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New Times! - Excl Interview and more!


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Tip.It Times: 13 September 2009




Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<<




When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!




This week we bring you an interview with Excl, the winner of the first Runescape Machinima contests and a well known youtube Runescape filmmaker, along with the usual offerings of a fictional article, and two accompanying articles; one a personal reflection on grinding and the other a learned discussion on the ramifications of December 10, 2007.




Enjoy the articles!


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Thanks to artists: Destro3979, Guthix121, Shivers21, and Unoalexi.

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I will be honest and say that ever since there has been multiple articles in each Tip.It Times, I haven't bothered reading anything but the small "Did you know..." part. And yes, I knew that.




Maybe I'll try reading one of those so I don't come off as an ignorant idiot.

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Yeah what was all the fuss about?




I will say though, the trade restrictions also lead to the ability for price manipulating clans to arise. Whhich has also lead to some items being worth values which they never would ahve been without the price restrictions. The whole price rise, crash, junk items cycle that happens would not exist. Items like 3rd age would be very lowly prices, i'd expect spirit shields to be much cheaper too.

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Hopefully the did you know will shut up most ppl who flame me for using cannon while deefnding -.-




The interview was ok, but i didn't like the article about the anti-rwt updates, every change had to be made, otherwise rwt would still exist and it would drive the game to a halt, terminating it...


Loved the article about the daily routine, it's certainly my case, and i realised like 2 months ago i play the game to have a good time, and that's why i'm going dk's and pest control and practicing firemaking mroe now, because i like it.




And sorry, i dont read the fictional articles :?

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Grate interview with Excl, I hope Tip takes his advice!




The other articles were great as well :thumbsup:






Oh about the DYK. Do not use the cannon unless you have finished your roles duty's. This means if your the attacker, don't use the cannon untill al the Fighters and Rangers are dead. If your the Healer, don't use the cannon untill everyone is at full health. If you are the Collector, Don't use the cannon until it is filled. Only fire the cannon at the Runners. If you use the cannon in any other way you will lose out on potential points.

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Pretty good set of articles this week, really liked Excl's interview. Almost had a seizure when i looked at the screenie of Excl's video editing set-up though. Holy crap.

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excl, you said you get alot of inspiration from work and tv comedy's - i have another source for you:




go to jagex towers, exaime everything and make for us a funny video how jagex REALLY ARE IRL \'




overall good reads. DYK disapoints this time :|

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The Excl interview was boring, and in reply to what I think about Dec 10 2007, I will never,ever, forgive Jagex for ruining old-skool rs!Thats why I dont play as much anymore. Runescape was the best game, even with autoers and rwt, those things added to the fun. Runescape is doomed to a future of meaningless and useless upgrades that nobody wants, such as the graphics update of the weapons. No one can honestly say they like the new weapon animations (most of the weapons anyways.) And if you do you're just a suckup. Thas my view. Runescape is going down the drain but Jagex covers it up with lots of content additions.



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I liked the Excl interview more than I thought I would. I loved "We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Grinding". Good articles this week! :thumbsup:

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Very nice articles. I knew the DYK but it is still a great fact to put in as so many people freak out over others using the canon. :roll:




The interview with Excl was excellent (haha), I never realized he was the one that made the power levelling video! After checking out a few more of his videos I have to say he deserved to win the competition entirely. It was also neat seeing what his editing screen in Sony Vegas looked like. :)




Stormveritas's article really made me think back to a few of the quests I rushed through and several times I wish I could do them again just to relive the story. That's the one great thing about quests though, they provide a nice break from the usual grinding of skills.

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I'd like to comment on the rushing-through-the-game article.




I think that for most of the RS players, it's not that they rush through it for self-satisfaction. I think they rush through it for the e-fame. They want to be "the first one done" so they can laugh at whoever isn't finished. They want to have the highest skill just to show it off, not for the benefits or that they liked the skill (read "cooking and fletching high scores").


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What an awesome read! Really enjoyed the interview with Excl. I was subbed to him long before he was in the contest, so I am glad to see that he is getting more exposure, because he is actually quite the comedian!




Oh by the way I think there is a small typo.




It would sort of bye like the Academy Awards, and Im sure there would be complaints of the picks




It should be "be" instead of "bye" I think. Again, good read! =D>

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Man, when Stormveritas was going through his routine (Do new quest, continue with slayer grind), I felt like we were the same person. Then at the end about the long journey pock-marked with goals, again I felt it was me. I always have about 3 goals going for myself at all times. Right now, it's to have all skills 70+, Slayer to 83, and have 90 att, str and def. And I'm getting close to all of them.

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nice read today ::'




i liked the intervew, it was intresting, i dont like most intervwes but this one was a good read.


did jagex do the right thing? i think thay did, yet still evan now (about 2 days ago a thread on tip.it asking for people to suport the old wild back was made and locked) people still complain, but for the most of us indeed it is old news.


the grinding artical was short but insightfull, not much to say on it though.




dident read the fictional artical.




and good job with the did you know, it was painfully obvoius but some people still need to be told...




overall it was very nice :thumbup:


I'm a Brony and proud of it!

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I actually didn't like this interview, Excl was never put on the spot and no particulary challenging questions were fired at him. :evil:




I would of liked to see some questions where you don't know the answer to them before you read down.

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Great article with Excl (I believe he deserved to win, his video was very entertaining - the irish dancing was very impressive, though pretty boring).




Great article Master_Smither. Was the fuss worth it? Being on the side of the fence that applauded the changes, I am not in a position to judge much. But if I take Jagex word about it, then the fuss was not worth it.



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Did Jagex Do The Right Thing?




Could you at tipit please just admit that Jagex "asked" there "partners" to come out and try and kill the outrage over the downgrade that is Personal shops? Honestly that was way too thinly veiled might as well of come out and just talk about it.




There were reasons for the removal of free trade and the wild. Very large good reasons that you could at least understand if not accept. Also on free trade Jagex had the new system up and running before they removed free trade. The GE and unlimited stock in many ways took over for free trade. Nothing was in place when they removed unlimited stock just a quick "go use the GE if you need large amounts I don't care if these Items aren't on the GE ". On top of that the stock levels are still laughable for many items. The stalling week after week with no reason given are just plain sad, be honest Jagex you hoping outrage dies down and the market levels out so it looks better when you have to do fewer adjustments. Jagex told us why they had to remove free trade and the wild and explained it to us, with these personal shop they have given nothing but pr bs and "Trust us your like it".




This is different then the removal of free trade and the wild at least Jagex was open with us and you could understand the reasons for there removal. Now they just throw out a "trust us" or worse say nothing




I don't post much because most of the time I can't find anything to add but gesh that hurt to read.

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Excl's was rather interesting though. Especially with where he got ideas and inspiration from. needless to say the sod's got a top knotch computer with some fine programs and add-ons there. :-w




With MS' one though, It just wasn't ...good. from my view. Sure, I miss trading back then but it had to be done, otherwise it'd still be a scam city and RWT all over. as for missing low prices, I forgot you were rich back then, it wouldn't have made THAT much of a stab in the foot for ya or other players.




For the 3rd:


but Id hypothesize that this is the makeup of the average Runescape player. The goals are difficult: this is one of the most time-consuming games in the world to master. The process is tedious: many skills are simply mind numbing to train,


after 8 years of playing without a 99, large sum of money or skills, I notice here: Thank god there we're other players who felt the same way.


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