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The blog of... HYT-BBQ!!! share i tbed!

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After recent events, i have decided to create a new account. The name is a mix of my accounts from former usage.








My goals








70 attack




1 Strength COMPLETE =D>




70 def o.0




52 prayer COMPLETE




41/70 ranged <------------------ rock crabs own k?




39/70 mage




50+ RC




20 construction




60 agility




40 herb




99 theiving




60 crafting




75 fletching




55 slayer




1 hunter COMPLETE




60 mining




60 smithing




80 fishing




80 cooking




50/70 firemaking BANKED




60 woodcutting err.. 25 levels to go




1 farming








These are my goals, wish me luck in mine and i will return the favor.








Pictures will be coming soon.
















2 spots blanked out, for your safety and mine. (pantsless outfit)








Stats (not accurate)




















Post away.
























BARROWS AT 31cb k?










thats right, zoidnerd stole MY sig.

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Nub! quit making new acounts :shame:




Good luck on hyt'ing nubs tho O:)




P.S. ( you don't do anything but stand and say " emote you now do emote now do it! wrong emote!" In edgie =; )

hows the weather up there. where the rich people live. currently, in the poor area its -1.
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Whats with you and prayer... and no pants <3:


Thanks to Fally|Thor for the sig :Wub:

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. - Mark Twain

3636 to 99 fletching on Katakid1 date unknown

#13,300 to 99 range on April 2nd, 2008

#14,323 to 99 mage on May 18th, 2008

99/99 mage

99/99 range

94/90 hp

75/88 str

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Wow 52 prayer already, nice! How (dare I ask?) did you get the bones for 52 prayer?








I still think its kind of funny for you to leave your "hyt-noob" account unused just because you're scared of getting it banned. What's the use if its just sitting there?

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