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Guide to Making Money...(And Junk).. With NPC Trading!


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This is an old guide. Nearly all prices are outdated, but many methods outlined still work. Feel free to read and appreciate what Guthix called "The Ultimate Pwnage Guide of Balance" , even though I warn you it might not benefit you as much anymore. :(






Chaz's Explosive NPC Money Making Guide!




Welcome to my new guide! I hope you enjoy it. Let me tell you a little about myself: When I was a young boy traversing Runescape I had a vocation.... Are you still reading this? If so you have more patience than I would have had! You dont want my life story! You want me to give you what I advertised: Money!!




People are greedy. That is a fact that noone can argue, its our basic instinct! Dont worry, Im not judging you!


[hide=Im not greedy! You are mistaken!]Yes you are! You are in denial.[/hide]


Now we have that established, lets embrace our greedy heritage and make some money!! Remember mining in Varrok, running to Lumbridge to smith your ores then running back to Varrok to smith into armour and sell in the village general store?


[hide=No?]Young Whippersnappers![/hide]


Well it looks like it was just me then! That Shop Owner and his assistant were my primary money making source! Times have changed since the fancy pompous Grand Exchange came along, but we can still make a lot of money by returning to our roots! The NPCs!




Now let us begin our journey through the trading money making world at a place where I started my guide-making journey! Confused yet? The Almighty Plant Pot! These are not as good today as they were before, but please read through the guide here, it will make the rest of my guide much easier to follow, and I will not have to repeat myself!




Heres a nice place for a little note! Thanks to some brilliant piece of nerfery (Yes, I just made that word up) Tons of my methods have been nerfed by Jagex - This is not my mistake, I am not a crazy person who makes up prices! This was correct when I wrote it! After a brilliant suggestion from troacctid, I will provide the GE link so ye can check it yeself! Woot!




[hide=Plant Pots!]Chaz's guide to the almighty Plant Pot!




This is my first guide so please do not flame me, constructive critisism is very welcome =]








Remember the good old Vial of Water? Easy money with no skills required! Well unfortunately the days of high cash for little effort have gone... :boohoo:


Well! This guide offers an alternative for the current "vial of water" technique!






So, What is the deal?




I will tell you then! Have a look at the good old GE and look up the Plant Pot




(It looks like this : plant3as8.png )


Now, today the price of the common Plant Pot (Not the endangered ones or the empty ones for that matter) is :




101 lowest . 107 Mid. 113 High !!! **EDIT 09/11/08: 76 Lowest 79 Mid 82 Max **




But what is so special about that?




I will tell you! In a farming shop, the Plant Pot sells for a whopping 1gp!!




[hide=I dont believe you!]Then repent and believe! And rejoice in the good news of the Plant Pot! :








So! How do I cash in on this?




Okay, okay im getting there! Head on down to Catherby!




[hide=Thats here by the way]28rlahf.jpg




[hide=How do I get there again?]Have no fear! there are two quick ways to get there without walking very far!






You have dragged me down here, now what do I do?




Calm down! Now we are at catherby, use the nearby farming store to buy Plant Pots at 1gp.




Take this path to and from the bank : Dont worry about pathfinding, just click towards the store and it will do it for you!








Now, trade the beautiful Vanessa and get buying!








Take the path back to the bank, deposit them and continue! The more you buy the more money you will make!




[hide=Small Disclaimer]Warning!


I cannot be responsible if you do not stick to the path I have recommended to and from the shop, there is an extremely dangerous Unicorn nearby, and I do not accept responsibilities for death caused by use of this guide!




Now for the Maths!! Yay!




Okay here we go!




101gp from a Plant Pot (min)


You spent 1gp so thats a 100gp profit at this time! **EDIT: 78GP profit**




27 spaces in your inventory for pots! (Less If Using Spirit Terrorbird, More on that later)


27*100 = 2700 profit per inventory! **EDIT: 27*78=2106 profit per inventory **




Now here are my times!




Running : 32 Seconds


Walking: 58 Seconds




Lets start with running: 2700 / 32 = 84.375 Profit per second!! **EDIT: 65.8 Profit per second **


84.375 * 60 = 5062.5 Profit per Minute. *60 = 303750 Profit per hour! **EDIT: 236925 Profit per hour**




Now Walking: 2700 / 58 = 46.5 profit per sec. **EDIT: 36.3 profit per sec**


*60 = 2793 per minute *60 = 167586gp per Hour! **EDIT: 130717 profit per hour**




Not too shabby considering they require no skills whatsoever! (Except the quest Fishing Contest)




Remember, increase your profit by keeping ur run high! A Spirit Terrorbird ( Lvl 52 Summoning) Will give you unlimited run! I suggest when your run gets low, you withdraw 3-4 scrolls, use them, then continue running in order to keep urself with 27 Inv slots free!




Now for the Catch! (Sorry Peeps)


Now the catch with this method is probably your next question :


Do they Sell?




The direct answer is: Yes, they sell.


The problem is that it is hardly ever an immediate sell, you will have to wait a few hours. Longer or Quicker depending on how much you are selling, and at what price. If you are looking for some good cash this is for you, except in cases when you need the money immediately.


Patience is a virtue!! :D




Item DB link!






The End!


Thanks for reading my guide, If you even bothered to read this far =]


I hope you enjoyed it, as I said at the start, this is my first guide so please do not flame me.


All credits to me! (I have found no other guide with this technique)




All questions, comments and suggestions very welcome![/hide]


[hide=Plant Pots are old. I dont want to read it]Shame on you!! You know what? You sicken me! I have taken my time to help you out and you wont even obey the one wish I have asked for! Leave now! I dont want you reading my guide anymore, in fact I FORBID you! Shoo![/hide]




Now what have we learned from the Plant Pot? We learnt that is it possible to take advantage of people wanting items, but not being active enough to get off their behinds and fetch them themselves. Lets move on shall we, we have bigger fish to fry!


Lets start with fish!


[hide=Fish!]Fish! The bread of the sea! Or something like that, who cares anyway. Fortunately for us money makers, we will not be facing Posiedon's wrath like some of those.... Fishermen. We will only be handling the fish after they have already been mercilessly murdered by a..... Fisherman.




Fishing Supplies




small fishing net-- 5gp-- GE=47-- P=42


fishing rod-- 5gp-- GE=68-- P=63


harpoon-- 5gp-- GE=62-- P=57


lobster pot-- 20gp-- GE=70-- P=50


bait-- 3gp-- GE=2-- P=1


big fishing net-- 20gp-- GE=61-- P=41




Now as you can see it is possible for a 63gp profit per item from Fishing Rods!


I will be using Catherby as my testing ground, but they sell at Shilo Village also.




Path: v5fvx4.jpg


Times: Running: 25.96 seconds




Maths: 63*27=1701 1701/25.96=65.52 *60*60 = 235886 GP per Hour! (0 d.p.)




Fish (Catherby fishing shop)




Raw Fish!




raw anchovies-- 16gp -- GE=115 -- P=99


raw shrimp-- 6gp -- GE=10 -- P=4


raw cod-- 34gp -- GE=50 -- P=16


raw mackerel-- 26gp -- GE=19 -- P=-7


raw herring-- 16gp -- GE=23 -- P=7


raw sardine-- 10gp -- GE=14 -- P=4




You know wheres a great place for raw fish? The sea! Oh and Mos le Harmless.


Lets take anchovies for our example.








Times: 21.64 Running




Maths: 99*27= 2673 2673/21.64= 123.521 *60 *60 = 444677gp an hour! (0 d.p.)




Fish (Mos Le'Harmless fishing shop)




So ends the Fishy section![/hide]




Now whats the opposite of Fish? I fancy a change of environment.


Of Course!! Farming Equipment!!


[hide=Farming Equipment!]Ahh farming equipment, buying Plant Pots whilst flirting with Vanessa, good times... It is not all over though! Dont neglect the other farming tools! They have feelings too you know! In fact you should always be looking for opportunities to cash in!




seed dibber-- 6 -- GE=94 -- P=88


secateurs-- 5 -- GE=27 -- P=22


spade-- 3 -- GE=80 -- P=77


trowel-- 12 -- GE=117 -- P=105


watering-- can 8 -- GE=129 -- P=109


compost-- 20 -- GE=105 -- P=85


empty sack-- 1 -- GE=76 -- P=75


basket-- 1 -- GE=89 -- P=88


plant cure-- 40 -- GE=80 -- P=40


ammy farming--200-- GE=93 -- P=-107




Oh Vanessa, how I am grateful for your lush bounties of wealth.


Before I forget, LOOK out for MINUSES next to the numbers. I actually find the thought of someone reading my guide, buying 3000 amulets of farming and selling them really really funny.


Lets use Watering Cans shall we? As I am nature-friendly and lazy, I will recycle my picture:




Running Time: 32seconds




Maths: 109*27= 2943 /32 = 91.97 *60 *60 = 331088gp per hour! (0 d.p)[/hide]




Finally we get to my favourite part! Vegetarians look away now, there will be some pixelated meat here!!!




[hide=Meat!] MEEAAT! Meat! The food of life! Or something like that, its meant to sound all philosophical and deep... Do either of us really care here?






Hah! Silly vegetarians! I sure scared them away!




While we are on the subject of vegetarians:


Acts 10:9-19 - About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray. (10) He became hungry and wanted something to eat, and while the meal was being prepared, he fell into a trance. (11) He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. (12) It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles of the earth and birds of the air. (13) Then a voice told him, "Get up, Peter. Kill and eat." (14) "Surely not, Lord!", Peter replied. "I have never eaten anything impure or unclean." (15) Then the voice spoke to him a second time, "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean."




Right now, If there are any vegetarians left here, now that I have scared you with meat, and proved you beliefs wrong with a direct quote from GOD, we can get on with the guide! Yay!




Meat from Canifis!




Canifis is a lovely town, I really recommend it for holidays! On the subject of meat however, Canifis is the second best method of buying it!




raw beef-- 8 -- GE=62 -- P=56


raw chicken-- 9 -- GE=63 -- P=54


raw bear-- 8 -- GE=61 -- P=53


raw rat-- 8 -- GE=49 -- P=41




Rufus is the charming meat seller in Canifs, and here is the path to get to him!






Now, on your way through Canifis you will see some fine women and charming men: Zoja, Svetlana, Eduard and Lev. Now be careful with these folks, as they are mean street fighters if you anger them! Zoja also wanders into the meat shop frequently, and it is easy to click on her instead of Rufus!


She did not take kindly to me asking for a taste of her big juicy raw chicken breasts:






Stay safe out there! To avoid messy situations like the one above, always use protection! Put on a bow without arrows and you will almost never have a problem - Bows are 97% effective!


(Heh, kinda hoping you guys didnt get that one XD)




I have been working for a long time without stopping now, so I need a break, not before giving you brilliant people some maths!! (Beef)




Running time: 22.11


27*56 = 1512 / 22.11 *60 *60 = 246187gp per hour! (0 d.p)




Meat (Canifis meat shop)






Oo'glog Baths!


Now this is the best way of getting meat! You need to do a pretty high level quest to get to it though. Dont ask me what the quest is - Im not a quest guide! - but the quest is "As a First Resort..."




cooked rabbit-- 4 -- GE=15 -- P=11


cooked chicken-- 4 -- GE=13 -- P=9


cooked meat-- 4 -- GE=39 -- P=35


raw bird meat-- 17 -- GE=72 -- P=55


raw rabbit-- 20 -- GE=73 -- P=53


raw chicken-- 9 -- GE=63 -- P=56


raw bear-- 8 -- GE=61 -- P=53


raw beef-- 8 -- GE=62 -- P=54


raw rat-- 8 -- GE=49 -- P=41






Now here is the path:






This route isnt as eventful as the Canifis one, the only attraction is watching the two fat ladies (88!) scream when there is a party: 331kols.jpg






Hazards for this area are the brutish Ogresses outside the compound! They are female also! The Warriors are level 86 and the Champions are level 99.


Not to be scared by a bunch of girls, I went out to show them who is boss!




Err Whoopsie... wrong picture.... :oops: Interestingly though, doesnt it look like there is a ghost running towards the ogress from the top right holding a skull post?




Anyway, Maths! (Bird Meat)


Running Time: 11.70 seconds




27*55= 1485 /11.70 *60 *60 = 456932gp per hour! Now that is nice!




Item DB link... but doesnt that contradict my sentence below? =S[/hide]


Boy, you people sure are lucky to have me! Did you know I collected 100 percent of this data myself, by actually travelling to the shops? Wow, that comment is outdated! :oops:








Well enough about that, its time for... umm...




[hide=General]General! Yay! But what is General exactly?


Good question! Well it is hard to catagorise my sections, considering I have a lot of raw data, so General will be General Stores, and other miscellaneous items.




General Stores


Now we will start with Arhein, that guy on Catherby docks. He is incredibly close to the bank in case you havent realised, and he does sell a few things which could make a profit!




bucket-- 2gp -- GE=9 -- P=7


bronze pick-- 1gp -- GE=15 -- P=14


bowl-- 1gp -- GE=4 -- P=3


cake tin-- 10 -- GE=99 -- P=89


tinderbox-- 1 -- GE=14 -- P=13


chisel-- 1 -- GE=11 -- P=10


hammer-- 1 -- GE=11 -- P=10


rope-- 18 -- GE=38 -- P=20


pot-- 1 -- GE=2 -- P=1


knife-- 6 -- GE=23 -- P=17




All low profit items... but wait! Cake tins! 89gp profit! Now thats too good to just leave out of the guide! So heres the path:






And heres the maths for Cake tins!


Running time: 12.01secs




89*27= 2403 / 12.01 *60 *60 = 720300gp per hour! Unbelieveable right? Well start believing!








Im afraid you were in fact right : It is unbelievable =[. In what I can only call a price correction by Jagex, Cake Tins are now 23gp each


You will have to use the second best item : Ropes! 20gp profit ftw!!


General (Catherby general store)




Im sorry, nerfed is the only word that describes this =[ Blame Jagex for interfering with our economy if you want to blame somebody! Well... if we are going to start blaming Jagex for stuff I have a list of 500+ things so we might have to leave that to another thread... =D


Do you think if I started my own religion people would join?


Moving on...


PS. You can get 16gp profit per candle from the candleseller in Catherby, near the bank




Shilo Village




The lovely Shilo Village general store is close to the bank. It used to be the home to all the water-filled vialers, not me though since I went to ardy to do that. Vials of Water were my bread-winning tactics, I bought my first whip by selling them for 1.8million. That was when they were 250gp each though, I suppose I took them for granted =[




Lets examine the bounty of Shilo though!


Charcoal-- 45 -- GE=125 -- P=75


Machete-- 52 -- GE=30 -- P=-22


Leather body-- 21 -- GE=8 -- P=-13


Leather boots-- 6 -- GE=4 -- P=-2


Leather gloves-- 6 -- GE=4 -- P=-2


Vial-- 5 -- GE=72 -- P=68


pestle+mortar-- 4 -- GE=96 -- P=92


vial of water-- 10 -- GE=84 -- P=74


papyrus-- 10 -- GE=87 -- P=77




Apart from the trusty old Vial of Water, its the Pestle and Mortars that I am interested in!


92gp profit each, thats not something to shake a cow at! (I think thats the expression)










Maths with Pestle and Mortars:


Running Time: 28.03


27*92 = 2484 /28.03 *60 *60 = 319029gp per hour! Pretty good!




General (Shilo Village general store)








Ardougne General Store!


vial of water-- 10- GE=84 -- P=74


iron axe-- 56-- GE=28 -- P=-28


jug-- 1-- GE=2 -- P=1


cooked meat-- 4-- GE=39 -- P=34


ball of wool-- 5-- GE=99 -- P=94


papyrus-- 10-- GE=87 -- P=77




Im sorry guys, I have a confession to make... Although I went to the Ardy Gen. Store to check the prices.... I didnt time a run... I didnt even take a picture of the path! I am so sorry. I really do hope you can forgive me!


On that note, Balls of wool are the main thing that may interest you about Ardy General Store! 94gp profit each, I will update this section ASAP for the maths. Correction - Jagex have saved me the trouble of updating this section, with a big fat NERF... I now have 501 things to rant about... =/




General (Ardougne general store)




Piscatoris General Store *Suggested by Krazi*




As much as I hate putting other people's names in my guide ^^, I cant leave it out because of the sake of my pride. Sort of like Jagex and the wildy! (Oohh! No he didnt!!)




Anyway, Arnold runs this store. Nice name, Arnold... Musnt judge a book by its cover though!






Well... He cant be compared in attractiveness to me now can he! Thats just unfair!


Getting off-topic again! Sorry people, here are your prices!




Small Fishing Net-- 5 -- GE=47 -- P=42


Harpoon-- 5 -- GE=61 -- P=56


Bread-- 12 -- GE=27 -- P=15


Pot-- 1 -- GE=2 -- P=1


Bucket of Milk-- 12 -- GE=58 -- P=46


Needle-- 1 -- GE=1 -- P=0


Thread-- 4 -- GE=3 -- P=-1


Beer-- 2 -- GE=30 -- P=28


Glassblowing Pipe-- 2 -- GE=15 -- P=13


Knife-- 6 -- GE=23 -- P=17




Now, a rare occurance in Runescape, Arnold is also the Banker! (Did Jagex get stingy with the pixel allowance?)


That makes journeys VERY short, but he moves around a lot so it also makes them VERY fiddly. When I tried to time the trip, it took me 6 attempts as I kept pressing Bank by habit! :oops:




Well my trip took 9.18 seconds, mostly from missing him and messing up. Im sure an experienced trader can cut this time down considerably!




Harpoons make 56 Profit!


27*56 = 1512 /9.18 *60 *60 = 592941GP per hour!




Very well done Krazi, you've made a fool of me with your fancy piscatoris technique! I hope your happy! Well you have won the swordfight, but I will win the drive-by!


(Is that the right expression?)


Moving on.....[/hide]




I just lost the whole of next section by pressing the backspace key, so I am NOT a happy bunny!


I will try to best to capture my emotions after pressing the backspace key: ARRRRRRGHHHH!!!!


Well, better just have to try my best to redo it!


Charter Traders now!


[hide=Charter Traders]You know Charter Traders? Those people who stand on the docks charging extortionately high prices to take you places you dont particulaly want to go? Well guess what! They also charge you extortionate prices for goods that you dont particulaly want!


Shears 1 GE=10 P=9


Bowl 4 GE=4 P=0


Newcomer map 1 GE=15 P=14


raw rabbit 22 GE=73 P=51


swamp paste 34 GE=24 P=-10


tyras 1314 GE=782 P=-532


banana 2 GE=63 P=61


glass pipe 2 GE=15 P=13


eye patch 2 GE=3 P=1




The only thing interesting here is the banana! Catherby is the best place for trading with those creeps!


Path: 13z012a.jpg




Running Time: 24.21 seconds at Catherby




27*61= 1647 /24.21 *60 *60 = 244907gp per hour! Always a nice alternative![/hide]




Its time for Food Stores! Grand Tree Food Store is not in here as there is no unlimited stock!


[hide=Food Stores]Yanille Food Store is the first one we will examine!


pot of flour 14 GE=60 P=46


choc bar 20 GE=93 P=73


empty cup 2 GE=2 P=0


potato 16 GE=65 P=49


pie dish 3 GE=19 P=16




Now there is a 33.79 second running time for this food shop, so it is inefficient to use it for profit. I have the path picture but if we are not to use it then I wont post it. What about those lovely CHOCCY bars though!!! At 73 Profit we cannot just leave these tasty treats to their own devices!




Hmm where else can we get them then.... Ardy Market of course!!


bread 12 GE=28 P=16


cake 50 GE=99 P=49


choc slice 30 GE=74 P=44


choc bar 20 GE=94 P=74




Now we are smoking! Lets get our chubby hands over those chocolate bars!






Now to indulge in a bit of gluttony! :


Running time: 28.44 seconds




27*74= 1998 /28.44 *60 *60 = 252911gp per hour! Now thats fattening... our wallets!![/hide]


If you have read this far, you probably want to marry me right now... But Stop! We havent got near the end yet! I dont make low quality guides! I have the rest of the TIF community to do that for me! *Bad um ba.. tch!*


Only joking guys I appreciate your hard work! Still to come are the most profitable NPC situations ever!




Now for a quick note on Archery supplies: This is more of a how not to lose money than how to make it!


[hide=Archery]If you really want to lose a lot of money very fast, this is the section for you! Buying archery supplies will certainly do that!!




studded chaps 750 GE=487 P=-263


studded body 850 GE=552 P=-298


oak longbow 160 GE=96 P=-64


oak short 100 GE=60 P=-40


crossbow 70 GE=93 P=23


longbow 80 GE=48 P=-32


shortbow 50 GE=30 P=-20


bronze bolts 3 GE=2 P=-1


bronze arrow 7 GE=6 P=-1


iron arrow 20 GE=12 P=-8


brnze tip 10 GE=10 P=-10


iron tip 26 GE=14 P=-12


steel tip 36 GE=33 P=-3


mith tip 68 GE=56 P=-12


addy tip 160 GE=146 P=-14


rune tip 460 GE=451 P=-9




Take your pick! You cant really go wrong with those prices! Well you can - Crossbows you will make 23gp profit each![/hide]




Now for a little section on Hunter supplies. I must admit this is unfinished as Narvah in the desert is the fastest Bank to Hunter store.


[hide=Hunter Equipment]As you see from the rest of this guide, I am a lazy lazy man, my grammar is appauling and I generally leave everything half-done. From this, you will be no means expecting this section to not be complete, and you are completely right.




Here is information about Yanille Hunter Store:


butterfly jar 1 GE=60 P=59


butterfly net 24 GE=113 P=89


noose wand 4 GE=71 P=67


bird snare 6 GE=82 P=76


box trap 38 GE=105 P=67


teasing stick 1 GE=9 P=8


unlit torch 4 GE=15 P=11


rabbit snare 18 GE=10 P=-8




As you see, 89 profit is availiable from Butterfly Nets. This is a valid way of making money, but Yanille Hunter Store is very far from the bank:k9vyaw.jpg




Running Time: 45.69 Seconds!




27*89 = 2403 /45.69 *60 *60 = 189336gp per hour..... Told you it was long




Ill have to remember to update this, I just really dont like the desert =[[/hide]


Hmm it seems I am running out of things to talk about....... NOT! Muhahaha, you cant shut me up just yet, because its time for the motherload!!!! Clothes!!!!




Heres a little intro to Clothes. Why do people buy clothes? Do not worry, I am not holding a nudist convention, I am analysing why people feel the need to look good on their pixelated character. The bottom line is this: People want to spend little money, and look better than the person standing next to him. This is why level 30s become members, get HAM robes then strut around f2p worlds as a "member".


4 Types of Clothes we will be merchanting! : Pirate, Gnome, Canifis, Ogre




[hide=Canifis Clothes!]These are those clothes from the clothing store in Canifis. Stating the obvious or what, hey?


They are colourful, and look different, so there is a demand for them. The boots are often used.








They cost 650gp for each part of the outfir: Boots, Gloves, Top, Bottom, Hat


Here are the most expensive ones:


Grey Boots=850 P=200


Grey Gloves=743 P=93


Grey Hat=840 P=190


Red Bottom=839 P=189


Red Top=816 P=166




The Grey Boots are the best *At the moment!* so lets do some calcs!


Running Time: 32.12 seconds




27*200 = 5400 /32.12 *60 *60 = 605320gp per hour =0!! Now is it just me, or is that really good?[/hide]


[hide=Pirate Clothing]"Arrrrr" The noise made by a 6 year old girl looking at a picture of a kitten! But that is irrelevant, me hearties! Its time for a fancy dress party and I dont have anything to wear! Grab some cheap stuff from the GE... but what? I know..... Pirate Outfit!!!!




Where does a Pirate Outfit come from though? The sky? A tree? A random event?


These are questions which someone going to a party does NOT ask themselves, so we can take advantage! ARRR!




The answer to the above question: It comes from that little known about island with that little known minigame which little-known people play... Mos'le Harmless!!!!




Here is the principle piratey path:






And here are the principle piratey prices:339hjqr.jpg




See my highlighted arrow? Pirate boots are changing in price, that means they are SELLING!




Here are Dodgy Mike's prices:


Shirt 300 Red=496 P=196


Leggings 350 Blue=521 P=171


Bandana 100 Brown=268 P=168


Boots 350 GE=542 P=192




As you can see, the Red Shirts and Pirate Boots give the most profit. I will be using the Pirate Boots in my calcs because they actually DO sell.




Running Time: 23.35secs




27*192 = 5184 / 23.35 *60 *60 = 799246gp per hour!!!! Jinkies Batman! I am now starting to regret writing this down!! I might even be forced to incinerate this information before pressing submit![/hide]


[hide=Gnome Clothes]Is your hand tired yet? Mine sure is! Why Gnomish clothing can fit us human being Jagex only knows, but lets not question it shall we, lets harvest it.




Gnomish Clothes are bought on the second floor (or first floor) of the Grand tree, the same level as the bank. They are colourful, and go well as mage robes for their looks, not their stats.


They are also used in clue scrolls which can bump up their value a tad!




Path: dpfwoo.jpg




Now, lets take a look at these gorgeously fashionable prices! Oh my God these boots are to die for! (Im really not gay)




Hat 160 Pink-343 Turquoise=324 P=183


Boots 200 Boots Blue/Pink=385 P=185


Top 180 Ivory=346 Green=325 P=166


Bottom 180 Ivory=369 Green=312 P=189




Here I have listed the Shop Price, the two most expensive versions of that item, and the profit from the most expensive version.


Ivory Bottoms are the most profitable with 189gp per item. Yay its maths time!! My favourite




Running Time: 42.97




27*189= 5103 / 42.97 *60 *60 = 427526 gp per hour! Now thats a large price for such small clothing![/hide]


[hide=Ogre Clothes]Here we find ourselves back at the Oo'glog Baths! You may not like having to converse with the ugly bankers, but if you think about it, most of the people who play runescape are uglier than those ogres! Hah, of course im not talking about YOU!...... :^o




Enough with the insulting, its ogre time!!














Highlighted are the items sold at the store!


Ogre clothes 60


ogre arrow 25


cooked chompy 130




See that we cannot make profit with the chompy or ogre arrows, but we can with the clothes!


Top Profit = 117


Bottom Profit = 74


Boots Profit = -23




Looks like the top is our best option, and it DOES sell at this time.




Running Time: 16.47


27*117= 3159 /16.47 *60 *60 = 690491gp per hour!




Champagne anyone? You are buying, you rich man you! =D[/hide]




Now we are finally nearing the end! I really hope you appreciate the effort put into this guide. Now for some further analysis:




[hide=Run Energy and You, A guide to personal Fitness]If you are planning on doing these methods for long periods of time, obviously run energy is an important issue. You want to be running.... all of the time, no stopping. To do this there are some methods for you to consider:




1. Oo'glog Baths!:


After completing... you know that quest, you can use the salt-water bath to give you 100% run energy permanently for about 20 minutes, higher or lower depending on agility. This I believe is the best way to go for run energy, it is an inconvinience to keep topping it up. You can top it up by teleporting to Camelot, running south to Catherby and taking the Charter Ship to Oo'glog.




2. Spirit Terrorbird


The Scrolls from the Spirit Terrorbird restore a percentage of your run energy per scroll, depending on your agility level. This is highly useful, but having them in your inventory can reduce your GP per hour.


You can solve this by: Keeping terrorbird active, taking 3 scrolls from the bank when you need, using them and continuing to run.


You can also have the bird store its own scrolls, and withdraw them when needed, that could affect its storage capacity though, as outlined in this next chapter.[/hide]




[hide=Too Familiar, Or not Too Familiar?]Appreciate the pun? I thought not =[




Well this section is about using a Beast of Burden when running NPCs. It is difficult to answer the question: Should I fill my familiar up at the store, buy more before running back to the bank.


On the one hand you would be getting 12 more items per run, but on the other hand adding time to your journey!




Lets try some calcs:




Buying Chocolate Bars from Ardy Market:


39.60 seconds running using Spirit terrorbird as storage


28.44 seconds running without terrorbird




39*74 = 2886 /39.60 *60 *60 = 262363 gp per hour


(What a funny number, the decimal was weird also like .636363636363636363636363)




Compare this to:


27*74= 1998 /28.44 *60 *60 = 252911gp




Thats an extra 9452gp profit per hour by using the terrorbird, but involves more clicking so its really your call! The difference will be less, and even negative when on tiny journeys such as Arhein's store in Catherby![/hide]




Our adventure together has ended! Did you really read all of that? I bet you just skimmed through it! Either way, its over now with only one extra section to add!


People with triskaidekaphobia look away now!




[hide=DO THEY SELL?]20hxe8k.jpg


Heh, silly triskaidekaphobians, they crack me up....




Anyway! The biggest question of the entire guide is if they sell or not! For this, and only this, I need YOUR help! Fancy utilising a technique in this guide? Tell me how many you bought, and how well they sold!




I will not be able to update the prices on this guide, there are just too many, and they change too rapidly. I will update the sellability however! Here is something to start you off! From me writing this guide, I made about 50k in test runs, so can tell you this much:




300 Raw beef sold Immediately


Purple Canifis Boots started selling immediately, about 1 every 5 minutes.


Pirate Boots were selling 1 a minutes since I put them on!


Chocolate bars sold immediately


Pirate Bananas sold a few every 10 mins, were all gone overnight.


Ogre Top were selling every 10 mins or so, sold overnight.[/hide]




Well Mr.Monopoly we are done! You didnt get a "Buy this for 1gp, sell it for 20M" but Im sure you learnt something from reading my guide, and I really do hope you liked it.




All Credits go to ME! I dont trust 3rd party information, I didnt even use the tip.it Shop database!


Well... that above sentence is completely false... It didnt used to be, but Alas the big green Jagex machine has forced me to resort to Item database links and what-nots... Thanks to Troacctid!




Consequences of this guide being published: Prices May Drop! I know they will and I accept the results. I hope other people who use these techniques, silently and selfishly using these ideas stay silent now! I do not want anyone whining about their favourite method being ruined, because frankly you disgust me if you do that.




I just have one further note, Have you found a new way of making money thanks to this guide? If so, please post to tell me! I do appreciate it. Do you have a TIF account? If so, use it, even if you hardly ever log on to it, please do this time. Why? - Because by posting these methods, I myself are giving them up. Will these prices stay that high?- Of course not! But they would have stayed like it a lot longer if I had been more selfish. Thats the end of my little speech, thanks for listening!




Constructive Critisism Welcome!




Chaz's Second Guide: "Guide to Making Money... With NPC Trading" Published 09/11/08




Many Thanks to all TIFers,






[hide=Rotation is the key to the Universe!]Hey its me again, Chaz! I know my guide organisation and layout has really gone to the dogs down here, but this is a note I felt I must add on to the end. It will benefit you, me, and everyone who uses this guide!




What Rotates? The Earth! The Moon! The Sun! The Sky! Runes! Fire! Water! Air! Lava! ..... umm.... Nature!


Well it seems I have run out of elements, I will get to the point pronto: Rotation is a good thing! Imagine you are a.... *sneers* Guest on the Tip.it forum, you come in here, read peoples guides and benefit from them, before skulking back into the sewers... Runescape! Sorry, I meant Runescape not the sewers! Anyway, people are going to flick through and find the item which has the most GP per hour. Now imagine every person reading this guide immediately buys "X", the price of "X" is going to fall extremely rapidly!




Now Imagine a smart old fellow called Mr.C comes along, he notices that "X" has the most GP per hour, however "Y" is a close second, and he goes and buys "Y" instead!




Because if you choose the go for the lesser popular options, you will have more market share yourself when you buy them! The price of them will also fall much less rapidly, as there are less people selling them for minimum price!




The Smart Thing to do!


Rotate of Course! Jesus, anyone with half a mind could have worked out what I was leading up to!




Say you make 300k from object "F", you want some more money so you go back to buying them. STOP RIGHT THERE MISTER!


What if you go and buy object "G"? They are only 10k less GP per hour! Its a small price to pay for faster sales and less price falling!




If you havent worked it out yet, im telling you, ordering you in fact! Rotate your goods!


Be selfish and the world will end! Be selfless and the world will temporarily keep on existing.


(Also people will love you and you will get all the girls! Look at me! Im a babe magnet now!)[/hide]


Just kidding ladies, you know I love you =D

Guide to Making Money with NPC Trading

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Absolutely excellent guide. Made me laugh, and shows some brilliant ways of making money.




If I could give it more than 10/10 I would.

So don't let anyone tell you you're not worth the earth,

These streets are your streets, this turf is your turf,

Don't let anyone tell you that you've got to give in,

Cos you can make a difference, you can change everything,

Just let your dreams be your pilot, your imagination your fuel,

Tear up the book and write your own damn rules,

Use all that heart, hope and soul that you've got,

And the love and the rage that you feel in your gut,

And realise that the other world that you're always looking for,

Lies right here in front of us, just outside this door,

And it's up to you to go out there and paint the canvas,

After all, you were put on the earth to do this,

So shine your light so bright that all can see,

Take pride in being whoever the [bleep] you want to be.

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She did not take kindly to me asking for a taste of her big juicy raw chicken breasts:


I lol'd. Twice. :lol:




Anyway, I am expecting to see Tiadeche's Karambwan shop (presumably in conjunction with Rionasta's parcel service) and the Warrior's Guild food shop when you finish. Not only are they profitable to buy from, but if people start selling those pizzas and karambwan, then I'll be able to buy them to train my cooking. :thumbsup: Oh, and you misspelled Oo'glog.




This is a nice guide that I think people, especially new or poor members, ought to read, and I may very well reference some of these methods the next time I need to prove a point about how easy it is to make money. Kudos.

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Thanks for replying, Ill correct the spelling mistakes now. I will have to add about the Warrior's guild, thanks, ill do it when im not so tired :(




What do you mean about the Parcel Service, I read about buying Tickets and buying machetes and villager clothing with them, but I heard that was just junk and never sold?


Just kidding ladies, you know I love you =D

Guide to Making Money with NPC Trading

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Thanks for replying, Ill correct the spelling mistakes now. I will have to add about the Warrior's guild, thanks, ill do it when im not so tired :(




What do you mean about the Parcel Service, I read about buying Tickets and buying machetes and villager clothing with them, but I heard that was just junk and never sold?


Rionasta will deposit stuff for you at the cost of 10 trading sticks for each item you want to bank. Basically it takes up an inventory space for the trading sticks and it adds 50-60 gp to the cost of each item.




Raw karambwan is 440 gp in the store and 640 gp in the Grand Exchange.

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Too bad you've revealed some of my ways of making some cash :x




There's a nice way of making junk too at the tai bwo wannai village store, although they don't sell, they are a nice supply of junk.



I'm retired from Runescape due to my really bad connection, maybe coming back soon

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Amazing. Not only did you make me laugh but you also showed me some nice moneymaking methods (which I will be using sparingly if at all due to the lack of experience involved, but I still might.)




I'd highly recommend this guide to everyone if it didn't mean that these items would become Junk.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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:D Thanks people, im glad you like it! I can understand your concerns about prices dropping, I myself didnt realise the pure gp power before I wrote the guide myself! 700k+ an hour! Thats more than I make with Bones to Peaches tablets!




Oh well! :)


Jump in and enjoy the frenzy ASAP, this thread only has 170 views so you will be the first entreprenaurs to profit from this!




Imagine yourselves at the top of a pyramid scheme =D


Just kidding ladies, you know I love you =D

Guide to Making Money with NPC Trading

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Fantastic guide. :)


Not only for the information, but also for the fact that you're hilarious.


Looking forward to reading any future guides from you.






So true, theres plenty of talent in you. I'm sure you could make lots of new guides.




OT: Awsome, I did pirates boot, 5 min and 50k profit, now if only they would sell :/




10/10, this could be AOW

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thanks all, you make me so happy =]




I have added a section at the end relating to Rotation, which if you havent read I think you should take a look at. I have also added your piscatoris idea Krazi, and within a few hours I should have added Warriors Guild and Karam fishing things =D


Just kidding ladies, you know I love you =D

Guide to Making Money with NPC Trading

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great guide and very well written ;) =D> =D>




another option is buying beers from the guy in the bar where u enter rogues den,he sells asgarnian ales(which sell) wizard mind bombs and dwarven stouts (no idea if they sell). idk the gp/hr but i saw some people do it :P




i personally dont like this way of money making, since u dont get xp, but its nice for people who dont mind that.



There are three sides to every story: There's one side, there's the other, and there's the truth.

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