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Shey was here!

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ACHIEVED TRIM COMPLETIONIST CAPE -  15th March 2014 (465th to Trim)



Some of you may remember me from way back, others perhaps more recently! :D I am one of the few who has still kept my original name. Anyway Im a Runescape Mother (well technically not anymore since my sons all grown up now), and I used to play a lot of Runescape, but now I play a lot less, real life is awesome! I still love playing Runescape, and finally have a bit of time spare to read forums again. :D


I started playing F2P Runescape in late October 2005. In I loved it. I joined Tipit in 2006, and not long after became one of the very first TET AU team members, then became TET Leader. I then retired from TET as it all got a bit too much for me. Being Leader is a lot of work, and I'm really proud of how TET is still going strong. After a break, I created my own clan Skill n Chill, which was a phenomenal success, but as with most clans, the inactivity was its downfall, we all love to play but real life just has to be first. I've spread my wings and flown, and I somehow still keep coming back to Tipit, I just think everyone here are amazing people. Anyway, I also was staff at The Slayers Guild, Skillers United and Divination during my adventures as well as being a proud member of Guardians of Fate (GoF), but now I enjoy the placitude of Playing Runescape without any responsibilities or dramas. I am in a clan named True Maxed. 



One of my long term not sure but still keep on trying goals, is to get 200 mil Agility XP. :-D


I also set myself small personal challenges as I may post here. The whackier and zanier the better! Which reminds me! Zeddude!!!! I miss our chats!


Have fun reading my adventures, and say Gday if you like. :)


Enjoy my Blog!!



My Current Stats


Total level 2595


Combat 200


Quest Cape 





Current Goals


Get 1 Billion Total XP


Goals Reached and Levels


[hide=Stats at the Start of this Blog]Stats at the start of this Blog


[hide=Special Goals Reached]Special Goals Reached

Max Cape



Completed all Diaries



Full Void



Statue Fully Built in POH



Rank 1 in Runescape - 14th April 2010 (for about half an hour heheh!)



1000th Slayer Task



A ship




[hide=99's Reached]99s Achieved


99 Dung and Max Total (AGAIN) - 22nd May 2011



99 Mining and Max Total - 9th June 09



99 Construction - 9th June 09



99 Herblore - 23rd May 09



99 Agility 12th May 09



99 Farming 26th April 09



99 Smithing 3rd April 09



99 Thieving 24th March 09



99 Runecraft 22nd February 09



99 Summon 23rd January 09



99 Slayer 10th November 08



99 Attack 2nd August 08



99 Defence 2nd August 08



99 Strength - 136 Combat 2nd August 08



99 Hitpoints 9th April 08



99 Range 8th April 08



99 Prayer 25th December 07



99 Mage 25th October 07



99 Crafting 9th October 07



99 Cooking 27th July 07



99 Firemaking 27th July 07



99 Fishing 25th July 07



99 Hunter 11th May 2007



99 Fletching 25th April 2007



99 Woodcutting 15th April 2007




My Bank

[hide=My Bank]

Taken 31 December 2010





Friends and Fun

[hide=Fun with Friends]Fun With Friends


Sara GWD



Hitpoints Emote with Colo, BigDuck, Gayle and myself



Range Emote with Colo and Olly



Mass Bandos Trip



Skillin and Chillin with SnC Event



Mass DK Trip with GoF



My first trip to Daganoth Kings with Sjakie



Bloggers kqing



Visit to KBD with friends!






Barehanded Shark Fishing



Chicken Run to KQ and KBD Fun


[hide=Poems and Special Messages from my Blog]Poems and Special Messages from my Blog


Here ya go shey, a limerick I made for ye, its a type of poem. ;-)


I once knew a lady called shey

whose skills you could not hold at bay

She crafted and skilled

She skilled and willed

and she did all of this every day!


Heh, like it?

Shey the skiller,


Shey the killer,

Shey the best bud,

Never acts crud

Shey, she rocks,




^ Heh, like it?

LOL i wrote a poem cause i was bored


I know this girl named Shey.

She's working on slayer, each and every day.

Hopefully someone gives you dust devil for a task.

So you can come and fight them with you-know-who,

Dont be saying you dont know who cause you knew,

What I would do,

If I knew.


I know this girl named shey,

and I hope she is here to stay.


Oh yea.


The Golden Bowl


By: Mirrorforced




One of the greatest things invented,

It can hold so much.

Retains water, food, and even help you out,

But this could only be done with someone's touch.

This thing is so amazing,

It can even be made of gold.

But what amazes me the most,

Is how it is so wonderfully bold.

I would never sell this,

If I did, everything would be a mess.

The memories I have and will to come,

Are nothing short but priceless.




You are the greatest.

You can do so much.

You help me out all the time.

All thanks to our friendship.

You are amazing.

You truly have a heart of gold.

You amaze me so much!

You are the best.

I could never trade you away.

I will never be the same.

I have so many great memories.

You are priceless to me.

Thanks so much for being my friend Shey, and congratulations on getting 99 Hunter. I love you so much Shey, never change.

:D Cool KBD fun!

Heres ur poem Shey!


Shey is working hard on her goals

Helping TET as she patrols.

Everyone knows that Shey is always advancing

And make sure that she's known for her 99 Dancing!

Working for some new awesome capes

Which come in a matter of colours and shapes

99 fishing, 99 cook

And she'll do it by hook or by crook*

So good luck shey!

From Zeddude and TIF


OT:Darn you hayfever

*itch* and *sniff*


When you complete your goal

We'll all say gratz

and maybe later on

Show off our cats

Thats that!


*by hook or by crook = by any means neccesary.


[hide=My Cats]Meet Sammy and Marty


Marty is 9 years old and Sammy is 8 months old, and they are the best of friends!













Special Thanks

[hide=Thank You]

Special Thanks to some of my oldest and dearest friends, most of who I have lost touch with


Oreoo!!! <3

Sjakie, Heph, Hart and Colo for being there for me, wonderful friends!

Deal - Awesomerific mate! kay!

Saru - for having faith in me though troubled times. ILU

Olly, inspiring me to keep runecrafting no matter how mental I am feeling.

Laila and Gayle. *hiccup* *burp* *fart* *Hags*

Haze for being a great friend and great Clan Coleader

Chazza babe!! The one and only!

Wispy for advice on forum admin of SkillnChill

Metoo - Met Metoo at Impling Hunting update, he shoved me aside to get a Dragon Impling in the maze hahaha I told him off we became friends.

QueenValerie - I just admire this lady soo much!

Kirke and Metool - GOF Leaders - awesome MH Clan back in the good old days

EmSee - <3333333

Appy - Don't see each other much nowdays cause of my work but wonderful mate! <3

Darlok - Another great runecrafting friend who inspired me and kept me going through the rough times.

Vann, Fruit, Azure - *slap*

Scorp! Nooob!

Mirror - Did anyone ever tell you your amazing? Cus you are

Erad - Great motivator and awesome skiller.

Tipit Staff and Admin, for working their backsides off to bring our Community Back

Sentry - my online bestie, we had the greatest friendship and had the best fun in Runescape

Misa *licks* tee hee

Sau - *hugz*

Th3 Crusader - Master of the Universe!

Lady Heinous - Miss [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@



Thanks for reading my blog! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed reading everyones support and encouragement throughout my RS Career. Its an honour to be part of this wonderful community.


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Eight years later still #1.




Message me here I'm playing again on OS.


Oreo - 07.04.15

Edited by oreocookie987

Expecting a good life because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you're a vegetarian.

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Nice goals hun, I'll be sure to follow this post. :D








Good luck!!! <3:

You're accusing me of bigotry, how ironic. It's a nice attempt at argument, but your responses are facile and asinine, if not diatribe. Who's arrogant now?

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Err, wow. Your stats completely own mine. At the rate you're going you'll probably meet a few goals within the next couple of months.








Best of luck to ya.




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Nice skills! Good luck with everything! :D


8,325th to 99 Firemaking 3/9/08 | 44,811th to 99 Cooking 7/16/08

4,968th to 99 Farming 10/9/09 | Runescaper August 2005-March 2010

Tip.it Mod Feb. 2008-Sep. 2008 | Tip.it Crew Sep. 2008-Nov. 2009

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Go get that Woodcutting level already, stop standin around in Edgeville :wink:








<3:<3:<3:<3:<3:<3:<3: from Oreo

Expecting a good life because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to charge because you're a vegetarian.

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Nice Shey! Good luck and all that other stuff everyone else says! lol :)








Comment my blog too, I'm also going to add a link to your blog in mine so yeah :D








-Wolfy <3:

Wolfy is Officially Retired.

I miss you all (Well, mostly my friends n stuff)

If you want to talk to me, send me a message, I check the boards daily. :D

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