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old players.


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why do people want to buy it when its non-tradeable?





Because they dont know its untradable.

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I have a scythe on all 6 of my characters... I didnt bother getting the ears, which i sorta regret now.. :oops:




people are stupid, and thats why they try and buy it. (that and they dont know where it came from/that its non tradeable.)


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I started okay Rs when it was first out, unlucky me took a break when there was santa's and phats :( but I did manage a scythe but never those cute bunny ear's or yoyo grr

i am a paint noob
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yeah one guy offered me 500.7k to tell him where i got my ears from


he followed me around for awhile and pmed me so i told him and then asked for my 500.7k but he didnt reply which was disappointing..

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i only got the yo-yo and the bunny ears...i wish i had gotten the scythe, santa hat and phat now that it is profitable...a high standard guy once offered 6 mil for my bunny ears until i forgot it is intradeable


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I started in march 2002 but I didn't get the bunny ears in 2003 because I was celebrating Easter away from a PC :wall:




I got the scythe though.

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lol i was around for the 1st holiday drop, easter eggs, but my parents wouldn't let me be on comp for holiday drops, said i had to spend the time with my family, pffffft i missed out on millions lol, but i got the scythe =)

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i have the scythe on my level 30 skill noob, 10 times better than a level 3 heh heh heh :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:







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