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RS: scientific vs. relaxed approach


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after reading muggi's post on buying skills the thing that stuck out was how well thought out and calculated the approach to training was. In comparison i have always just sort of logged in and done my thing with little thought.




It got me thinking how many more levels i would have if i had spent my time more effectively by researching the most efficient (money wise and time wise) methods of training a particular skill. I got 70 range from smithing my own mith arrows




So which method do you use? relaxed or calculated?




Some people would argue that taking the slow road and discovery learning is more enjoyable, even if you gain less levels, would you agree?




Hopefully this doesn't

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I do a little bit of both. I don't carry a cannon to every slayer task with me, I often make herb drops I get into potions (rather than selling them to buy the most efficient exp/cash/time ingredients), and I hate farming trees. On the other hand, I let myself sell the monkfish I fish even though I want 99 cooking, because I'd have to cook 8k more monkfish to save 500k from sharks. I'm also ice bursting rock lobsters instead of killing dust devils for charms.

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For me playing calculated really gets it done. I mean I like knowing how many more logs I have to cut to get 86 wc. But the bad part is, is that if you're far from your goal, then it can be pretty frustrating knowing that your 5000 willows away. O well. Thats my take. :thumbsup:




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I take a scientific approach, but I only do things I like. So for instance, I won't do something I don't like just because it's the best money/exp hour. I'll just pick whichever thing I like and that's good too, even if I sacrifice a bit of efficency.

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I'm always calculating my stats and xp.




After playing for 6 years, I'm bored with the whole " Collect your own Materials" thing. I've done it too many times in the past, so I now I just look for the quickest route.



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I take a scientific approach, but I only do things I like. So for instance, I won't do something I don't like just because it's the best money/exp hour. I'll just pick whichever thing I like and that's good too, even if I sacrifice a bit of efficency.




I guess everyone uses as mix of both approaches just to different extents

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Depends what it is.




I'll calculate some things, such as summoning (The exact amount I need for a level), while other things, such as cooking, or smithing...i'll just buy a random amount of ores or fish and start using them up.



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i use tip.it calculators. they are just so damn useful.


makes buying exact amounts for a particular lvl so easy such as the x amount of chickens it takes for lvl 2 cookin

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when you start scrutinizing and treating "skills" in runescape that seriously, you have a problem.




Not really, it's more like scrutinizing how much of your precious free time you can save by using the most efficient methods :P




I value FUN over EFFICIENCY, though. Though usually the more efficient something is, the more fun it is. Watching my XP skyrocket is enjoyable.




For things like slayer, though, there are many ways to be extremely efficient however I think it's stressful to be obsessed with too many details for efficiency so for skills like that I just relax and it doesn't bother me that I could be doing things faster.




Examples of inefficient things I do during slayer:


Not worrying about timing attacks so I don't miss an attack while potting


Picking up coin drops or alching average-value drops


Checking my slayer gem pretty often


Talking to friends


Not using Lunar for slayer/taking breaks in between tasks


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I just do my thing. I will calculate how much is left to do, but I really dont care how I actualy do it. The only charecter I play has been arouns since 2 months after the launch of RS2. It really dosent show at all. I have never seen 10 mil, and I dont have a skill at 80 yet. I spend over half my time switching between skills or wander aimlessly around the world trying to decide what to do. 80% of my leveling in the last year has been to meet quest reqirements, and 70% of my non training time prior to the last 2 months was devoted to skilling. Lately I have taken to slughtering ankous by teh tens of thousands because its one of the best money makers I have found. If I liked range, I could rake in money like no tommarow at avianesis, but thats just not for me. I like to plod away without many goals. Makes it easier to stop playing. If I cared and were intense about the whole thing I would never stop playing and I dont want that.

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If i'm levelling a skill I like or need massive levels in say wc 94-99 (current goal) I go relaxed, Counting 100k willows would drive me insane :wall:


Although if I want say 50 summon for raven from 46 (like I did recently) I went scientific using tip it calcs to make sure i didn't overspend :roll:


Depends on situation I think ::'

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Have to say I take the more relaxed methods mostly.




and jump around between methods of levelling a fair bit to keep things interesting.




I will often try to chose to make products with my production skills which could be useful to level other skills.


I've certainly ranged a fair bit with my own smithed arrows over the years.




Sitting their and calculating it all out before you start may be more efficient, it sounds duller though.


After 7 years of play I have 1763 skill total (which is lower than most other people I know who have played since before members existed), but on the other hand at least I haven't got burnt out on level grind.

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Sometimes you're planning on training for so long that you can save huge amounts of time by just doing a little math. For example, take fishing. Say you get an average of 30k exp/hr catching monkfish, and an average of 13k/hr catching sharks. These are realistic figures.




Anyway let's say you're going for 99 and you need to decide between these two fish. And you know that sharks are slower for more money but monks are faster for less money. Well, if you're starting at 76, you need approximately 12m exp.




12m exp will take 400 hours at monkfish, but it will take about 920 hours at sharks. You'll need about 109k sharks or 100k monks. Sharks are about 1k each and monks are about 440 each.




So if you catch sharks to 99, you'll spend about 520 hours longer in exchange for getting about 60m gp. That averages only to about 185k gp/hr value for all those extra hours. That's not really enough to merit 520 hours of fishing for most people, so you can then decide not to waste your time on sharks and to catch monkfish instead.

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Always the mathematical approach




I never do things unless I can't think of a more efficient way to do so

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I think everyone has their own happy-medium when it comes to this. I think I lean more on the scientific side though.


Everyone does find a happy medium, its like a spectrum, with the majority of people lying somewhere in the middle. Its wrong to say that the scientific approach is less fun or 'no-lifing' though.




because people draw their fun differently, some people find it fun to set and achieve goals (scientific), whereas others, prefer to change activities when they get bored and extract their fun from not paying as much attention to goals and levels (relaxed).




As everyone knows, no method is inferior they are just difference. and difference is good




It seems to be about half relaxed and half scientific at the moment

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Elements of both. I like to use maths to find out several possible training options and then chose the most fun out of them. Like Green also does I tend to make my own herbs into potions rather than selling them and buying herbs for a specific pot which is faster for training. Sometimes I will have a fun week where I dont really do much on RS apart from meandering about doing the off skill here and there and other times like I did the other week I really tried hard to work out what was the best summoning stuff i could do for the cheapest price. I made a really big excel sheet with all the familiars and their costs for shards and ingredients and how many shards bogrog would give etc so I could use the charms I had most effectively. Got me to level 58 :)



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I collect almost all of my own stuff, and I'm usually not that planned about it. On the other hand, I am meticulous about efficiently using that stuff.


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