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Tip.It Times: 8 Feb 2009 "Penguin Bannings' Addressed"



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Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<<




When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!




Enjoy all the articles!






I enjoyed the Penguin Banning article. I have to say though, that Jagex saying that "they won't give away how they detect who 'cheats'" is a poor excuse for them not actually putting in the effort to avoid banning those who were innocent in the mass bannings.

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I agree with Stormrage Players are getting lazy.


Now myself im not one for doing these little extra things that give me xp in the skill that it helps. I did Bork once to get the big bonus and havnt done it since.


People should do it the good old fashioned way and get there hands dirty so to speak.


I will say though sometimes they are needed to brighten a skill up. I find Farming extremly boring. I might have a go at the jade vine and do the quest for etc to see if its a nice way to help me get a little bit better in that skill but only because i find the skill on its on boring. However this wouldnt be my only source id work on doing the skill the hard way to.


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It is me, or are these being posted later and later?


I liked all of the articles today, apart from the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that I have become accustomed to in RuneScape.

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Well the person responsible for uploading them lives in Hawaii so things are posted pretty late on Sunday.

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All the people that were part of the mass banning but were found to be innocent upon closer inspection not only had their accounts unbanned within two or three hours, but actually received a month of membership credit to make up for the missed playtime.


I was unbanned on Sunday the first, four days after I got banned. Nor did I ever receive the 30 extra days. I maintain that I was completely innocent though.






I felt that the other two articles were fairly short. But I preferred the Distractions & Diversions one.

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It is me, or are these being posted later and later?





The releasing of these is all done manually and takes a lot of time. Sorry it was not was early as before, my timezone (-10) makes it a little harder. ;)




If you see grammar errors make a nice list and pm it to me and I'll fix the asap.








ps: Necro beat me to it.

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All of these were poorly edited. They're riddled with errors.




That said, I liked the articles by Necromagus, but I thought TS Stormrage's article meandered too much. Is it trying to say that Stealing Creation is awesome, that new training methods have ruined old skillcapes, that Distractions & Diversions are fun, or that Distractions & Diversions are taking the place of traditional skilling? Stormrage, you look like you're trying too hard to cover everything. Pick a thesis and stick to it! You don't need to talk about every aspect of the topic; you just need to talk about the ones that support your argument. :thumbup:

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And there I get complaints that I dont show all aspects of my point of view :P




As for the poorly edited ones; remember that some of us have british and some of us have american english taught to us :)

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Mass Banning by Necromagus




Wow this was the best read I have had in a while. Did you read my mind? Did you step in my head an steal my thoughts? If so you have to tell me how you did it because that would be cool to be able to do. I have been thinking about this exact thing for almost a year. As players we never give Jagex a chance. I never Pk'ed and I was talking about PK worlds before the wilderness went away. Let's look at the things we wanted, D axe check, D plate Check. D full helm Check. Better weapon then whip, enter god swords. We wanted hard quests, we got WGS. There is a reason we pay our membership fees or play on free worlds. We enjoy the game. Could it be better, sure. That is the best part of Runescape. It is always changing. Great Job. =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

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I love the guy who wrote the Penguin Banning article <3:




I couldn't agree more. It's time the community starts trusting the company who made their favourite MMORPG and maybe even be thankful to them.

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Kudos to Storm and Necro on two awesome articles =D>


(i've yet to read the fictional article)




To be err is to be human, so can't complain on the "grammatical errors" also remember the fact that our english differ greatly




but your points went through :)





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Please, if there are any errors that really stand out, PM us so that we can fix it accordingly. Telling us constantly that our grammar or spelling is wrong doesn't help us at all. Some of us may have read it and found it satisfactory. We can always use some fresh eyes. And please do keep in mind that there is a mix of US and UK English standards, which can and will result in some confusion of grammar and spelling rules. Do not assume all the articles are written in US English or UK English only.

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Mass Bannings - Great article Necro and an accurate one at that we really should be trusting JaGex it's their game and they know what's best.




More Diversion Than Distraction? - I haven't really done Distractions and Diversions I did for a little while and then forgot about them. Although I don't have the requirements for about half of them I can't be bothered doing any of them so it's time for a grind sandwich, cut in half by the clay tools.




God Wars II - The Fremmenik tribes are fairly safe if they abandon Rellekka and head to the islands but being the proud warriors they are they probably wouldn't. The Dwarves blast furnace would probably be a prime target but if the Dwarves start using cannons very few will get in even less will come out but no one is getting the furnace. The Kharidian desert isn't exactly a prime piece of real estate but used prperly it could be useful and if those Kalphite get loose we're in a bit of trouble.




Saradomin's Sun - The poor girl gets killed by a stranger and the father didn't exactly help, that's an example of great parenting skills for everyone but Aestas must've learnt a lesson don't talk to strangers.





You Just Lost The Game

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All were great articles this week. I usually don't read the fiction article but I found Saradomin's Sun very good :thumbsup:




I definately agree about the mass bannings article. Jagex do wonderful and people are always whining -.- You can't please everyone though.


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Honestly, i liked em all this issue. Especially the mass bannings, Jagex deserves some respect lolz.




wow there was actually a do you know that i didn't know for once lol


lolz, same here. I loved it because its actually VERY useful. \'




Overall, keep up the good work. :thumbsup: =D>


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Good, an article that's not all about bashing Jagex's CS. At least some people have some common sense -.-


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Right, so a couple of comments this week.




First up, Troacctid, once again you're on the money. =D>




Secondly, grammatical errors are not down to a difference between US and UK ENGLISH, the majority of the ones in these articles result from nonsensical word placements and mis-spellings, not the difference between colour and color.




Now to the articles specifically:


Penguin bannings - I agree Jagex did a reasonably good job on this, but I also happen to know that there were too many innocents caught in the net and Jagex weren't exactly forthcoming on publicising details on what they were doing! A simple post on the main page would've prevented many of the angry forum posts. I myself posted one because I was very concerned that I could not see total transparency in Jagex' dealings with this awful glitch. I remember the falador house party pk incident got a special post to explain and apologise, I think that this latest fiasco, being far more far reaching would've benefited from such a post.




Diversion than distraction - Fine, nothing particularly radical, but it was adequate. On a personal note, I'm finding that there are almost too many distractions and diversions now so that for the low maintenance gamer, completing every little minigame diversion etc wipes out most of your play time for the day. Hence I personally don't bother doing them much.




God Wars 2 - I wrote a brutal review of Psycho_Robot's attempts to write about the god wars, and I could well do the same to this one, sadly. I'd be genuinely interested to know if there are shortages on Tip.it's editorial staff which demand people to write multiple articles each week. This one suffered from lapses in quality of writing and didn't actually achieve anything. I was hoping that as the closing article of a 2 part series it might pose a more thoughtful or interesting view than just a whistlestop tour of runescape's many races. I wonder, is this because Necromagus had too much to do this week, or is it because he/she didn't quite know why he/she was writing it?




Saradomin's sun - A little peculiar, I'll be honest. Quite clever in its own way, but to my mind stories like that don't really work too well as standalone features without a better knowledge of key characters etc to consolidate the story.




I think things are beginning to improve again after a few bleak weeks for the times. Keep it up guys. :pray:

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Just so you know, the fictional section does have a new author each month. Zonorhc had January, and February is my turn. :P So there will be further details in the next segment. :) What you just read is actually an intro. :P

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Penguin Bannings-


Now I won't spout off saying that 'I didn't say anything bad about jagex' (Even though I didn't :P), but like the author said you have to respect them for the way they handled it. A very classy Jagex in my opinion. I don't really get why anyone is complaining about spelling, sure it adds more respect to the peice, but hell we're all tipiters it's not like we're trying to impress rune HQ. (not that we'd have to do anything more than spell the title right)


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Enjoyable, as always.




I think the GW one could've went more in-depth, but overall it was excellent.

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