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Colored Contacts.. Yay or nay?


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Well.. After a few months of contemplating, I finally decided to switch my eye color to blue. I'm a caucasion with naturally dark black hair, and think that Black Hair/Blue Eyes would be something kind of different.




What are your thoughts on changing eye color?




Edit :


Btw.. Before/After











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Is this like a surgery or something?


Are you joking or are you just stupid (as usual)? :P




I think the blue looks better than the brown, but I would say try going for a lighter blue? So it looks more natural.


Lovely eyebrow-slightly-raised and pout going on in the third picture xP




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I think your skin's too dark to suit the deep blue eyes naturally. In my honest opinion, I think the brown looks better.




I wouldn't get coloured contacts. I have standard contact lenses but they cost a fortune without the fancy stuff, let alone with them. :?

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I prefer the way they look in the 2nd photo than the 1st, it has a more natural look, but it would probably look better if they were a slightly lighter shade of blue.

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My oppinion:


Blue looks better than brown, but as someone else said; they should be a bit lighter.




Also, glasses forever :D


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just make sure one of them doesnt fall off. then you'd be a freak.




i'd try colored contacts, but it costs waaay too much for my blood




My thoughts? I really couldn't care less. People can do what they want with their eyes. Without sounding gay the blue looks alright.




it's called "no homo"




ie. nice pecs! no homo

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Blue doesn't suit you so well, it's too bright a shade of blue. I have glasses, but only because contacts are too expensive, and they're pretty damn useful.

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If it's possible, try getting a version with a lighter shade, your ones are far too deep blue too look natural. And to be honest, brown looks good on you anyway. All I got is a weird grey/dull green, I'm considering filing a complaint. :evil:




Nice green checkered tie btw.

~ W ~



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Why would you just 'decide' to change your eye colour? Is no one happy with something they were born with nowadays? People will always find a way to make themselves look preposterously more stupid.


If youre gonna do it you may as well go the whole hog and look incredibly garish with bright green and red, heterochromia style. Well, I would, atleast. For the great weeaboo injokes. I almost bought a Geass contact when I went to a con, but lol at $150 each eye.

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I was born with blue, changed once during a high-school Halloween party to a yellowish-green :lol: I guess contacts can look a bit unnatural, depending on the quality (mine certainly did).




Maybe if you wanted a professional touch, the lenses could have a simulated saw-pattern black iris around the colour part. Those probably cost more though, but if you wanted to create a sort of new identity, it could be worth it.

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