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19-Feb-2010 - RS Content Q&A Part 2

Jon Arcane

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These can all be found at QFC: 13-14-763-60415349


There's quite a lot to go through! I've posted a summary at the bottom!




Think it's best to hide them, it's HUGE!



1) How big can you make the world of RuneScape? E.g. add another continent the size of..., 2 to 3 times bigger than it is, unlimited?


2) Player-owned houses is a big disappointment in some respects, unlike Summoning which was updated many times after its immediate release. Why hasn't Construction and POHs been given more attention to fix or update the skill to be perfected? (Eliminating glitches, making it easier to move furniture if you want to move around rooms, other player suggestions.)



1) Right now, we could add another continent before we hit the limit, but if we reach the limit, we can just tell our Game Engine team to increase the limit. :)


2) It needs fixing, agreed. We have started updating Construction with the usability update last year, but admittedly we haven't done enough improvement to POH. This will be better this year.

Mod Fetzki



When will you stop making quests, because if you'll make 230+ of them, a player who just created a new account will see a quest point cape only in his dreams?



The ultimate goal is to have a quest for every other level. We like the idea of skilling for half of the time and questing for the other half. Of course, this involves having fifty quests for each skill, which, right now, is a very, very far away dream and would involve having a design team ten times bigger than I have now. :) To sum up, no, I don’t foresee a time where we will stop making quests.

Mod Mark




Is there ever going to be another major graphic update for RuneScape?

Pure Numse


Yes and no. We have had huge improvements like adding particle effects and bloom lighting to the engine, and improvements like this will always happen, but since we have so much content, we will update the graphics in smaller chunks and, therefore, you will see their effects in smaller steps. The updates might not appear as big, but they are as much work!

Mod Fetzki




Is Fairy Tale Part 3 going to be the next Grandmaster quest?

Erics Pixels


No, Fairy Tale Part 3 is going to be a Master quest.

Mod Fetzki




Some questions about the (future) history of Gielinor:

1) Do you already have the whole history/story of RuneScape written down?

2) Will we hear something about Zaros before the end of this year?

3) Will other gods (except for Saradomin and Zamorak) interfere with his possible comeback?

4) Will we hear more about the elder god(s) this year?

King Klir


The main areas of future history are documented, but not all of it, not by a long way. Basically, we have a series of very strong ideas about how we want to conclude specific plotlines, but most of them are still undecided. The Zaros plot is something we have strong ideas about, but I won’t reveal any of it here, sorry.

Mod Mark




In 2010, will we see more of a variety of quest storylines? Well, in 2009, obviously the main quest theme was Mahjarrat with four quests in eight months or something like that. To me, that storyline is continuing to progress at an extremely fast rate. My favourite quest series is the dwarf one. Is there still a plan to make it a five part series with the fifth one coming out as a Grandmaster?

Lord Ivan XX


We think that we had a good mix in 2009. Don't forget we had continuation of many quest lines like the dwarf storyline, the elf storyline and the Fremennik one, on top of the penguin one and the conclusion of the cave goblin quest series. And, yes, we are continuing the dwarf storyline this year and we still plan to have a final one after that.

Mod Fetzki




Since the start of last year, I've been waiting for a Farming update, something that would make Farming a more interesting skill after level 85. So my questions are:

1) Are you planning to make an update for the Farming skill this year?

2) If you do, is there any information that you could give us about this new update?

In connection to last year, I would like to congratulate you for what you have done. In my opinion, the updates were awesome: the new look of some weapons, the big Herblore update, the awesome new quests, etc. Keep it going. ;)



High-level Farming tends to be dominated by tree planting, which, I agree, is not particularly interesting, but it does make balancing a new Farming update quite tricky without devaluing the tree seeds, which is something we try to avoid with all heavily traded objects. However, you might have noticed that the majority of skill updates we are adding at the moment are weighted towards the higher levels of each skill, so if we did have a Farming update its likely to be for the 80+ farmers.

Mod Mark




1) Will there ever be a trade all/select all/drop all feature?

2) How do you feel about a quest redo button – letting people who love quests redo them – possibly with a reward for redoing them all?

Whata Pro


1) We think a drop all function would change the whole game so much that we should not implement one at this point.

2) We really want to do this, but we found this needs a considerable amount of time that could be better used to generate new quests, so we are a bit hesitant to commit to it. We have just too many ideas to put into the game first.

Mod Fetzki




1) Will we hear more of King Vallance soon? Where has he gone, and what are the real goals of the White Knights and Temple Knights?

2) When will we hear more of Armadyl? He's very mysterious and we haven't found out much information on him in a long time.

3) Will there be any new robes or staves out soon? It's been a while since Magic has had some powerful robes or weapons that were released on their own (not with other things such as the PvP armour or Barrows).

4) Is it possible or probable that this year there'll either be a new spellbook released or the ability to merge different spells from different books into one customised book?

JJ The Sage


Interestingly, we were discussing Vallance this week. We wanted to write one of Mod Nancy's court cases about him, but we decided the plotline was potentially awesome and so we would be better writing an entire quest about it. Also (and related to one of the above questions), we really don't have a clear plan right now where he is... :) You will see some more knight content this year, though not regarding King Vallance. I'm hoping our recent updates have given you some cool new mage stuff to play with, but we’re not working on any spellbook changes right now.

Mod Mark




About merchant clans and GE price manipulation: when will we see an update which will stop them all at once?

King Dancing


We don't want to stop merchant clans as long as they play by the rules, and this means they don't manipulate prices, they merely enjoy the gameplay factor of merchanting with all its risks and benefits and that is alright. What is annoying is the aggressive advertisement of some of these clans and we want to do something about that.

Mod Fetzki




Is there going to be a godly quest where you get to meet one of the gods? Thanks for your time.



There is already content in the game where you can meet a god, in fact there are moments where they are watching you quite carefully...

Mod Mark



1) Are there any new minigames intended for release this year? And, if so, is it PvP-related, like Stealing creation was?

2) The combat triangle: the only part of this that is still well known is that mage > melee. To be honest, it’s all gone wrong. Can we expect any updates to be focused on this?

3) What has happened to the Postbag from the Hedge and all the god letters? Will we ever see them again?



1) We do have new activities planned for this year, yes, but the majority of our minigames recently have been player vs player content, so we’re trying to diversify a little.

2) Yes, we do plan to work on updating combat this year after we have released our new skill.

3) Postbag from the Hedge is still going strong – it’s very important to me personally, and so I do actively push for these to be added as frequently as possible since Postie Pete is a personal friend of mine and he stares at me for long periods of the day. :) The god letters were replaced with the Postbag.

Mod Mark




I have 99 Woodcutting and I’m keen to max it out to 200 million XP. Is there any chance of speeding up how fast magic logs come? I’ve timed it and it takes longer than catching sharks, which seems a bit unfair that level 99 fishers have more advantage of making money faster than level 99 woodcutters. The rebalance you did was great with the sawmill and ivy, but could you increase the time on magic trees, please?



We dont think that each skill should be equally difficult or hard – far from it. We encourage different skills to be, well, different. :) If you want to make the money that a shark fisherman does, then perhaps you could fish some sharks? The Woodcutting will still be there when you’re finished. Besides, not so long ago a magic log was worth more than a shark. There’s no reason to think that won’t be the case again in the future. Regarding the rebalancing of Woodcutting: yes, we’re really happy with how that went and we may apply some of the same principals to other skills in the future.

Mod Mark




1) Will there ever be equipment with the requirement of level 99 in a skill to use?

2) What do you think about making elite equipment where you need level 99 in the non-combat skill to make it (it would be untradeable) and level 99 in the combat skill to use it?

Pro Cheese93


1) Yes!

2) Cool! We should do level 80 and 90 gear first, though, don't you think?

Mod Mark




I don't know if this is possible, but are you planning to make something where players could suggest their own quests or NPCs? (I'm a young game developer and I have some good ideas for RuneScape, and I'm planning to join this company in the future.) Maybe then you make the game more attractive, because then the game will have more things that players like these days.



You mean that you want to write quests from home and put them into RuneScape? This is a great idea, but sadly this is really incompatible with the way that we update RuneScape weekly. But who knows, perhaps we may one day find a solution for this and you can write your own quests one day. I’m looking forward to your application in the future. :)

Mod Fetzki




Would it be possible to have more benefits of having level 99 in a skill? Say, for combat-related skills, maybe a 5% increase in the skill, and for non-combat related skills, perhaps special items to wear or more things to be able to do when you’re level 99. Getting to level 92 is only halfway to 99, and with most skills there isn't really much content after 92 for the time spent needed to level. (Admittedly, levelling does generally become faster at higher levels.)

Will 1b


We do plan to add more high-level, 90+ content to the game, but I would also like to address the gaps in the 80s. The strykewyrm update is the kind of update that appeals to me at the moment regarding skill updates, taking three ‘gaps’ at different levels and filling them.

Mod Mark




I'm a big fan of Construction, so I want to know some things about it:

1) Are more house portals planned?

2) Are you focusing on adding new items to old rooms or making more types of rooms?

3) Is the current thing you are working on going to be for low levels (1-32), mid levels (33-66) or high levels (67-99)?



1) No, we don’t plan to add any more house portals, though we would possibly do so if we added some major new areas of the game.

2) New rooms are much more likely than additions to old rooms.

3) We’re working on some ideas regarding a range of Construction levels, but those ideas are very new and not in development yet.

Mod Mark




Do you think that it might be possible to release a new dragon weapon sometime in the remaining dwarf/Red Axe storyline, like, say, the dragon warhammer, since the dwarves do use warhammers and it would fit the theme?



Nice idea, although I feel new dragon equipment is more likely to come from a drop table than as a quest reward, so it depends on the type of creature dropping it rather than the quest it’s associated with. So, if we released some new dwarf NPCs to fight we might add this, but I am not sure that we need more level 60 equipment in the game.

Mod Mark




1) Some months ago, an animation pack was released that led to rants from many players. Anyway, my question is: are you going to release any other animation packs, or just weapon and armour graphical updates? If not, would that be because of rants and players disliking them? O_o

2) Will particle effects be used soon in other snowy areas, like Waterbirth Island, and for what are you planning to use them in the future?

3) This question is a very short one: are you going to finish any quest series this year?

4) Why is the Adventurer's Log only for members. If it could be for F2P also, it could work as a new highscore system. And is Adventurer's Log going to have other features?

Duke Risto


1) The reaction to the animation pack wasn't that negative; many players liked them a lot. We will continue to do them, but recently we have worked on the new skill and particles, therefore, we haven't had time for more animation packs.

2) I cannot wait to have particles in many areas of the game, but where we are using them is a surprise...

3) You will get a short answer too: Yes. 

4) The Adventurer's Log contains a lot more information than the highscores and, therefore, needs to manage a much higher data stream, so we needed to restrict the number of users. To choose members was the most obvious.

Mod Fetzki




I, and possibly others of the RuneScape community, would like to know if there shall be a new Magic-related quest like Desert Treasure or Lunar Diplomacy?

c d o d


The recent Rune Mechanics quest was quite magey, I thought. :) I just need to know how I can get me one of those cool hats the wizards in it are wearing!

Mod Mark




I am ever wondering if there will be white dragons, but, as mentioned in a previous Q&A, "they don't exist." What makes green dragons and red dragons existent, yet not white? Anyway, it would make a great addition to the game and white dragonhide armour would be great for level 80+ rangers.



To clarify what I meant, white is not a metal. We could release a white dragon, but not a metallic white dragon. Personally, I am looking forward to the legendary dragon dragon, although the Kin are likely to keep him hidden away for a long time. Dragon dragons are not to be confused with Double Dragon, an awesome game from my youth. :)

Mod Mark




Last year was the year of fixes; what will 2010 hold for us? Or would you rather not define a year and keep it as the Year of the Tiger? Rawr.



We want it simply to be the year of awesomeness. ;)

Mod Fetzki




The recent update to the Slayer skill was amazing. I really like the new dungeon addition to the waterfall. Slayer is a skill that I believe to be a favourite among the mature gamers. Do you plan on coming out with any more updates for the more veteran players? If so, any hints? :)



I like the Slayer updates a lot, too, and there is one more in development at the moment, which again is one of my favourite updates in the near future. So, yes, there will be something for you.

Mod Fetzki




1) In the previous Q&A, we were told a Grandmaster quest was planned that would require several stats in the 80s. You also said it may not be the next Grandmaster that will be released. So, will this be coming out in 2010 or not? Is this the next Grandmaster or not? Feel free to shed any more light on it, if at all possible. At least DO answer as much of this question as you can, please. You have my permission to partially answer it or leave parts out.

2) If a skill like Mining got an update last year, will it be excluded from more elite updates this year or will you further improve the skills you’ve already helped?

3) Do you read EVERY SINGLE QUESTION or do you start skipping some as you get down to, like, page 600 out of 2000? Lol.



1) The thing with Grandmaster quests is that it is quite an effort to get them right, and we want to give them enough time in order to do so, therefore, I cannot promise it for any time soon, but we are working on it. I hope very much that it will still be released in 2010.

2) We look at where the biggest gaps are in forms of training a skill and rewards for levelling first, and then we add content to these gaps. When we feel there are a lot of gaps in one skill, then we add a lot of content in a row, as we have recently done with Slayer.

3) Lol, that's why we split our answers into two batches! At some point, we actually needed to do the work that we promised you!

Mod Fetzki




When offer-x came out for offering bones on gilded altars, you stated that you would try giving us some customisable option to choose whether we wanted to manually offer bones or use the offer-x feature. What is the progress on this type of customisable option? (Players who are very conscious of their time cannot tolerate slower XP because of other people’s laziness.)



We are taking good care that we are not slowing players down when we introduce make-x functions, and we don't think we should put more options in the game than are necessary. We certainly didn't aim to slow players down with this update, so if it happened then it has been a mistake, but the rate of Prayer XP is certainly still very impressive.

Mod Fetzki




1) Will clue scrolls be updated this year, decreasing the rarity of Third Age and extra content?

2) Will quests get better rewards such as the latest quests? And will the old quests get reward updates?

3) Will there ever be a hold spell for the regular spellbook that does no damage or just a little damage like the old Teleport Block?

L Cervantes


1) Third Age content is only this valuable because it is this rare, so any changes to that would make the price crash and we want to avoid that, but we are indeed looking into what can be done to increase the popularity of clue scrolls.

2) I am glad you think that the rewards are better these days than what they have been. In the long run, we want to update all quest rewards, but we are doing this slowly so that we don't reduce the amount of updates that we can produce.

3) We certainly are talking about ideas like this, but that is all I am giving away at this point.

Mod Fetzki




Care to elaborate on whatever you personally are most excited about that is in development at the moment, and which has a high likelihood of being released by, let’s say, August 2010? (Also, no spoilers are needed to answer this.)



I look forward to one particular quest that Mod Ash is working on, but for all of 2010 it must be the skill that I am most keen on.

Mod Fetzki




How many employees do you have on the content team?



The RuneScape Content team – meaning the team that creates the content, the graphics and tests it all – has more than sixty people. We have realised that this is a good number of people. Any more people and too much communication gets lost, and too many contradicting mechanics and storylines would enter the game, so let's not go there. You can have a career and still play RuneScape; this is what most of us do.

Mod Fetzki




Will RuneScape ever get a movable GUI, and will it become possible to hide GUI components?



Moveable interfaces, yes? This is a hotly debated topic everywhere and perhaps we will do it, but we haven't decided anything yet.

Mod Fetzki




Hey mods, it's Reinz Hood. I would like to know if it’s possible to list the total amount of times you've died and won in a battle in your Adventurer’s Log. Also, just maybe, can you list the total amount of gold you've made while playing RuneScape?

Reinz Hood


As you are undoubtedly aware, the Adventurer’s Log system is a relatively new idea for us here at Jagex. Prior to its release it was never considered necessary to keep track of certain account statistics. As such, things like total wealth collected or total kills/deaths ever would only include data starting from a certain date and not give an accurate representation of the true totals. I judged this to be unfair to any of our longer-term players.

Another point you touch on is logging deaths. While designing the Adventurer’s Log system, one of the considerations was not displaying anything that would make players want to hide their event log from others. “I was killed by a chicken!” appearing in your log may be a little embarrassing and lead a player to hide all their events.

I hope this answers your question adequately.

Mod Dylan




Having recently read through the history of the gods in RuneScape and much of the general history as well, it has made me curious about a few things:

1) It's been hinted that Zaros is, so will Armadyl return as well? As a follower of him it would make my days bright, especially if he could get his staff back from all the idiots.

2) Are future quests going to unveil more of the origins of RuneScape, especially the Stone of Jas? I'm guessing so, but I would like confirmation and extrapolation. :)

3) Are more Armadyl items/spells, etc, going to be released? It'd be nice to show my allegiance with more than just expensive armour or a gravestone. :)



Armadyl’s staff is integral to Lucien’s plans, so whenever you see him next it’s likely to involve that object. The same applies to the Stone of Jas. We’re toying with the idea of adding more god equipment, so I will make sure we consider Armadyl in that too.

Mod Mark




Will you ever incorporate the mini map’s green dot used for locating friends into the world map?



From a purely technical standpoint, showing you roughly where your friends or clan mates are (who are playing on the same world as you, at least) on the world map is a fairly straightforward thing for us to do. However, it brings with it a couple of privacy questions regarding how much you are happy for other players to know about your whereabouts and what you are doing, I am sure some people would prefer for others not to know this. To satisfy everyone we’d probably need an option (much like your private chat setting) to control your world map visibility. We don’t currently have any plans to do this, though.

Mod Chris E




Are the final quests of the elf and Myreque series going to come out anytime this year?

Best wishes for the year and, as always, keep up the good work! ;)

Godly 20


Who says that there will be only one more Myreque quest? I think there should be more...

Mod Fetzki




1) About the Myreque quests. I know that you have plans for the next quest, but I've heard from some other Q&A thread a while ago that you don't plan to release it for a year or two. Could you shed a bit of light on this quest, such as if any new characters are involved, if we will find out more about what happened to the icyene, and if we shall be able to recruit Burgh de Rott citizens?

2) Will you possibly create a minigame involving us fixing up Burgh de Rott, or maybe just for restoring Hallowvale, that becomes accessible after finishing the final Myreque quest? This would involve you having a series of tasks each week/day for us. Like, one day you can help stock the general store and the reward is you can buy logs from it or something, or over a week you could work on building docks so that you have quick access to Burgh de Rott. :)



1) The next Myreque quest is in development right now, but I can't say when it will be released. It's very much a case of "when it's done." The story isn't set in stone yet, so I can't give any hints; suffice to say that it'll move the story forward, but it's not the final Myreque quest, so it will still leave some questions unanswered.

2) We don't have any plans for a minigame involving Burgh de Rott.

Mod John A




About a month ago I spent a good amount of GP getting to 90 Herblore. The reason I got it was for Slayer and Clan Wars. Well, when I went to Clan Wars to celebrate my 90 Herblore, I found out extreme potions cannot be used in the purple portal. My question: is there anything going to be done to allow extreme potions in the purple portal at Clan Wars?



To answer this again, this has now been activated after last week's Q&A, just not for dangerous fights in the purple portal. 

Mod Fetzki




1) I hear rumours about you working on regional highscores. Is this true and when could we expect to see them?

2) Will we see more high-level untradeable equipment?

3) Do you plan on adding defensive spells other than the ones with a holding effect?



1) My team doesn’t work on the highscores, sorry; I haven’t heard anything about this.

2) We do plan to add more untradeable high-level equipment, but only if it’s appropriate for the content it’s associated with.

3) What sort of defensive spells do you have in mind? I will keep an eye out on the Suggestions forum for your ideas. :)

Mod Mark




Would you ever implement double ores into Mining? This would make it much easier and not as repetitive.

x Aew x


Most players wouldn't like this change since it would mean the inventory is full faster and, therefore, you would make less XP per hour.

Mod Fetzki




WASD movements: will it ever be added to RuneScape?

2High 2PIay


Unfortunately, WASD key controls (which means that you use the W, A, S and D keys to control your character), did not work well in RuneScape when we researched it. The main reason was the path finding, which is done on the server. Due to the frequency of packets and the possibility of missing packets or lag, the player could suddenly move position.

Mod Nick




1) I'd like to customise the colours of my text messages. Can you create an option for this?

2) When I open the world map, I lose sight of chat and the game. It would be nice if this would open in split screen.



1) Changing the colour of private messages? Yes, we can do this and have developed it already.

2) I am sure there is a good reason why this isn't happening right now, but if there isn't then we'll change it.

Mod Fetzki




1) Will we see a continuation in the Temple Knight storyline?

2) Will there be a continuation of the Stone of Jas storyline or of the Lucian storyline?

3) I am sure that quests have been written that have not made it to the game. On what criteria do you judge whether or not a quest should be added to the game?

4) As a follow up to the previous question, can you tell us of any quests that didn't make it into the game?

Goldenaten V


1) Yes!

2) They are one and the same.

3) Generally speaking, we have a very clear aim for a quest before it’s developed, so it’s almost never happened. Certainly, if we identify that our aims for a project won't work, we do so very early in development.

4) We did originally plan for the Desert Treasure quest to be four separate quests, but they were quite annoying and short and weren’t engaging enough individually. We asked another developer to take all the graphics assets we had made for the original plan and then write a new idea that used them. He wrote Desert treasure, and it really looked nothing like the original plan.

Mod Mark




Several human NPCs have much more detailed models than the current player model, such as the druids in Taverley. Even the Lumbridge Sage has a flowing beard, visible mouth, AND EVEN EYEBROWS! Will we be seeing an update to the actual player model sometime to possibly have a visible mouth, detailed hands, etc?



This is something we often talk about doing, but does obviously depend on updates from our tech guys and finding the time to do it. It would be quite a mammoth task to update all our various player models. I can tell you now that there are currently 5,833 different heads, torsos, legs and weapons meshes that make up all of our human kit, comprising different models for males and females.

This would be a huge undertaking, but is definitely a possibility if we get lots of feedback from the community that it is something that there would be appreciation for. Updating the player models is always something that we consider carefully, because each player obviously develops a connection with their in-game avatar. If we were going to update this, it would not be possible to go back to the old version, so we have to get it right first time.

Mod Joe




1) It is known now that the next instalment in the Mahjarrat quest series will be Grandmaster level. Given the events that have happened in leading up to this Grandmaster quest, I have to ask... Will this next quest of Grandmaster level be the final quest in the series or will you take it into more Grandmaster quests?

2) It has been the subject of much debate over the years about the player's avatar/character itself. The main point being that our character seems to have no recollection of anything before randomly waking up in Lumbridge as an adult. Is it significant that our character doesn't seem to have knowledge of anything before their life on Gielinor?

3) Some of my most interesting quests are the history ones, especially Meeting History. Will we see more quests taking us back in time to ages of old? I'm sure a nice trek to the war-ridden Third Age would be interesting...



1) No comment. Sorry!

2) If I could start each account as a baby and have them ‘grow up’, I would. Sadly, that’s really not very much fun and babies have a pretty low max hit, I reckon. I'm not sure there is space for a Crying skill either ("Congratulations, you reached level 21 in Crying. You can now wake up the neighbours").

Joking aside, we like our players to be able to define their own background. I don’t think it’s fair for us to dictate what you were/where you came from. If you feel you need a backstory for your avatar, write one! For example, "My main was born in Falador and was kidnapped by goblins at a young age, hence his hatred for goblins and bears. He was sold to Al Kharidian traders and taken to the desert mining camp where he escaped by disguising himself as a cactus." (Great question, by the way; come chat on my Clan Chat – this is the sort of stuff I love to discuss).

3) Time travel is pretty fun and, yes, I would like to add some more.

Mod Mark


1) Any plans with the weird machine in the Pollnivneach smoke dungeon?

2) Any plans for updating Castle Wars?

3) Could you make a tutorial for Trouble Brewing, because I can't figure out how it works.

4) Can we expect some new content in which we'll need our Ivandis Flail? :)

5) With the new armour coming, will we see more choice in armour. For example, all the high-level (combat) players are wearing dragon boots. In the future, will we see different boots everywhere?



1) Yes!

2) Yes!

3) I love Trouble Brewing, but we know we need to rework a fair amount of it. Some of the gameplay is just broken now. I’d like to fix it up before teaching people how to play it. There is an excellent KB article on it, though – try reading that.

4) Yes!

Mod Mark




1) Will staking/duelling for items/cash be allowed again, if both parts stake the same amount of wealth?

2) Will there be any higher level Slayer creatures (85-99)?



1) Not without restrictions. Please read our articles (development diary on RWT) on why we changed the original model to understand why, if you haven’t already.

2) Strykewyrms! And more in the future. :)

Mod Mark




1) Will there be any new fairy ring locations added this year? I did put up a thread about this (and the auto dial fairy ring system – quick find code: 78-79-547-58762243) back in April last year, but didn't receive a reply about it.

2) Are there any plans to create the elf city of Prifddinas? It’s been taunting us on the map for years, ever since Tirannwn was added to the game, like a saucy elf temptress with her tempting ways! Curse you temptress! *shakes fist at the sky*

3) Will you be adding any new emotes to the game or any new QuickChat phrases, like one's for people who have been muted or some more amusing phrases?

Yt Da White


1) Yes. Sorry we didn’t reply to your thread; we would love to be able to reply to every thread, but then we wouldn’t have time to make any content!

2) Yes, we will unlock the elf city. My boss goes on about it all the time. I think he likes elves. Curse you boss! *shakes fist at the sky*

Mod Mark




1) Will there be an option for people to have the choice of wielding weapons in the left hand rather than just the right?

2) Will there be updated looks to Bandos, Armadyl and Barrows armour?

Brudah Iz


1) No, we won’t be doing that.

2) Updating existing equipment is not only very tricky, but very controversial. Many people prefer the old look and we really can't offer old and new looks at the same time. So, generally, we only update something that really, really needs it.

Mod Mark




1) If you go looking through the quests on the Suggestions forum, what sort of things do you look for in a quest?

2) What makes dragon breath so dangerous? I wrote a long-winded theory about it for the Postbag from the Hedge, which made some sense in an odd way, but I don’t think it went through.

Okikurmi I


1) To be honest, I rarely look for entire quest ideas. My developers have lots and lots of ideas of their own, but I know that over 50% of them regularly go to the Suggestions forums to read players’ ideas. When I go to the Suggestions forum it’s more for skill update ideas or ideas relating to existing storylines.

2) Dragon breath is dangerous due to the combination of the force at which it is propelled from the dragon’s lungs and the sticky viscous nature of the fluid. Much like napalm, it burns for a long time and is extremely difficult to remove. The fluid also has the ability to carry other effects like poison and magical attributes.

Mod Mark




Any plans to release any more RuneScape duelling cards? Also, when listing the top ten monsters in a previous Postbag from the Hedge, you missed out the Soul Wars avatars, even though they had been released before that Postbag was sent out. Was this a mistake or intentional?

Okikurmi I


The artwork for those duelling cards took a long time to be created, so we had to plan them while Soul Wars was still in a briefing stage. It is also common for a project to become delayed in graphics, development or QA stages, so there was a chance that Soul Wars would come out after the cards. We thought we’d play safe, giving you the avatar-less top 10.

As for creating more duel cards, we would certainly have loved to create more, and that was definitely our intention! We even had plans to release a deck of 40-or-so to the Jagex Store. Unfortunately, the duel cards took so long to create and the appreciation from the community was too low to make it worthwhile. This was understandable: the ‘trumps’-style game is still very popular in Europe and was enjoyed by many of us as we grew up, but those who had never played trumps before found them too simplistic and childish. Still, they are an interesting new way to show off some great artwork, and they live on in the wallpapers, which are more widely appreciated.

Mod Srowley and Mod Osborne




Hi there, and thanks for giving us this important forum again! The recent Slayer updates are great and I, as many players are, am very thankful for it. My question is this: will you release an item for Slayer that can boost range/mage in the same context as the black mask/Slayer helm does? It would be mighty decent of you.



Done! Hope you enjoy them. :)

Mod Mark




I’ll give it one last try...

From the moment we knew we'd get PvP worlds, lots of discussions were going on. People were enthusiastically talking about where they'd wage wars, about clans owning cities, fighting on distant places like Isafdar and Meiyerditch, using the terrain to your advantage, etc.

Now you don't see people doing all those things. Walk a little way out of the biggest cities and you'll find not a single soul. (Do RuneScape characters even have a soul? O_o) I find this quite sad, as I was really looking forward to those things.

The reason is quite obvious: people don't want to lose anything, and PvP worlds are to serious due to the risks involved. So what do they do instead? Well, they ‘one-item’ on +1 worlds to still be able to enjoy a bit of PvP.

The solution: PvP worlds without risk, no items dropped on death and, to avoid abuse, half XP and no (rare) monster drops. And log in and out at respawn to avoid people using it to travel through dangerous places. This is different from Castle Wars and Clan Wars (only two clans can war without interruption) for those reasons, but also because you would be able to fight EVERYWHERE on those worlds.

I'm not the first to suggest this; I've read and supported many threads regarding this subject. Have you ever thought of it? Will we ever see such PvP worlds?

Wiz Jonas


I do hope that one day we will have safe PvP Worlds, if only to give PvPers an environment in which to practise. It’s not a high priority right now. For now, there’s safe Clan Wars. :)

Mod Mark




The Construction skill has been lacking a large update since its release. For instance, only recently did we finally get a new room to keep up with Summoning. My question is: will there be a massive Construction update to keep the skill up-to-date with other recent updates to the game?

Thank you for your time!

Black Firexp


We are looking at a Construction skill addition at the moment, but it’s not massive.

Mod Mark




Has any thought been given to implementing 'combined skills'? For example, a new skill that requires one or more other skills in order to advance in it. I always thought it would be cool to have a specialised character skill (e.g. ninja, paladin, ranger) that would require specific levels in other skills in order to progress. For sake of argument, say Thieving and Agility to be a ninja. Is this something that is under consideration currently or possibly in the future?



It’s not something I have considered, although there are several things in-game that do feature this mechanic, like quests, Slayer equipment (I need combat skills to wield equipment I have to use to complete Slayer assignments), minigames, etc. It’s an interesting idea; I'll give it some thought.

Mod Mark




Do you mind receiving semi-subtle suggestions in the Q&A? Do these provide inspiration or are they frustrating? Most of my question hinge on the question above, but here goes:

1) Chess in the games room? :D

2) More maps for Castle Wars? (a separate lobby to enter the other maps; the main lobby should stay as it is, I think.) Viewing orbs for Castle Wars?

3) Have you considered a Smithing rework? As it is, the highest armour you can smith requires less than half the Defence level to wear, and only a fraction of the experience.

4) In your opinion, if players with 99 Magic could unlock the ability to cast (individual) spells without runes, for no experience, with slightly reduced accuracy and a possible chance of backfire (yes, that’s a lot of qualifying factors, I know ;)), would this be overpowered? Would content like this be feasible?

5) What are your favourite brands, types and flavours of coffee? What combination of sugar syrup and cream (or none at all O_o)?



1) Possibly, but it’s very difficult with the RuneScape engine. I actually saw it as one of the benefits of the cross-game chat we have running with our sister site, FunOrb. You can play chess on there and still chat to your friends in RuneScape. :)

2) Yes, there are plans to update Castle Wars, but I can’t tell you what they will be.

3) Yes!

4) That does sound overpowered to me, yes, but would be technically possible to implement.

5) We often drink coffee in the office (of all types). In fact, Mod Fetzki tried to sabotage my Tears of Guthix collecting the other day by waving the coffee in front of my screen! He’s just jealous of my levels, I reckon.

Mod Mark




Is there ever going to be an update for the bank telling you how much money you have overall, like for items and cash?

Agile Racer


We could add a feature like this, but it would be really very expensive in terms of server processing. With lots of people constantly using such a feature might cause some problems. For now, no, it’s not something we want to add (apologies for my lack of technical knowledge here).

Mod Mark




I have one question (it's at the end of this post).

Most skills have to do with another skill or skills. Examples of this are:

-Attack/Strength/Defence train Hitpoints

-Smithing trains Mining

-Firemaking trains Woodcutting

-Slayer trains combat skills

-Magic trains Runecrafting

-Prayer trains combat skills (for the bones of the monsters)

-Fletching/Crafting can train each other (bow strings)

-Agility trains questing (for the new training areas)

-Cooking trains Fishing

-Ranged trains Fletching

-Herblore trains combat (for the herb drops of various NPCs)

-Construction CAN train woodcutting (for the planks, which are made out of logs)

-Thieving basically trains Hitpoints (as you need enough Hitpoints to survive long enough while stealing)

-Hunter trains questing (questing for the new areas to hunt) AND is useful for Summoning (for the pets you can catch)

BUT what does Farming train? This is my question. Will there be an improvement to the Farming skill so it's also useful for any other skill(s)?



Farming can help you train your Herblore, Summoning, Woodcutting and even your Slayer if you plant a jade vine.

Mod Mark




As a huge fan of Jagex's quests, I have a few questions that I would like to know the answers to. I think many other questers would like to know answers to these too.

In last year’s penguin quest, Hunt for Red Raktuber, the dwarves end up taking sides with the penguins. Is it possible that the dwarf quest series and penguin quest series are going to become one in the future?



We often allow storylines to overlap, for example, the goblins and the dwarves work together in some of our quests. Sometimes it makes sense to combine storylines, but not in this case. Penguins and dwarves will keep their own storylines for now. :)

Mod Mark




There is a gap in between the Armadyl and Saradomin areas of the God Wars Dungeon, and there is also a frozen door there. Is there going to be a new God Wars dungeon anytime soon? I have heard it may be Zaros... I have also heard that bubbles can be seen in this place when in the Saradomin God Wars boss room. Does this mean, if there is a new God Wars, that it will be underwater?

iKavin x


I would like to add more to the God Wars Dungeon. What you are referring to are graphics that we created for when the God Wars Dungeon was first launched, but which we didn’t use. We originally planned to have an underwater dungeon on the way to the Zamorak area, but it was changed to just a short swim across a pond due to time constraints and the fact that it wasn’t really needed.

Mod Mark




1) Did you guys foresee the massive inflation of the market since the introduction of statues to PvP?

2) I know you already enacted measures to prevent 76king, but is there anything else you might do to either remove the statues (which are lowering the value of the GP) or change them in any way?

Qt melanie


1) We had the choice between two evils back then: either we kept dropping items like the abyssal whip, in the process making Slayer level 85 not a good goal anymore and basically nerfing a whole skill, or run the risk of price rises. After the price crashes of 2008 (which made items like fish, potions and weapons far too cheap, so that no skiller made anything or any drop was worth the effort to take it to the Grand Exchange), it was clear to everyone that we needed to go for the latter strategy. We now have a situation where we can slowly reduce the amount of GP entering the game.

2) Yes, but there is nothing that I want to disclose at this point.

Mod Fetzki




Will you please tell all these players that DROPS are RANDOM and that there is no RESET! PLEASE! I’m tired of hearing players state that a sapphire resets drops! Holla if ya hear me!



You are absolutely right! There is a chance that you could get the dragon chainbody twice in a row! The chances are it will never happen this lifetime, though, but it’s possible. ;)

Mod Fetzki




1) Since RuneScape Classic has no apparent updates in the foreseeable future, can you sync the levels between Classic and RS2 for individual accounts that tried Classic when it was re-released? Otherwise, it makes Classic quite boring and somewhat frustrating to have to train all those levels and redo those quests.



This would undermine the efforts of all RuneScape Classic players. If someone has 99 Prayer in Classic, then you know they buried a lot of bones since there are no house altars or an Ectofuntus. We want to keep it this way.

Mod Fetzki




1) I've read a few bits and pieces about a second God Wars Dungeon – any truth in that?

2) AFK training was and is a big issue – anything going to be done about it?

Hypno Shade


1) This is purely rumour. We are not planning this at the moment, but thanks for the idea. We are adding it to the list of things that would be sooo cool. It's quite a long list. ;)

2) Several months ago, we launched the change that you get logged out after a reasonable time, so AFK-ing in the sense "away from keyboard" is not possible any more.

Mod Fetzki




We all know Kree'arra, the Armadyl God Wars Dungeon boss, can melee you. Why can’t we melee him back? Are his attacks lightning fast, or what? I have looked around and still found no answers.



Kree’arra is a giant bird creature that attacks from the air – although he can sweep down and attack you, he can retreat back to the air faster than you can retaliate, and currently there are no melee weapons long enough to strike him while he is airborne.

Mod Fetzki




Will you ever do something about merchant clans? It’s getting very boring to play when you can't get any items you need. Sometimes I want to do some monster hunting, but I can’t get anything like armour or supplies, so I go play other games instead. Please answer this question.

2High 2PIay


Don't blame merchant clans for this; it is rather the opposite. It is down to the merchant clans that most items are in supply at all times, because they spend the time to figure out what is most in demand and supply it, so you only have to wait a few seconds to get the item you want. If something takes longer to get from the Grand Exchange, then it is possible that it is a rather scarce item that you might be better off earning yourself.

Mod Fetzki




When someone dies, what happens to their items? Like, if someone died wearing full Third Age and lost all the items, would that increase the chance of someone else getting Third Age from a clue scroll reward, or do the items just disappear from the game?

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions. Any reply would be appreciated!



Since hundreds of thousands of items are generated each day via drops or skills, there needs to be a mechanism that guarantees that items are leaving the game again, so, yes, the items are leaving the game. It doesn't affect any other player's chances of drops.

Mod Fetzki




I've been wondering if you will improve your NPCs so that they will not disappear when someone is standing on them. An example would be how frustrating it was finding Scourge in the Christmas event, since so many people were on top of him. It is especially frustrating when it is a big update since there are hundreds of players scattered around.


It would be REALLY weird if we did this. Just imagine to run around a PvP world and not seeing anyone before you realise that they were just hiding under a monster! But you are right, it was a bit annoying during the event and we will try to avoid that players are overshadowing NPCs.

Mod Fetzki



Hey. I've been PKing on many different accounts since 2004 (this isn't a rant, I just have a question).

Dragon claws can cause 80+ damage in one special attack; two specials up to 160+ (that's 160 damage in, like, 2-3 seconds). The maximum amount I can heal in that time is 24, and even with 96 Hitpoints, claws CONSTANTLY beat me. How is that NOT overpowered?

I’m sure you will either a) walk around the question without answering it, or B) just won't answer it.

lm Exiled

Walking around questions without answering it is the new skill – you got us. ;) But seriously, I think the fact that we are even doing this Q&A shows you that we will not shy away from difficult questions.

Dragon claws are very powerful, yes, and although it is more than unlikely to hit two hits as big as this in a row, I have to admit that it is easier to attack in RuneScape than to defend. Probably, we are just as guilty of liking big numbers as players and have gotten carried away with focusing on attack too much and not enough on defence, but we are in the process of rectifying this.

So I don't think that only the dragon claws, but that many weapons are overpowered in RuneScape. But would I want to decrease their effectiveness? No way, I like my max hit! We are coming up with better solutions.

Mod Fetzki



Are Jagex working on/thinking of an update to rebalance the problem of F2P Magic being totally ineffective in PvP Worlds? (New robes/spells are needed.) Please note this only applies to F2P.

Wisdom Wins

Yes, we are doing many small changes to the combat triangle and some of them also affect F2P.

Mod Fetzki



The downloadable world map on the Downloads & Wallpapers page was last updated on the 21st of April 2009. It is now well over eight months old. Considering that the in-game world map cannot be displayed side-by-side with the game window, cannot be studied while offline and cannot be examined while under attack, the in-game map is hardly a replacement for this valuable feature which has saved me from many a PKer in the past by allowing me to plan my escape route on the fly.

Are there any plans to update this in the near future?


We are sorry we haven't been able to update the world map for so long. We have encountered an issue that prevents us from updating the world map right now, but we are working on a fix so that we can get it updated again.

Mod Fetzki



I used to have the map in a separate window for easy reference and would like to be able to do this again. Is there any chance of this happening? It would probably be best to make it a choice thing. The biggest problem I have with this is the time it takes to load and that the exit button is right on top of the logout button.

Could we also have more ‘getting around’ overlaps such as at Mobilising Armies, where both the ring of duelling and spirit trees can take you. I have long wished for something like this. The teleports are very nice and I could not do without them, but sometimes getting from one to the other is a pain, especially when you are where one set of teleports goes and want to go where another set is.


The world map and the game compete for graphical and memory resources – that's why we open the world map on top of the game. You can download the world map from the main page and open it in a different window, though this is a little out of date (see answer above). Also, you will have noticed that the world map loads faster once it has been opened before in any session.

Mod Fetzki



Last year, you attempted to smooth the Runecrafting skill by offering rewards such as double nature runes ten levels lower. You did this for every level up to level 91, but left 91-99 exactly the same. In other words: flat.

This annoyed many high-level runecrafters, because all they got in the end was a lower priced end product due to the increase in supply of nature runes.

Why were level 91+ runecrafters left short-changed from this update and do you intend to lower the requirements for other existing content, because these sorts of changes annoy a lot of your long-term players who have spent the time/effort, while other, newer players get an easier ride?


We did not offer double runes to lower levels – this is simply untrue. What we did is to add a (admittedly small) reward to levels between 44 and 91 when it concerned nature runes, because we felt that the difference was way too big. All we did was to add a small *chance* to get two natures per essence, but luck is reliable. There won't be anyone below level 91 Runecrafting who will walk away with 56 nature runes from 28 essences.

That said, high-level runecrafters now get a chance of received additional death, blood and law runes along the same lines that lower levels got the chance for an increased number of natures, making this now an update for everyone.

Mod Fetzki



Is there any hidden content (ghostly robes, shadow sword and goblin priest mini quest, for example), which has not yet been found?


No, the players are too good and find everything near immediately. ;)

Mod Fetzki



Will the old Summoning emote ever return? It would be nice if it came back; it looked much better than the current one. Also, when will the steel titan's "Attack->(Random player)" option be fixed? The steel titan melees instead of ranging the player, and won't use the scroll. This only happens on players and not NPCs. It seems the iron titan is more obedient than the steel titan.


The emote caused a lot of issues for players that stood around and suddenly got lag because of it. It basically needed way too much data for what we normally allow in the game, but we are working on a better version of the Summoning skillcape emote now.

On the steel titan question: we just had a look at the scripts to see whether there is any bug and there isn't – it affects NPCs and players in the same way, so it must have to do with the way that you position yourself to the target.

Mod Fetzki


In the last Q&A, we were promised an article in the Knowledge Base detailing the workings of the ring of wealth...

King Muumuu

(Since this question was asked this article has been published.) The ring of wealth always generates a lot of discussion. We have not revealed it for so long; now we are already discussing whether we should change its effect.

Mod Fetzki



1) When you released the new "1000 total level" worlds, I'm sure many people were pleased; however, you would think the purpose of these worlds was to get skilled players a world without noobs. Well, I think at least 90% of all the people on the F2P world are ex-members (all the skilled "non-ex-members" are on many different worlds, but there are always large quantities on world 61). The member worlds are almost the opposite of the F2P ones. It is not hard to achieve a total level of 1000 if you are a member. Would you please change the limits of the "1000 total level" worlds?

2) Almost all magic actually used is offensive. This may sound good, but a (partly, if you like) defensive spellbook would have been just as effective and it makes the combat skills Prayer and Summoning more effective. You can release this spellbook to the game at the same time you open Prifddinas for humans to visit (making the spellbook called something like Seren’s magic). Would you please give RuneScape more defensive magic?


1) After all the feedback we’ve received, we are changing them to 1500+ worlds.

2) We do indeed want to strengthen the possibilities to defend. I quite like your idea, but it is not quite as easy to implement as you make it sound because it could easily be used by rangers and melee fighters as well, and then they would be even better protected against Magic than they are now!

Mod Fetzki



2009 was a decent year – not amazing, but a decent year. One thing that particularly got my attention was player responses towards updates. Naturally, the forum population cannot speak for the majority (try polls?), but the forums usually do give a good idea of how well an update was received. Now, on to the question...

I know all of you pay attention to the forum response especially. My question is: are we going to see the results of that attentiveness in 2010? I didn't see it all that much. We had high-level updates that got great responses. We had medium-level updates that got great responses. We had some of the best quests to date last year with good responses. Yet, amidst all that, there seems to be even more ‘fluke’ updates. Are we going to see more of the updates that get good responses, or is 2010 going to lack proof of Jagex's attentiveness to player response?

Go Have Fun

So you're saying you think some of our updates are better than ever before, but not all? I think that, since September last year, we have had really strong releases that show we have invested heavily into RuneScape in 2009 and have reached a new standard that we are keen to keep up.

Mod Fetzki



Will anything be done to fix the problem of players suddenly losing EP?

Players are suddenly losing EP when another player kills their previous opponent. Players shouldn't lose EP for fights they weren't associated with at the time. It is completely fair that they don't lose EP, and the loot should fairly go to the player who fought at that time. Every 60 seconds, the damage a player has taken from another specific player should be reset. That could be the solution to this problem. What do you think?


Right now, the system checks that you are nearby when it drops loot, so when you see EP reducing then there will be some loot in the area of your minimap. We are looking at this mechanism right now, though, and might come up with a solution close to the one you proposed, but we don't want it to be time-based because a long fight with a lot of food could easily take longer than a minute.

Mod Fetzki



1) Is there any way that you can update the Prayer skill? It's the hardest and most tedious skill on RuneScape, but it's very useful, so is there any way that you guys could make it easier or more interesting to train, or at least do something to reduce the price of bones?

IcySoul JB

I disagree: Prayer is fast compared to its benefits – the Protect From... prayers are amazing, so are the prayers like Piety and the new curses, so some hours at your of your friend's POH altar should be enough. And killing dragons for bones is easy enough, isn't it?

Mod Fetzki



Why do we get less and less rewarded the more people we kill in PvP? EP drops after every kill – shouldn't it be the other way around?


When you kill a lot of people without dying you don't lose anything, which makes PKing much more profitable, therefore, we think this is fair.

Mod Fetzki



1. There are loads of extra items that are obtained through quests which give you access to other areas or teleports such as the fairy rings. Have you considered that rather than giving us an item we have to then store (taking up bank space) and get out (taking up inventory space) to use, you could not just create a screen similar to the emote screen, from which you could use the fairy rings without having to wield a staff (for example)? This could be applied to other items/unlocks and would also serve as a guide to all players to what has and hasn’t been unlocked by them. It would also help players like myself who have been playing for years, but who keep forgetting how to do things.


Boy, you are going to like Fairy Tale 3. ;)

Mod Fetzki



How long does it take to test a patch of content?


This depends mainly on how many variations there are that need to be tested. For example, we are currently changing the login interface, which is a screen that everyone will see and is among the most important to get right, but the QA is really fast because there are only a few buttons that you can press and, therefore, a limited number of things that can go wrong. If there is a change that makes the rendering order of graphical assets to change behaviour, then the QA takes weeks because *everything* in the game could potentially get broken.

Mod Fetzki



How hard is it to implement a small update? When I say small, I mean small to you, not the players, because I know when it comes to programming some of the smallest things can be pretty big.


It is like anywhere – the big things can be done really fast, in particular, when it comes to game-changing ones like what you keep on death, how much XP you get for activities, etc. Annoyingly, the big work lies in the details, like making sure the animations look good, that dialogue is not boring and brings out the character, that an activity is worth exactly the right XP, and that interfaces are intuitive to use – those are the big tasks. So the answer must be: it can be as short as one day, but normal projects last at least six weeks for the coder, about four weeks for the modellers and animators, and about one week for the QA (depending how many bugs we find).

Mod Fetzki



In the future, a new problem will arise: quests giving multiple 100ks of XP. Right now, I could do While Guthix Sleeps and Blood Runs Deep and get 950k FREE Prayer XP, and that's only from two quests (which aren't even THAT hard). I can imagine that, by the end of 2010, there will be several new quests with high XP rewards, effectively adding up to millions of free XP for expensive skills. Imagine 2015!

Have you considered this outcome or does it not matter?

X Glauron X

Since we not only add hundreds of thousands of XP as rewards, but also new skills, I don't see this as a massive problem.

Mod Fetzki




And there we go! Quite a few things are in production and it's a pretty interesting read, even though it takes ages to get through :o


Looks like this really should be the year of awesomeness!


And apologies if this has been posted, but I've tried to see if it was and couldn't find it!









- There's space for another continent, and more space can be added in the future.

- More Elite level and improvements to various skills, primarily smithing and construction it would seem.

- Possible hint that we'll be able to use 'fairy magic' for teleporting around without an item from Fairy Tale Part III

- 1500+ worlds to replace the 1000+ worlds

- New Summoning emote eventually, I wonder if this could be a slight hint at a retweak of all the skill emotes, perhaps even the capes?

- There is currently no hidden content, us players are great at finding it quickly!

- Combat changes will have an effect on F2P

- Merchant Clans are ok, but the constant advertising of them is not.

- There are currently no melee weapons that hit Kree...I like the way that's worded.

- More equipment that is God related (Zaros Rune Armour maybe? - I can dream!)

- The underwater room at the GWD was going to be a dungeon you navigated to get to the Zammy area but they realised it was pointless.

- Castle Wars will be updated.

- Trouble Brewing will be updated.

- 'May' look into joint skills.

- New Slayer updates - more monsters and perhaps items...eventually.

- King Vallance Quest? - albeit not this year.

- Content involving the Knights. - known through the C.E though, but sort of reinforced again here.

- Combat updates after the New Skill - makes you wonder just how much this skill is going to affect things.

- A quest series will be finished this year.

- More minigames - but more focused on skills rather than PvP

- No level 60 armour/weapons planned anytime soon, including Dragon

- Barrows armour and other types won't be getting graphical updates due to possible negative community feedback.

- New Hold Spells?

- New Clue Rewards/Concepts - may be changes to puzzles and stuff.


Think that's everything. :lol:

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We hopefully won't have to wield lunar/dramen staff for fairy magic after FTP3, although it seemed he hinted at more aswell.

Definitely excited over that, no more running to a fairy ring and realising i've forgot my staff. Glad i didn't vote for a recolouring of lunar staff now :P


Even more high slayer level monsters, (85-99), I think Jagex sure loves slayer. It's a good job i do to.


Ring_world, that is from part 1 content team Q&A lol.

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We hopefully won't have to wield lunar/dramen staff for fairy magic after FTP3, although it seemed he hinted at more aswell.

Definitely excited over that, no more running to a fairy ring and realising i've forgot my staff. Glad i didn't vote for a recolouring of lunar staff now :P


Even more high slayer level monsters, (85-99), I think Jagex sure loves slayer. It's a good job i do to.


Ring_world, that is from part 1 content team Q&A lol.

a fairy ring in my POH is all I'm hoping for, anything even better than that is a bonus :P

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Updates to construction? YEESSSSSS.


Only a small one by the sounds of it, probably no bigger than the menagerie update.


That reminds me, i really should build one of those to free up some bank space.

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I knew the majority of that already, alot of quest lines will be finished this years, and new seeds sown over next few years, which will be fun to see ;) I also knew about revamp to minigames although I'm not sure where I read that *Cough I do really* I can't wait for 80 or 90 armours though hopefully as a result of uber cool hard hitting and cool looking beasts!

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- Barrows armour and other types won't be getting graphical updates due to possible negative community feedback.

Please tell me this is a joke?

Not doing something because some people may dislike it? Why not stop updating RuneScape all together then?

Click here to check out my Youtube channel!

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To clarify what I meant, white is not a metal. We could release a white dragon, but not a metallic white dragon. Personally, I am looking forward to the legendary dragon dragon, although the Kin are likely to keep him hidden away for a long time. Dragon dragons are not to be confused with Double Dragon, an awesome game from my youth.




Love the Double Dragon reference. <3:

Could be a good year.

Exclusive Legacy Mode Player



He just successfully trolled you with "courtesy" and managed to get a reaction out of you. Lol

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Thanks for the summary, you saved me about an hour of reading. I still read some of it though, stopped about halfway thru.


Personally, I am looking forward to the legendary dragon dragon, although the Kin are likely to keep him hidden away for a long time.


No wai!!


We don't want to stop merchant clans as long as they play by the rules, and this means they don't manipulate prices


Don't the majority of merch ccs manipulate prices? What's the point of merching in a cc with a group of people if you aren't trying to create artificial demand, and therefore manipulating the price?

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- 1500+ worlds to replace the 1000+ worlds

That... is just freaking unfair...


Sure, it helps P2P, but for F2Pers, this means you have to have very, very high levels, INCLUDING the new skill.


Damn, I was looking forward to making the skill world my homeworld...




Trimmed | Master Quester | Final Boss

Boss pets: Bombi | Shrimpy | Ellie | Tz-Rek Jad | Karil the Bobbled | Mega Ducklings

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- 1500+ worlds to replace the 1000+ worlds

That... is just freaking unfair...


Sure, it helps P2P, but for F2Pers, this means you have to have very, very high levels, INCLUDING the new skill.


Damn, I was looking forward to making the skill world my homeworld...


And that's all that needs to be said. They pay.

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Am I the only one that is EXTREMELY disappointed with their reasoning for not having WASD in the game? Pathfinding was awkward? Remove the freaking pathfinding system then, let all the movement be controlled by the player, and have a minimum distance between the player and an NPC/monster/object to act on it (making the automatic route-finding system obsolete). Every MMO does this. WASD is necessary for a deep immersive MMO. I guess Jagex doesn't want Runescape to significantly evolve any further.


Hopefully Stellar Dawn will be a more mature MMO with WASD and real-time combat. I guess they want Runescape to remain a kids game.


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When can we expect the new skill? What is it? Any hints? Can you confirm it has nothing to do with boats? Can you confirm it doesn't begin with a B? Necromancy? Archaeology? Can you say anything about those two things? Can you say whether it will be expensive, fast or slow XP, or anything of the sort?




I cannot say it has nothing to do with boats because a ship is featuring in it quite prominently, but I can repeat that it is not Sailing or anything like that. The skill doesn't start with a B. It won't be expensive.





So basically its sailing with another name <_<



more likely you need to take a boat to the new area for the skill, they DID say the new skill will take f2p beyond the current map.


Questcape first achieved: Sept 20, 2009
99 agility march 11th 2010

99 Magic - some point in 2012

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Future is looking great! :)

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Are the final quests of the elf and Myreque series going to come out anytime this year?

Best wishes for the year and, as always, keep up the good work! ;)

Godly 20


Who says that there will be only one more Myreque quest? I think there should be more...

Mod Fetzki


Two Myreque quests this year will be freaking awesome.

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Are the final quests of the elf and Myreque series going to come out anytime this year?

Best wishes for the year and, as always, keep up the good work! ;)

Godly 20


Who says that there will be only one more Myreque quest? I think there should be more...

Mod Fetzki


Two Myreque quests this year will be freaking awesome.


Actually, he said he thinks there should be more then 1 more myreque quest before the final.

He didnt actually say any would come out this year. :P

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Are the final quests of the elf and Myreque series going to come out anytime this year?

Best wishes for the year and, as always, keep up the good work! ;)

Godly 20


Who says that there will be only one more Myreque quest? I think there should be more...

Mod Fetzki


Two Myreque quests this year will be freaking awesome.


Actually, he said he thinks there should be more then 1 more myreque quest before the final.

He didnt actually say any would come out this year. :P

Ahh I misread, thanks for bursting my bubble though. :(

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Will you ever do something about merchant clans? Its getting very boring to play when you can't get any items you need. Sometimes I want to do some monster hunting, but I cant get anything like armour or supplies, so I go play other games instead. Please answer this question.

2High 2PIay


Don't blame merchant clans for this; it is rather the opposite. It is down to the merchant clans that most items are in supply at all times, because they spend the time to figure out what is most in demand and supply it, so you only have to wait a few seconds to get the item you want. If something takes longer to get from the Grand Exchange, then it is possible that it is a rather scarce item that you might be better off earning yourself.

Mod Fetzki



So the woodcutters, farmers, miners, runecrafters, slayers etc aren't the one supplying your commodities by bringing them into the game. Merchants are the one who does that. :wall: With the Grand Exchange around you don't even need merchants to bring supplies to you. They have pretty much no role in the game nowadays.



"Do you really want to go back to the time when Falador was grey, lesser demon look like goats, dragons look like cows, hellhound look like cats and your character stands as stiff as a statue?"



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