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Tip.It Times Presents: The Colours We Worship


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That was a good read. I often found myself thinking the same things...




If I ever lower myself enough to flame something, I make sure its always the *insert word here* person, not the clan. A good clan often has one or two bad people, so I blame the person, not the clan.




(by the way, "colour" is how the Brits spell "color", so its not spelled wrong)

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great read but ehh


[hide=8-)]NEDERLAND KAMPIOENE![/hide]



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Je moeder felix

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Felix, je moeder.


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Good read, but for some reason, even though the evidence and conclusion both had the same general focus, it didn't seem like they quite matched up. I'm not sure why, but it just seems that way :?


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You mean soccer (everywhere else football)




Honest mistake :roll:








Its not just with soccer, its with most sports... Football, Basketball, Out of US soccer (not many fans)




Cept baseball, i see more rabid bowling fans than baseball...


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A semi good read but I can't really relate because I realize how every sport is just a game and I don't actually hate the other team, but I do see how it is with most of the fans where I live.




Oh and that Did You Know part was pretty intresting, I never knew that.


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Decent read..


Aaah, nothing better than the possibility to watch 2 matches each day. Gotta love the European/World Championships :D

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Do players really abandon their own countries? I couldn't imagine a brit moving over to france just for more money. I mean, they are probably rich anyway.




Back to the topic, nice article. Hopefully something about graphics next week.

I would put a cool link here but I don't know how.

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when i first read this i was thinking "yes go england! :thumbsup: " but then i rembered how some people take it so seriously. For example not international but support teams that are local or in some geographic contract to you as if it make you a better person. While support clubs/nations is pointless in the grand scheme much like internet gaming (predictible joke) it fun and a great old laugh






Do players really abandon their own countries? I couldn't imagine a brit moving over to france just for more money. I mean, they are probably rich anyway.





erm unless you count french players playing for english clubs you going to be hard put. Are you also awere of people you player for their great uncles teams so couldn't by some definitions are not playing for their national team?

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The comparison were extremely weak, and short-standard. The similarities are stretched extremely thin as well.




I really don't think this article did justice in comparing a real world organization, or sport, to an online sport/organization. In the situation TS described rarely ever happens as he described it. We all know the other clan has individuals in it, with their own opinions and standards, yet we don't flame just because, or for extremely low reasons like osmeone moving over to another clan, or someone scamming someone whose in another clan, and doesn't get kicked.




I'm not sure, but I'm speaking from the pure clan world, and such situations wouldn't merit a flame war between two clans, the only thing that would is bragging about 'owning' a clan, when that clan basically dominates the bragging clan. That's when things get messy. Little annoyances like the ones described cause bitterness but not hate.

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It was a good article but I think it had no point what so ever unless I missed something new about clans. I am not actively in a clan but not everyone is like what he wrote about. O well it was a good read while slaying.

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Thanks for all your positive comments (both on the article and the Did You Know...)


I know that it doesnt work in the clanworld the way it does between football clubs, but the similarities there are, combined with the current European Championship happening, is what prompted me to write an article about it...




For those that wonder, I'm dutch, and yes I chose to write it in british english rather then american english, largely because of the Football vs Soccer debate :)




If you guys have a suggestion what you'd like to see me write an article about, feel free to pm me, and I'll explore it :)

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