seen in the image above: 1. You run to the center after the B-Line failed 2. Wait 20-30 seconds 3. Run along the outside border of the Chamber Portals using your mini-map - checking for any yellow OR red arrows pointing you to a certain direction.


If you still see no yellow OR red arrows after you've done the house scan 1-2 times, then do the Boundary Scan to find your little Wall-hugger.



Boundary Scan




As seen in the image above: You run a circle around the FoG map using your Mini-map the entire time looking for an arrow pointing you to your Wall-huggers. Many Wall-huggers are "on the move" so it might take 1-2 boundary scans to find them - but chances are; you'll find them the first time if you run.


Between numbers 3 and 4 of the image above, you'll be resting in the CENTER of the map to recharge your Run Energy and to check if the Wall-hugger had abandoned the wall and moved to the center while you were doing your scan. Your Run Energy recharges 3x faster when your in or near the center of the map than any other place.




These are the most annoying, frustrating, and seemingly to the hunter - the most noobish and idiotic of all players. Of course you just think of these insults just because a skilled House-safer can avoid you and any attacks you send his way with incredible ease and can escape your blade and quickly teleport away before you can do much substantial damage.


But all House-jumpers have 2 big things against them. Every time they walk into their precious house of safety - they hurt themselve 3-5 damage and the longer they spend in the house, the more damage they get to knock down their health. And then secondly whenever they use the portals to escape their hunter waiting outside, they drain a little of their charges from their stone - reducing the chance of them getting more charges than you every single time.


In order to catch these little varmin - you must 'use your resources'. You have 1300 runes at your fingertips and there's that very useful spell called bind that holds these squirming little House-safers for you to pounce upon.




[1000 Elemental Runes replaces water and earth runes and 300 Catalytic Runes replace the Nature runes - thats 150 binding spells you can cast]


Jagex changed the amount of time that bind hold your opponent (to less) while your playing FoG but they also slapped the House-jumpers up-side the head making it only possible to enter a house every 20 seconds.


Now to catch and hold these House-jumpers...


*Recommended: Range or Mage gear.


You first need to find them in the act of running across the open space between each house and hit them with a bind spell. Then I recommend you start Ranging them or start throwing some damaging spells at them - but if you can't range or mage then you'll have to go old fashion and run up and hit them with whatever hand-weapon you have.


Keep your Magic book open and be ready to bind them instantly if they start to squirm (I mean run) and also every 3-5 hits with a hand-weapon, bind them again to be safe.


If your opponent makes it to a house but doesn't make it through the passageway then try to pin them against the wall using a mixed series of bind and damage attacks.



Center Defender


These guys are basically what might seem like a breeze to 'hunt' and kill and then continue onto the next round - and sometimes this is so.


But in most cases, the only guys that attempt this and continue to use this tactic are the much higher levels with a HIGH prayer and defensive level. Their goal is to maximize their prayer to its best potential to lessen the strength of your attack and in the meantime their in the best spot to gather as many charges as possible.


There are 3 big things going against Center Defenders: 1. They are damaged much more by the game (not their hunter) while they stand in the center, 2. They are quickly attacked having no "safe time" to gather charges without their hunter on their back, and 3. Their hunter has more power and accuracy in the center than anywhere else on the map.


A big thing that Center Defenders use is their Prayer. They depend on their Prayer level to hold back the worst of attacks from their hunter - so you must find a way around that what may seem like a never-ending prayer hold-up.


*Recommend: Quick and strong Melee weapon and Magic/Range gear.


When you first come to the center and see that big yellow arrow pointing to your opponent you should quickly locate and keep an eye on your opponent. First you should gear up with Range/Mage gear and start an attack on your opponent - and keep an eye on him. Watch the spot above your opponent's head because once you start sending missiles his way, he is going to turn on Protect from Missiles/Magic. Hit him 5-6 times (maybe more) and then after that you should very quickly run into the crowd and then inside the crowd switch over to a hand-weapon and turn on Ultimate Strength/Improved Reflexes/Superhuman Strength/whatever and start attacking your oppenent.


It will take a good while before your opponent realizes his Protect from Missiles/Magic is doing him no good and he'll switch over to Protect from Melee - you need to watch for this transition and follow with it. Switch over to Range/Magic and start attacking again. By now your opponent most likely will start moving out of the crowd and try to shake you off since your becoming an annoyance - continue to attack with Range/Magic as he runs.


And just keep repeating this process to defect his prayer.[/hide]



[hide=4.0 Escape the Hunter --) General Tactics --) Crowd Shield --) Run-around --) House-hide --) Switchoff ]

4.0: Escape the Hunter



4.1) General Tactics

General Tactics are the basic and simple Strategies used to throw off your hunter along with a couple other warning-type systems.


House Hold


Hugging the Ruins and the Chamber Portals (like the image below) makes your hunter run into the side of the house and stops him up and when he tries to circle around to hit you, you just move around to the other side - it's a switch




This works best with Melee attacks but it can also work against Range and Magic attacks.


This tactic takes lots of practice and you won't ever be PERFECT at it - but you can become very well trained and make this strategy extremely effective.


Whenever you are hiding in a crowd of people and your opponent is still clicking around looking for you, if they move inside the crowd where you can't see them and don't know if they found you and started attacking - there is a simple way of figuring this problem out.



Attack Alarm


Before you start any FoG game turn the Auto Retaliate to ON.




Then when your hunter has moved into the crowd and you don't know if they started to attack - click at the bottom of your Screen on the button that says 'Game'




Then watch this screen and if your opponent starts to attack you this will pop up in your chat box




This immediately tells you that your opponent has found you and it's just telling you that you cannot Auto Retaliate while wielding the stone.






If your opponent is in the middle waiting for you - don't run to the outer rim. Stand in an area just a few steps outward from the houses.




If you read about the Player Boundary and Land Boundary in Part 2.0 -> Permanent Resources -> Mini-Map, you'll know that if your hunter is in the center looking at his mini-map thinking he'll see you if your near any of the houses - you'll know that this is not the case.


Sometimes you'll even be able to see your hunter standing in the center - but he can't see you.



Sneaky Talking


First round you must be the hunted in order for this to work.


If your down to your last health and your tanking it in the centre with prayer on and no bandages and your about dead - a "smooth move" is to say something along the lines...."Dang it! Only 600 charges...should of wielded earlier."


This will put the thoughts in your opponents head that all they need 700 charges in order to win, but in reality you should of had 1.2k+ charges.



Enemy Friendship


Always try to add your opponent as a friend so you can see the green dot on the mini-map and it's easier to find your opponent in the crowd.


Turn OFF your Friend Chat so that your opponent can't do the same thing to you.



Arrow Abuse


If your opponent is in the center looking for you and can't seem to find you - you may be able to confuse them by standing right on top of them.


Sometimes it's make your hunter think that the arrow over his head is his own, making him look in other areas of the crowd for you. This does not always work, but you might as well give it a try.



Now to move onto a few tactics more complicated than General ones.




The Crowd Shield


The goal in using the 'Crowd Shield' is to use the massive mob of people at the center of the FoG map to hide you from your hunter.


Your hunter knows your in that crowd, his mini-map shows the big yellow arrow pointing to the crowd so he knows you in there, but now he has to find your name out of all the other names and then click attack.


Two Circumstances:


1 - Very Crowded World


2 - Less Populated World


Under circumstance 1, you should move to the center to the square that has the most people on - and move into it using your Mini-map and stand still. If you can click on the thickest pile and if you can click any option other than 'attack whoever' then there are not enough people on this one square so you'll be in a world that goes under circumstance 2.


In circumstance 2 you'll need to be constantly moving back and forth in short little runs within the crowd, using your Mini-map to run. Never walk off the fist - keep on the fist at all times running through what is the most packed areas with people.



Run Around (Works 80%)


The goal here is to trick your hunter into thinking your in one direction, when you had actually run around and were in the opposite direction than where he thought.


See Image Below




As seen in the image above: 1. You run along side the wall to other side of the map while your hunter moves toward the center to look for you. 2. You wait 30-60 seconds (you decide) while your hunter is waiting for you at the center. He will soon think your a Wall-Hugger and move towards your starting point (which is all the way on the other side of the map than where he started) to look for you and the hunter might be thinking something along the lines "I just came from the other direction, so logically he has to be over here." 4. While your hunter travels away in the other direction from where you really are - you comit a "center run" and head off towards the center gathering charges all the way.


Your hunter abandoned his post at the center to go off looking for you and you came up right behind him and took his spot.



The House-Hide


What Not Do: Do not ever use the portals inside the house, unless your under very special circumstances. If you use a portal it will drain charges from your stone and using the portals to teleport is exactly what your hunter is expecting you to do. A 2nd thing never to do is to wait in a house if your hunter is still waiting outside of it. All it will do is damage you more so you should never spend more than a 3-6 seconds inside the house - never wait inside one, if it hurts you more than 2 times and your hunter isn't moving - then run out of the house or if you have loads of charges - use the portal.


The goal of the 'House-hide' is to run into a house making you hunter turn around to run to the others houses thinking that you used the portal to teleport and then you pop out and wait just outside the doors of the house (don't run to the center).


Your hunter will be checking the other houses and then there are 2 things that can happen - 1. He'll think you already teleported and then ran off the to outer boundaries of the map, or 2. He'll come back and check the house you went into first.


If the 1st one happens then you should run towards the center and do a 'Crowd Shield', and if the 2nd one happens then that leads on to the 'Switchoff'.



The Switchoff


This is used after you do the 'House-hide' and your hunter comes back, or this can be used in other circumstances just to annoy your hunter and shortly throw off his attack.


It's a basic move, the Switchoff, but it's not very long lasting unless your able to use the 'Crowd Shield' after a 'Switchoff'.


The goal here is if your hunter sees you come out of a house he'll use his minimap to click over to the house and while he is running towards the house - your running towards the center = resulting in the switch of places.


It usually annoys the hunter because he watches as he and his opponent run by each other and keep running off in separate directions.


The Switchoff it very temporary and can only be long-term successful if you can do a 'Crowd Shield' immediately after - so the Switchoff is very useful in shaking off your opponent if he found you in the crowd and then you can return again to do a Crowd Shield a second time.



If you have any tactics you'd like to add - please PM them to Unorclan and he'll look over them and might add them, with all credit going to you. [/hide]



[hide=5.0 FAQs]5.0: FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


I can't find my guy and I've already done a boundary scan more than once!


If you can't find him after the 1st boundary scan, do a second one but go in reverse order. If you went from center-North-east-south-center, then go North-west-south-center, the second time you should switch it up to increase your chances of catching him if he is on the run and make sure you keep an eye on your mini-map!


I'm binding my guy but it's not binding him long enough for me to run up and hit him with my hand-weapon!


You should definitely try to use Range or Magic on him after binding so you don't have to use the time up just to run up and hit him.


If you can't use Magic or Range, then bind him, run a bit, bind, run, bind, ect - until your up on him. Remember, this bind - run - bind - run thing takes practice and it'll take many times before you can get it down right.


I hide in the crowd but my hunter still finds me!


If he is still finding you in the crowd, then you might have an unfixable problem. If your attack level if much higher than your opponents - then all your opponent has to do is click until he see's the red name and then click attack.


The solve this problem the next time you play FoG you should move into one of the recommended worlds found in Part 2.0 -> Permanent Resources -> World.[/hide]



[hide=6.0 Credits]6.0: Credits


Special Thanks To: Skull_Emblem


Thanks to:

- EuphoricOne


- hot_lips255


- GodnessPray


- anim7 [/hide]


Thanks to the amazing talent of Jopie211 for the sig!

Finest Fist of Guthix Strategy Guide

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The Finest Fist of Guthix Strategy Guide is back!!


Thanks to Skull_Emblem for working on it and getting it all put back together for us!!


Thanks to the amazing talent of Jopie211 for the sig!

Finest Fist of Guthix Strategy Guide

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Woot, nice to see it back. I feel happy to be the first to comment on it with the new logs! :mrgreen:




I want to add something of content here, so it isn't just a "ZOMG FR1ST P0ST!!!111" thing.... hmmm....




Really nice guide here. I give it a 10/10.

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Yeah, it's an awesome guide. When FOG first came out, I used to only wall hug, but eventually I realised it's not worth wasting 10 minutes on 1 game. I am now a Center Defender :D




10/10 8-)



F2P for life :D

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Without this guide I wouldnt have gotten the 2k ratings I have now. I was worried this guide will never come back.






Anyway .... 12/10




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Very Nice!






One strategy I use to "dodge" specials:




When they special, I either go into a house(they waste special)




Or drag them until they are out of energy, then clik teleport as they attack.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

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Fantastic guide =D>




I'm really going to use it.

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Yay your guide is back this helped me get a black dhide coif :D

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Awesome guide. I don't play FOG much & I'm not really into it, but I can tell you put alot of effort into this.





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Amazing guide!


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Another tactic, the Rockhopper:




Similar to dancing around the hut, but rather more difficult to do well, dancing around the rocks close to the centre can disrupt a melee hunter, but not mage or range - the main advantage of rockhopping versus a melee hunter, is it keeps you in a high points zone. The Wall ruin sections DO block mage and range, the rocks do not.

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Great guide, I'd love to see some p2p tactics though :P

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Wow, glad everyone is loving the guide


Who isint?




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"We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in RuneScape" Jagex 01/04/01 - 02/03/12

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Great guide, actually helped out a lot! But where's the Strategist section? I can't seem to find it, and right now I'm blaming my blindness...Anyway Infinite/10!!1

Hoping to get a new Signature (with matching avatar) soon. :D


In the meantime...Steam username: )I'll rewrite it later (add me if you want)

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one word:-



If i got 1gp for everytime sum1 said the word "noob",I would have a full p hat set.

nahhh ill continue mis-spelling


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Great guide. 10/10




This really helped me realize how important crowd-hiding was.




Just wondering, do you have any idea on the formula used to decide how many tokens you get?

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Superb guide, I've seen a few strats that you've missed though, but apart from that's it's excellent. I'm guessing you've held back the best ones so they're not used against you :P I suppose that's why you've asked us to pm new ideas to you :P




EDIT: Doomster got one ;)




Also, i dont see much on being the hunter-by that i mean how to attack and kill, not how to find ur opponent.










Also, what's ur fog rank/rating?

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Very nice tactics =D>


I didn't thoroughly read the whole thing, so I might have missed some things.




One of the things I do when I am being hunted is to stay kind of close to the center, and as soon as I see the hunter on my minimap I run the opposite direction. When I am barely in his sight, or out of his sight I use the teleorb and teleport right to the fist. The hunter usually thinks he just lost sight of me, so he keeps running in the direction I was going. I get a nice amount of charges in the center before he comes back to the center.




not sure if this was already in the guide, but thought I would share what I do.

Proud owner of a quest cape.






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I can make a video if you want.

Proud Warlord of Dragonwood

If it's natural to kill, how come men have to go into training to learn how? ~ Joan Baez

Rest in Peace 3xtermination


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i dont like fog too much but i always refer to this guide when i do fog. great guide! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :D

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To the guy who asked how to attack and kill with the hunter: click on your enemy, eat if you get hurt and still have bandages.




As for some of my (F2P, probably universal) tips:




-If you're facing someone stronger, consider saving the teleorb for when you have no bandages and little HP (->wallhugging).


-I found that if someone uses the teleorb, and you don't click, you'll still follow him to the center if you already attacked him (or tried) with a constant attack before. This can lead you to easily following the guy, no need to search in the crowd. To defend, go in a portal chamber - the opponent will be confused (his character, not necessarily him).


-If you saved the teleorb, you can use it to shorten the B-Line.


-If you don't have protect prayer access (low level and all), use Rapid Heal inbetween fights. Doesn't eat much prayer, but every bit of HP helps in there. As a hunted, that is.


-If the enemy is hiding in the crowd, and you can't attack him in melee with the right-click option: use magic and the right click menu with that. The list will be much shorter and odds are you'll find him that way.


-If you are meleeing, ranging or autocasting someone, click Bind and prepare to cast it on him in case he runs.


-P2P tip, use Snare/Entangle instead of Bind.


-And finally, never give up! I've beat much higher levels in this game just by outsmarting them, knowing their tactics and adapting. And vice versa.



You're being watched.

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oh cool i am credited! i guess it must have been from the tips about sound. :D




Heres a few more tips:








While hunting, try to wear full mage robes + dhide vambs with shortbow/addy arrows and power/mage ammy. With around +40 range bonus and positive mage bonus, your binds will get through 70+ mage (unless opp wears dhide) easily. Rangers themselves are very accurate and with FoG's draining abilities, your fast and accurate attacks will devastate the opponent. Another reason is that they will most likely wear plate armor which is great for fire blasting by manually clicking. Usually when opp is tanking, i switch between range and fireblast so that I finish him off quick.




Also, when beginning game, try to quickly search the opp's fog rating. It can be done through swift kit or hiscores. It will tell you how good of a strategist they are. ie, i faced the #10 fogger (a 100% f2p) threetimes and I won 2 times (one connection loss). This was because I knew they could strategize. Instead of the b-line tactic to start off, i just stood there while he came to me. That caught him by surprise and he used a tele orb (which i evaded b/c it was too obvious). Mind you this was a less populated world so he couldnt house hug (I would see everything from the center). All that was left was tanking. He wore dhide only so my range was ok and mage was bad. He was a beastly prayer flicker and if I meleed he would use the rocks near the fist to evade. Sadly he died quickly because of constant range atks and couple lucky mage atks.




When the opp is running, bind, fire blast and range and then repeat. You are always wielding bow so they tend to have range protect pray on. However, the mage atk catches them by surprise and they change to mage protect and by the time...a fast range atk befalls them.


If you get caught by the tele orb trick, them dont fret. It is a mere 3 - 4 sec before you catch them again. That is about 28 charges extra...






As the hunted:




Wear full dhide initially and run around 90 degrees and then go center. By that time the opp would be boundry sweeping. That is perfect for collected charges without being seen. After 200 charges, retreat to the farthest house. By this time they would have returned to center and waiting for run to recharge. YOu will be getting 10-15 charges per 4 sec during this time. As soonas yoou get 200 charges, go center while they do boundry sweep # 2. After this, tank in the middle. They will be back and you perform crowd shields. As soon as you are down to last bandage, do tele orb trick.




Mages are most common and dhide is best. Pray mage protect/mystic might and you be fine. Rangers are least common. If you find ranger, range protect and switch to rune full helm and legs while keeping dhide body on. If they are melee, then use the two rocks near fist to evade. Dont pray while evading...I never use melee prayer b/c evading is so much better. Watch out for melee/mage hybrids. Those are tricky...but keep full dhide on and try to evade while mage praying. Dont tank with these guys...


Range/mage hybrids are killers....If you get these guys...dont worry about tactics just hope your offensive > their offensive. It is truly the ultimate.

100% F2P

85 Mining achieved on Dec 4, 2007

85 Smithing achieved on May 28, 2009


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