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most you've ever been paid for a sig?


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i was browsing my comp and found this ss... the most gp ive been paid is prolly 1mil or so, but i've gotten items worth more a few times. it retrospect, this looks like probably the best deal i ever got for selling sigs...




how bout y'all... whats the biggest profit u've made off a sig before?








edit** actually... this one might be better-



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i've probably made a good 2 mil or so from my ancient pixel sigs, which is nothing compared to alot of other artists. Ahh the the pixel days, boy that was crazy. 100-50k i sold them for, then i come back before rule 12 was made and i saw lower quality sigs being sold for over 350k!! If i had still been playing runescape at the time, i probably would have jumped on the opportunity to make some money before Rule 12 was enacted.




Still, Blizzard lets people sell their game items for money, is this just another way runescape is trying to control their in-game economy? I think it makes the game all the less enjoyable since you have to spend hours of repeatable tasks to gain any wealth at all. Or maybe i just suck, either way, i dont play RS anymore :lol:



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Poi2002 originally ordered her sig for 1m but she liked it so much when I showed it to her, she surprised me with a Green Party Hat and Full Guthix trim rune. I still have them. Besides that, most gp payments have been around 12-15m each sig. First sig at 10k for least.




I estimate my total profit from sigmaking at around 180-200m (strictly gp payments, not counting any possible increase in rare values I bought).


Pixel sigs by me.

Pixel Art

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Oh well, i think the most expensive sig i've ever sold was like 100k ÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâìÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâì




And my profit was nothing because I gave back the money =D

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like 400k or something lol, such a shame about the mm, or lack there of. ma friend has made like 6m off 3 sigs in her clan forums lol, its unfair :cry:


"A disbelief in magic can force some poor souls into believing in authority and business"

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Sold a pure abstract for 600k (highest), second highest is 400k while some others would normally goes for 50-200k.




But I brought a pixel sig for 1.5M and few others good siggys for some prices. I guess I didn't make or lose much. :)



Thanks Metroid for the siggy and dark_shadow for avvy! \:D/ :thumbsup:

<3 wendy

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I was not very adept at signatures(didn't even understand about shading) when the MM was around, but now I'm getting better.

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Now that I think about it, I think I did make a few mil from something a good while ago. It might not have been a sig, but a banner. I'm almost postiive i've made 2-3M on something before though (abstract/landscape/whatever)






Hmm... most i've made selling is probaly close to the 20M mark I'd guess. I sold a lot of stuff back in the day, and have done a bunch with group shops as well too. Too bad I still sucked in RS back then #-o

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b2d, you got a copy of that sig so we can all see it?




most i sold for was in a comp, for sara legs they were worth about 1.5mill at the time.




i sold like 6 sigs for 500k, but i remember back in the day when i was seling for like 20k... i wasnt always this (debatably) good...




toptal made was about 5-6mill, spent most of it on runes #-o




ah well i dont play anymore, if i sold all i have id get about 3-4mill






100% my own work, i make my own brushes: set 1 set 2

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