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9 October 2007 - Back to my Roots quest


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Haha 12.5k views in 2 days \' \'



Horacio has his heart set on some improvements to his master's already meticulous garden this week. Rather than filling it up with flowers, a patio and some crazy paving, Horacio is after one of the rarest plants on RuneScape.




Rarity may not be the biggest problem, however, as this plant requires all your skill, cunning and a hefty stack of Woodcutting and Agility. Plant hunters beware; this plant bites back, so no ordinary gardener can waltz in with some clippers. It seems some Slayer knowledge could help with this Master quest.




Helping Horacio overcome this vine-based task may well prove handy in other areas. Aside from a great reward, Horacio may have a need for a master pruner.








Where to start Back to my Roots




Speak to Horacio outside Lord Handelmort's mansion, in East Ardougne.


Requirements to complete Back to my Roots




Fairy Tale part 1


Hand in the Sand


One Small Favour


Tribal Totem


Level 55 Agility


Level 53 Farming


Level 59 Slayer


Level 72 Woodcutting


Must be able to defeat a level 167 foe.


Access to




* A new maze, slightly larger than Draynor Manor


* 8 new creatures


* Farming patch


* Transportation between Eagle's Peak and Karamja


* Tears of Guthix-style minigame for two skills


* Papaya seeds as a monster drop




In other news...




We have increased the number of ways you can acquire battlestaves, as promised. Baba Yaga's shop on Lunar Isle now has a larger stock, the cost of battlestaves in the Mage Training Arena shop has been significantly decreased and, not to be outdone, Zaff now receives a daily stock. To acquire them, chat to Zaff himself or right-click 'Buy Battlestaff'. The number available to you depends on your level of achievement in the Varrock diary, and whether you are wearing the correct Varrock armour. To find out how many staves you can buy, visit this article.




Arhein is responding to the changes in demand for pineapples and seaweed by adopting a similar approach to Zaff. He can now sell each player a limited number of these items every day. Speak to him (instead of using his quick-trade option) if you're interested.




The rock crabs east of Rellekka will frequently drop seaweed in the form of banknotes, making them a more convenient source of this prized commodity. Players may also burn kelp on a range or fire to get soda ash (kelp is found in the underwater area, accessed during Recipe for Disaster).




There have been some adjustments to the prices of various other items in shops. In particular, the TzHaar rune merchant's offer-price for buying chaos and death runes off players has been adjusted so that they are no longer affected by the number of runes in the Player Stock section of his shop. Aside from this, the shop price for steel throwing knives has been raised in order to avoid undercutting player prices.




It is no longer possible to use prayers in Glarial's tomb near the Baxtorian Falls of Kandarin. The unusually large moss giants were already capable of damaging players here, regardless of the Protect from Melee prayer, so this isn't going to make a huge difference to their threat. Do be careful when you venture in there!




A sapling designed for net-trapping red salamanders near the Ourania Altar had become unavailable due to a recent mapping bug. It's now been fixed, so you can go trapping there again.




Finally, we've added a right-click option to the gardeners who stand near Farming patches so that you don't have to go through so much chat when you're paying them to protect your crops.




Warning: Spoilers Below To view the spoiler, highlight the box below with your cursor to see the text hidden insideShow spoiler...








Good quest spoilers need time to take root. Come back when they're in season.







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Seems like a nice new quest :)




To see the rewards for this quest, please click below:




Warning: Spoilers Below To view the spoiler, highlight the box below with your cursor to see the text hidden insideShow spoiler...




Good quest spoilers need time to take root. Come back when they're in season.


Animum debes mutare, non caelum.


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Papaya seeds as drops!?!?!?!?!?




*rushes to get thousands of them*




pineapples are easy to get to pay for them

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Obby set renewed post update #2: 0

QBD drops: 21 crossbow parts, 3 Visages, 1 Kites, 2 Kits

Max Port Score [2205] Achieved: 27th April 2013 (World 2nd)


Farmyard Rampage ranking: 12th, 50,000 Kills.


Dragon Pickaxe Drops: 1 (Times after I first entered Battlefield: 2h)

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This looks pretty good \'


[spoiler=My 99s (7)]9,638th to 99 Fletching ~ 29th January 2007

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910th to 99 Agility ~ 28th January 2008

59,467th to 99 Defence ~ 23rd December 2009

92,762nd to 99 Hitpoints ~ 26th June 2010

102,704th to 99 Attack ~ 29th June 2010

144,091st to 99 Strength ~ 29th June 2010


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looks nice... :) i only need 1 more farming lvl or a drink...


^^ click my sig for my lesser ranging guide ^^

jwrm22: 4816th > 99 cooking 100% f2p !1172 total! + 140mil in items.

i dont play anymore... i think rs is ruined

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The whole update seems nice :) Especially that monster who drops papaya seeds. I might start training Farming again :P




Oh, jwrm22, in case you don't know - you can buy Greenman's ale from Yanille bar which raises Herblore for 1.


"Happines only real when shared."





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seventy :wall: two :wall: wc :wall: :wall: :wall:


nice update with the battlestaves though..finally a good reason to complete varroc diary.




Btw can anyone check how many staves baba has in stock and whats the new price at the MTA?

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