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First Tip.It FunOrb Tournament - First Round


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What better way to get this forum off to a bang than to have a friendly tournament?



Game Will Be Arcanists


The Results of the Game poll have ended with Arcanists beating Bric-a-brac by a single vote, and becoming the first game to be played.





Forum Name: Linkzelda30

FunOrb Name: JesseAttack





Forum Name: decebal

FunOrb Name: Decebalus6





Forum Name: jimmy_jim

FunOrb Name: Im_For_Guard





Forum Name: troacctid

FunOrb Name: troacctid





Forum Name: PBPProductions

FunOrb Name: Soilies





Forum Name: Bobthesock

FunOrb Name: Aneron







Forum Name: Rien_Adelric

FunOrb Name: Rien Adelric



Rien Adelric


Forum Name: Danqazmlp

FunOrb Name: Danqazmlp









The overall winner was Linkzelda30, beating Rien Adelric in the final.





General rules are as follows:


  1. It will be a knock-out tournament
  2. Please make sure you have completed the tutorial in the game that is chosen before signing up
  3. No picture, no proof of the win.
  4. This is an *Unofficial * tournament , so if you have questions please post them here
  5. Have FUN!

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Arcanists: Sounds like a nice game to play are first Tournament.

Armies of Gielinor: Also another good one. :D

Bouncedown: This is going to be a battle of most points right?

Brick-À-Brac: Fun game through this type of game has too much luck to winning rather than skill. :l

Chess: I don't know what to say here other than maybe. :roll:

Crazy Crystals: Same to Bouncedown.

Deko Bloko: I voted for this one sounds like we should start with something like Tetris.

Dungeon Assault: I don't think this would work at all.

Hold The Line: Same to Bouncedown.


Pixelate: Would like to see this one make it. :)

Pool: Ugh it feels way too much harder to hit the ball right than in real life. :l

Shattered Plans: Never got to play this much its way to complex.

Steel Sentinels: Better than Kickabout League (shivers) through it feels like its more about how much time you invest in the campain.

TetraLink: Feels like the Tournament will only last 5 minutes worth of games. :l

Vertigo 2: I would love to see to see start it off.

Virogrid: Same to Tetralink.

Zombie Dawn Multi-player: SPEED HAX MUCH.

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I voted for Kickabout League - probably my best game :thumbsup:

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I'm up for anything. Would be fun :D


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No star cannon on the list? Just give the person an hour after posting it's their turn and tell them to post a screenshot of their final score. That's about enough time to complete a game unless it's hard.


Anyway since there is an absence of star cannon, arcanists. I need to get my good spell book back then, i'm like unbeatable with it.

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Sounds fun, BRICK A BRAC PLEASE! xD So when do you think the tournament will be?


I'll give a week for people to sign up after the game is decided, if enough people sign up i'll start the rounds the week after.

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Big thanks to Stevepole for the signature!^

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Guest Mrmegakirby

Aw, damnit. I just realized that if it was an arcanist tornament, I only have the beginning spells, owing to the fact that I just got my 9th prestige. *Facepalm*


@ Grom's signature: Thats an awesome song.

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I voted for Armies of Gielinor, although I don't know can I join the tournament (it depends on the time it shall occur). :^_^:

Master of Attack ~ August 29th, 2010

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Brick-a-brac for sure :D


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92,762nd to 99 Hitpoints ~ 26th June 2010

102,704th to 99 Attack ~ 29th June 2010

144,091st to 99 Strength ~ 29th June 2010


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i say arcanists tournament

I'm gonna be walking down an alley in varrock, and walka is going to walk up to me in a trench coat and say "psst.. hey man, wanna buy some sara brew"

walka92- retired with 99 in attack, strength, defence, health, magic, ranged, prayer and herblore and 137 combat. some day i may return to claim 138 combat, but alas, that time has not yet come

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Go Arcanists!


Tbh, Bric a Brac gets too random at times... do you know how many times I lost because my plasma ball doesn't want to appear? And when it does... I lose it because I'm going for a power-up...


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How exactly would Dungeon Assault work?

Get a list of people in the tournament.

Have each person buy an orb so their dungeon is reset.

State a time the tournament will be judged

After the reset have them buy another orb.

Give each person a week to get their rank up.

At the time the person on the list with the highest rank wins.

Number the list in order.

Check back two or three days later, if they're still at the same/higher rank their spot is nullified and the next person moves up.

Announce winners.


It could be done. There is a few day gap for if people buy their orb late.

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I voted for Kickabout League - probably my best game :thumbsup:


Yeah, Kickabout League ftw! It's also my best game, then probably Bric A Brac. Although I rarely play Bric A Brac :P

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I think if we do Kickabout, we should form teams..... :unsure: Because I suck at anything but defense :unsure: But I voted for Arcanists :grin:

Unfinished netherrack symbol of Khorne.


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