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How often do you die?


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This thread is simple: how often do you die, and why do you die that often? If you die all the time, is it because of boss hunting or similar? If you never die, are you a peaceful skiller and avoid combat whenever possible?


As for me, I rarely die, but recently have decided to learn to kill Tormented Demons, which has led to me dying about daily (I get piled often while luring and just recently realized that playing with sounds on is a good idea). Other than that, I mostly do slayer and I never die there.

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I can't even remember the last time I died. I haven't done any serious combat training since like 2005. I have done a little bit of slayer/summoning to raise my total level or try out the skills, but other than that.. I rarely engage in any sort of combat activities. And I've never been boss hunting.

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Not often. Ive died three time during the double xp weekend at CT dags cuz I afk too much and run out of prayer. I got all my stuff back though =D

I also died at CT dags this weekend. Only other times I can remember dieing is when my Internet shut down on me at dag kings a week ago and then at Corp like twice in the last month.

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I really can't remember last time I died. Even during nomads when I was just about dead I did the thing where you run behind the pole and log out.


Though if I'm in a bh world, then yeah, I die all the time lol.



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Unless I'm playing something like Soul Wars, I don't. I try to be pretty careful, especially when boss hunting. If I think it's risky trying to get another kill, I'll most likely teleport.


Though, admittedly, I did almost die at Iron Dragons this weekend. Went afk, next time I look I have 62 lifepoints. :ph34r: Um...oops.


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Not counting Nomad's Requiem (which I attempted 6 times before killing him). I rarely die. Except recently, went pickpocketing the a master farmer for SH rocks, forgot i was on low HP and went on a farming run. booom hit got 98 by some trolls and died.. :unsure:

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I really only die in minigames tbh. I am mostly a skiller, and when I do combat, the monsters aren't that dangerous.




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I die as often as i kill players in PvP.


Last week I played bounty hunter.... alot. I'm pretty sure I got more kills than I was killed, but I still died a fair number of times.

Unless I'm playing clan wars, bounty hunter, or fist of guthix, I don't die.

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I rarely die. The only time I do die often is when I'm playing mini-games, and safe mini-games at that. But I don't PK and I don't kill boss monsters. In fact, I am rarely doing anything that involves combat unless it's a mini-game, so my style of play doesn't incorporate the ability to die much.

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Technically died today when my RoL teled me at 73LP. Actually died not too long ago because whenever I need to bank and I'm at wildy agil course I generally just fight a skeleton with no prayer or food etc and wait to die.





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Ive only died 3 times (besides from PKing) Once was to blue drags, another time was to the KQ, and one time I died to a random event while I was woodcutting (lost my santa from that event)




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Very rarely. If im doing a 'dangerous' Slayer Task ill take teleport items to make a safe exit when food/prayer/ runs out and hp gets low.


I thought i would have died today when the power went down while i was killing Black Demons, I [cabbage] bricks.


I suicide train Thieving at the Master Farmers in Draynor as theres no point wasting food when you're less than a minute away from you're grave.


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In pvp? All the time. Otherwise? Very rarely. Only if I'm afk normally.

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