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Did you miss a holiday event?


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i have all holidays items from the yoyo, but the zombie head, i didnt play much rs in 2005, and in 2004 they did nothing for halloween, so i guess i didn't really think about it.


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737th to 99 Hunter ~ 2nd July 2007

910th to 99 Agility ~ 28th January 2008

59,467th to 99 Defence ~ 23rd December 2009

92,762nd to 99 Hitpoints ~ 26th June 2010

102,704th to 99 Attack ~ 29th June 2010

144,091st to 99 Strength ~ 29th June 2010


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I had no Internet at home before autumn 2005, so the events before then I've no doubt missed. You don't go on the internet during big holidays if you aren't connected at home.








And after 2005, the holiday drops were too ugly, and getting them sounded like a pain. That is why I don't own any untradable holiday items.

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Is there a tipit page about Holiday Drops? I got this years Halloween but only because people on here were talking about it. I got Zombie stuff but is that a ramdom or holiday?

Aiming for all Levels to be at 70 or higher by December.

0 Out of 23 Done (Must play more!)

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I didn't even know there was a Christmas Drop in 2001, so I obviously missed that. Same thing happened in October of 2001. Then in 2002, I looked around for a Halloween Mask but never found one. I gave up & got ready to go trick-or-treating. My newbie days...makes me regret.








EDIT: I just realized I didn't make it to two other drops. I didn't make it to the Easter Drop in 2002 because again, I didn't know there was a drop. I didn't even know there were easter eggs til last year's Easter Drop :lol: Then there was 2002's Christmas Drop. Again, I was completely oblivious to a Christmas Drop. To wrap up, I missed every single tradeable Holiday Drop :cry:

*-P.K.M-* Website




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got hacked on my account, and didnt have it back so missed that haloween from 2005 (i think im not sure, the one from zombie mask :P )


^click to visit my blog! And if u got some spare hammers for my collection, i will always take them just pm me :)

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16361st with str 99! --15 april 2007--

35000th with Attack 99! --20 June 2008--

29524th with Hitpoints 99! --3 August 2008--

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there was a long period on my old main when I missed the cracker ones. I've been playing since RSC on and off



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