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Forum is coming back but :(

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Note: Read this announcement for information on how to recover your lost posts: Restoring Old Posts/Guides/Blogs/etc.








Dear Tip.It members,




I'm happy to announce that the forum is up, but I also have sad news. We lost 2 and half months worth of posts. Of course you will ask why and how this happened. Unfortunately one of our own staff, an ex tech admin who maintained the forum for a number of years, backstabbed us as his goodbye act. He used his inside technical knowledge to hurt us. Tip.It has lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars that I will have to cover, but what is more important is the loss of 2 and half months of creativity from our community: ideas, guides, jokes, links and much more. We worked hard to recover whatever was possible and for this we can thank Darko and especially Marshalrusty who spent sleepless nights and a ton of his free time to bring the forums back. His help was priceless.




A positive thing is that we are restarting with better, faster forum software PhpBB 3 that is complete with an all new engine to make your visits here more user friendly, and also gives us better tools to manage and maintain this really very BIG board.




This community has grown over the years to hundreds of thousands of people visiting our Tip.It web site and forums and sharing the way Tip.it was born to be, an independent and open site where we grow to respect each other in a friendly, helpful and FUN atmosphere.




There are over 60 active staff members who every day voluntarily try to help you, by creating web content and keeping this board up and running. Please understand this loss and have a little patience so that we all keep this community better than ever.




Thank you,






On behalf of the Tip.It staff


You know this guy was once a top smith in all Runescape :P

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wow big wtf moment. someone backstabbed you guys? can you afford to cover it silverion? do you get enough donations and ad clicks and all that?

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And Evil you mad bastard. You are definately bringing TET back up to it's glory. No doubt about it. Keep it going champ.

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I always forget you're 20 too. I always think you're 25 or something. o.o

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For me, I think we can make up 2 and a half-ish months worth of posts easy =D and i'm sure many will be more than happy to supply us with guides again =D the important thing is it's back up and the community can regrow =D




Can't wait for the old skin layout to be back too hehe =D

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I did not know Marhsalrusty was real.


With so many trees in the city you could see the spring coming each day until a night of warm wind would bring it suddenly in one morning. Sometimes the heavy cold rains would beat it back so that it would seem that it would never come and that you were losing a season out of your life. But you knew that there would always be the spring as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person had died for no reason. In those days though the spring always came finally but it was frightening that it had nearly failed.

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Dang.. that sucks about how it went down.. but we all get the chance now to show him that this isn't gonna let us down and we'll just grow stronger through the ordeal.






Retired Tip.It Mod || Admin and Founder of Caesar 3 Mod Squad! All are welcome!

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all i can say is a big grats and thank you on behalf of all us tip.it users here for working your butts off fixing the forum that you give us. id put a smily up but it seems we have none. >.<




-side note: the backstabber must be anchorfied! (grabs anchor)


also as Sanctus_Petrus said, is it possible to sue him for breach of security? all i know is that its been done before.


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We should be able to push through thank you for all your hard work in getting it back up. I am sorry for the damages caused both emotional and your personal expenses. Also a section is missing for submitting corrections to the bestiary and main website.


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It's worth noting that all you lot who were banned in the previous 2.5 months now have a new lease of life here at Tip.it. Don't abuse that good fortune!


Yup so its even a new beginning for them to.




edit: It would seem the quote is not working properly right now


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It was an inside job?


Can't you sue the backstabber for doing this?




What I'm guessing s/he did was delete the backup files for the last few months, because as far as I can tell, most people wouldn't backup such a massive forum that infrequently.




I'm guessing that eventually you're going to get the smilies and everything else that gave tip.it character back up eventually then? I can't stand the generic light blue/white colour.




EDIT: What happened to my avatar???

~ W ~



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I'm delighted to see the forums already taking shape again - getting back to normal.




A huge well done to the staff involved in getting these forums back up - they all deserve a huge round of applause for what they've done and all the hard work they've put in over the past few days, they'll still be working hard on these forums for days to come I'm sure.




A few good things came out of it atleast - The upgrade to phpBB3 and more importantly the fact I didn't need to do any moderating in the past few days!

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Thanks allot, Darko and especially Marshalrusty, and of course you Silverion :P.




I'm happy the Tip.it is back :D


My blog is gone though :x




once again, THANKS ALLOT :D :lol: !!!




edit: no smiles yet? =P~


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