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"The more difficult your clue, the greater your reward! "

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    Hobgoblin Killer

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if it does mean anything beyond the level of the clue they had better have those darn celtic knots at the top

What's up with people thinking Celtic Knot puzzles are hard/not liking them? Personally, after I got my first knot puzzle, I was hooked. It was fun, it was easy, and I wanted MORE. Now on my second elite clue I had 4 celtic knots and it was a great time. The whole clue took me 34 minutes and I came out with Armadyl Chaps and a Penguin Staff. :thumbsup:

I had an elite with 4 celtic knot puzzles and I got, iirc, some biscuits, some tuna potatoes and a dragon dagger.

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    Skeleton Shield

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i had 3 celtic knot puzzles, 2 puzzle boxes, and the rest random scan clues. And i got wild pies, 3 super sets, and tai bwo wanni teleports.

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    Skeleton Shield

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I really want to try a celtic knot puzzle it looks fun :D but first I'll have to get a elite clue scroll haha.
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    Ghost Cloak

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usually in a long clue i think "mg i better get something good for this"

and then i get crap

but the clues i get something good in.....are usually decently quick

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