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07-Nov-2011 - One Piercing Note


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When the wind is right, the hearts of weary desert travellers may be lifted by the sound of pure voices in beautiful song. The Sisters of Saint Elspeth are a Saradominist order resident at the Citharede Abbey, to the east of Al Kharid, who are devoted to extolling their god’s glory through music.


Recently, there has been a violent murder within the abbey. The ever-practical abbess has managed to keep the details of the death from the sisters to prevent panic, and has no wish to expose the sacred haven of the abbey to the rigours of the Kharidian authorities. She has asked Saradomin for a miracle, and you may just be the agent of providence that she’s praying for.


Question the inhabitants of the abbey and the leader of the wandering minstrels outside, all fully voice-acted and with several specially recorded musical tracks, and solve the mystery to put an end to this threat.


Rewards include a modest amount of Prayer XP, a set of robes that allow you to restore prayer points at musicians along with your run energy, and a new Crafting and Prayer activity for those with god books.


While it’s possible to complete One Piercing Note without sound, the extensive audio work adds a great deal to it. Turn up your speakers, or put on your headphones, and enjoy!


Mod John A


To start One Piercing Note:


Head east from Al Kharid over the stile and speak to Sister Catherina outside of the Citharede Abbey.




No levels are required to start and complete One Piercing Note.

This is a members’ quest.

Once the quest is complete, a new activity involving god books will become available. This activity requires level 60 Prayer and Crafting.


In Other News...


If you haven’t already, take a look at our newest ‘Lores and Histories’ story: The Song From Before the War. This recounts the legend of Saint Elspeth, around whose remains the Citharede Abbey was founded.

[spoiler=Patch Notes]The following small fixes and adjustments have now been made to the game. If you spot any further bugs in-game, please use the Bug Report feature ('Submit a Bug Report' under the 'Help' drop-down menu of the website).





The new water effect has been fixed for a pond in the Wilderness dungeon.







The desert phoenix from The Golem has found a new home west of the Dominion Tower.




Skills & Minigames:



The Dominion Tower scoreboard will now only list each player once.

There has been a change to the grammar used on the Dominion Tower rewards interface.

Player's own versions of weapons found in Dominion Tower fights now work as well as the versions found in the fight.

It is no longer possible to smuggle Dominion Tower markers into Dungeoneering.

Dying in Thok It To ‘Em will no longer cause a player to lose the ‘unabridged’ status.

Players now have the ability to unlock music in the Dominion Tower.







Rainbow fish can no longer be caught on a free world.



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Rainbow fish can no longer be caught on a free world.






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Rainbow fish can no longer be caught on a free world.




Yeah, I'm confused about this too...


Well, the lore for the quest seems interesting enough. Don't know about the audio (as I haven't had a chance to download that MP3 they offered), but hopefully it's good.

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Rainbow fish can no longer be caught on a free world.




Yeah, I'm confused about this too...


Well, the lore for the quest seems interesting enough. Don't know about the audio (as I haven't had a chance to download that MP3 they offered), but hopefully it's good.


A bug that wasn't widely known (and abused?) that they caught and fixed? Awesome.


I can't wait to see what happens with the prayer books. [turn em orange!]


Have that all figured out for me when I get home from work tonight guys :D


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Wonder how many people will procrastinate on a no requirement quest if it turns out these upgrade prayer books are pretty decent; I mean zammy especially is already the best option for many circumstances assuming you lack spirit shields and its not melee so dfs/defender aren't as high up the list.


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[hide=quest done]http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/1544/111107190758.png[/hide]


Busy with real life. Can anyone post what the clothes look like? :unsure:



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So you need to wear the clothes in order to restore prayer points by musicians... Don't think it has much use as you would mostly wear armour when needing a restore.

Also so much for this new "activity" it just means that you can upgrade your prayer books...


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I really enjoyed this quest. It wasnt bonkers difficult either - I was able to figure out all the clues on my own, the diary helped out a little bit which was good.


Voice acting is 10/10. The dancing at beginning is 10/10 (+Emote)


I think I would still liked take opportunity to offer a extra bonus if you correctly figured things out but other than that it was a interesting storyline.


Tbh though I dont know if its worth bothering with all the voice acting.. Seems alot more involved. Like was said you would have to find same voice again or re-record voice acting if any changes are necessary. Its good but probably not something worth doing besides for maybe every 50th quest or so.

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I thought the quest was a lot of fun, good story, reward could have been a bit larger prayer exp. 250 is barely anything.


The voice acting was sub par, the recordings had too much noise, if you turn off the music and listen, you'll hear a slight buzz whenever a voice over is activated and that's just a rookie mistake. They should have taken more time in the post production, made sure everything was high quality. I'm not impressed by voice acting, it's been a part of gaming for years now, and if Jagex wants to jump on it, they should at least try to do a quality job.


I didn't have too much trouble with the clues but the diary could have been a bit more explanatory, especially for the last bunch, making the dummy. I thought the candelabrum wasn't part of the dummy, so I was running around for like 10 minutes trying to find what else I needed. Again, the prayer exp reward should be larger. I know it's a novice quest and doesn't have any skill requirements but prayer is a really annoying skill to train, and 250 exp doesn't feel like enough to me. They should replace all the audio files with higher quality recordings as well, and it would be a perfect quest :)

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I enjoyed the way it was laid out. No req quest doesn't mean monstrous amounts of xp. Now the activity, that's another story. Light easy and worth your time if you have the items.


Voice acting wasn't my favorite. I did enjoy the songs though (as long as they aren't as repetitive).


[hide]The shriek during the quest gave me chills. I enjoyed that as well as the subtle ominous sounds when searching were great![/hide]


Overall, an enjoyable quest. Not a grade A performance on the voice acting but keep working and you'll get there! Call me up, I'd love to move and help out with the audio team. :)

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The link doesn't work. Can anybody else post what the robes look like?



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