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  1. Wow. The oldest and (probably) most enjoyed part of Runescape... ruined. So if a guy dies in wildy, his teammates keep his grave alive and the guy simply gets back to thats pot within an hour to get ALL of his stuff back?? Lmfao. Jagex has good intentions, but they sure know how to fonk it all up.
  2. :-w First of all, he's new. And Secondly, what exactly does it matter if he spiced his post up? Personally, I found the change very interested and colorful. It's not like he made all his text yellow and every third word a different color. No worries bout these guys, Flinstoneman. Very nice slayer level! 9/10 (get that 99 :thumbsup: ).
  3. He already has. With a picture for proof. Very nice inventory. I love riches :thumbsup: .
  4. The simple point is this: Talking is not annoying, it is no big hassle, and it is not outrageous. But the simple fact that I (for the most part) have to talk so I don't get in trouble is a problem. Period. There is nothing you can say that is a justifiable argument for that statement. I mean nothing by the following example, it's simply just a good example: Years ago, say there would be 2 water fountains. One for the blacks and the other for the whites. Right beside each other. Do you think it was really that big of a hassle that the blacks had to drink out of the one on the left instead of the one on the right (even though the fountains were right beside each other)?? No. No big hassle. But the fact that they HAD to drink out of a certain fountain made the entire situation wrong. You guys who are flaming us for saying "we have the right to remain silent" are not listening to good old fashioned common sense and reasoning here. Sure. If you see a bald level 3 in that ugly looking green attire that you automatically start out with on a new account with a funky name... by all means, report the guy. I'm not saying these are the only bots, but I figured I would give my 2 cents in on the subject of that (forgot who said something about it :-k ). But for goodness sakes, what gives you the right to report someone who is a legit and respectful player who simply turned his chat to Off or Friends because he got tired of listening to the 8 year olds who made there way over from miniclip, the other group of people yelling out nonsense specifically to annoy other people, the swarms of beggers, the guys having an argument and threating to, "kick yurs arse in teh wildy if joo got teh nuts to go and fight wit him!!1!!11", or some type of situation like that? Technically, you do have that right. As qeltar said, Jagex even stresses the use of their reporting system. But I'd be one pissed off Runescaper if I got a black mark because I had my chat set to friends while cutting some logs and some moderator wannabe comes trotting up and reports me because I didn't reply when he asked me a question. :roll: . I cut my private chat off/friends quite often when I'm training in a busy place. Why? Not because I'm unsocial. Not because the mindless babble going on around me is making my skin crawl. Sometimes I do it just to reduce lag. If your computer isn't doing so well and has been on for a couple days straight, do you have any idea how laggy it gets trying to smith in Varrock when there is constant talking around you?
  5. This is somewhat off topic, but I was retired on 6/6/06 *points to siggy*. What exactly happened :anxious: ?
  6. That's correct. At least that's how it's always been. Of course, knowing Jagex and there uber updates here lately, they probably tinkered around with the ignore list settings. I dunno.
  7. Zibl [bleep]!! A bit outdated in some parts, but all-in-all still a very good read, as expected.
  8. The quickness/easiness of leveling a skill like Herblore depends on the amount of cash that you can put into it. If you're one of these lucky fellows who has a few party hat sets and isn't too worried about spending money without making it back then costly skills (herblore, smithing, crafting, ect) is easy. for an average joe who has to manage his money (by buying some of the lower costing herbs or trying to make back what money they spend by selling off the pots) it can be very time consuming and difficult.
  9. Qeltar I absolutely love your discussions. They are not only grammatically perfect in most ways, but they are also clear and precise. Yet another good read. My favorite, and probably most SHARED opinion: Pathetically true in every way. I find myself turning private chat off more and more. I recently purchased 5,000 iron bars to get my smithing up a few levels. Before I could even get 500 bars smithed I was wanting to beat my head against the keyboard from the absolute nonsense that was going on around me. People are either arguing, picking on each other, using the oh-so-common "noob" insult, or begging for things. I find that if I am ever training in an area that is somewhat crowded (like smithing @ Varrock, or in the mining guild, or training combat where there are a lot of people) I end up turning my chat to friends or off all together. 100% agree with you Qeltar. Another good read. Please keep them coming =D> .
  10. I believe it's supposed to go, "Shaken, not stirred"... : . Good job! 9/10. Get 2,000 :thumbsup: .
  11. All rares have . Green's, according to the OH SO GREAT GRAND EXCHANGE are from 16.4m to 18.6m or something like that... :wall: . Nice invetory. 9/10? Yeaaaah, 9/10 :thumbsup: .
  12. It isn't a credit card. It's Debit. And yes, I chose the Credit/Debit Card $5 per month selection. Oh, and thanks bout my Xbox haha. I bought it from a guy in one of my classes for $70 cause he got a new one (he said his was messing up every once and a while and he got tired of it \ ). Finally, the 3 red lights came up on it after I had it for only 2 days #-o . No matter, I called Microsoft and they're fixing it for free or whatever and I got the box fromt hem today and am reshipping it tomorrow. AND, one of my friend's moms can get any video game for any console for $15. Hey, I don't ask questions, but I've got Halo 3 and Assasin's Creed on the way to me for only $30 total :-w .
  13. Well I thought about doing that. But it's more expensive that way #-o . The thought of a couple of months of members, especially through Christmas break since my Xbox 360 broke, was quite appealing for only $5 a month. I mean good lord. I could collect spare change for a whole month and come out with $5. I sent in a query to Jagex. Of course their 400 character limit constricted the details of what was going on :wall: , but oh well, we'll see what happens. Thx for the suggestion!
  14. Well I just tried signing up for members. But for some reason, it didn't work. Thought I would ask the brilliant people here at TIF for some advice or suggestions. I'm using my debit card (which RS says I can do). I have Visa. I typed in all my information, my debit card #, and my CVN (card verification number), and hit submit. But I get a message saying something along the lines of, "Sorry. We could not deduct the $5.00 from your account. Please contact our billing support or your bank to fix this problem." :-k . I've used my debit card for lots of things. Clothes, ordering things offline, Paypal (to a certain extent that is), food, ect... with no hassel. I don't understand why it isn't working. P.S. - I tried filling out the membership application 3 different times. All with the same response. So I know I'm not typing my card # or anything like that wrong :wall: .
  15. I hadn't actually looked at that one, but doing it now, it appears that it deals a lot more with the gold farmer and mass profit angle. I am speaking about the obsessive aspect of staking. My mistake. To be 100% honest, I didn't in-depth read your topic. I noticed a lot of the same stuff was being said, that's why I assumed it was generally the same topic. But we all know what they say about assuming #-o .
  16. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=719688 Instead of starting a new topic. Considering almost everything you said in this topic matches up with the one I posted in the URL above.
  17. Yeah, everyone seems to be looking for conspiracy in the most innocent of actions. +1. I never blamed Jagex for the update. I always knew Jagex had a very good reason for killing it off, but I never thought that deeply into it. Of course, it all makes sense now and I agree with Jagex 100%. I mean come on guys... get rid of high staking or later on down the road POSSIBLY end up losing Runescape all together?
  18. What?. They are changed according to the player trades. What has that to do with planned economy? Its an automatic system changing by a maximum of 5% each day. Its not like JageX is changing the prices manually. Yes, but the prices were initially SET manually. Some of the prices are right on target while others are just plain stupid :roll: . Plus, the rares market is dead (not saying that as a merchant... but speaking for everyone with rares). Rares could rise and fall by the millions in a single day while now, IF they rise, it will be sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. Plus the wide gap in rare prices means you wouldnt be able to sell for hardly any gain if you wanted to. Example: Green H'ween masks sell from like... 17.4m to 18.6m. You KNOW nobody is going to buy in the 18 millions, so you are forced to sell for lower. In turn lowering the prices over time. Get my drift?
  19. Forgot to add something. Unless you are 100% sure the middleman is trustworthy, this wouldnt work at all. I've got some oooold RS friends. I'm no scammer, nor am I dishonest. But if two people were having a 50m stake and they both gave it to me (even good RS friends)... I must admit I myself would even be a little tempted :anxious: . I still think the idea of trusting the other person to trade is the best idea. If you win and they dont trade, who cares. You didnt lose anything except a couple minutes of your time. If you win and they pay, then woohoo!
  20. Very different. Plus, you have to be in the wilderness. Suppoed you have a 10m deathmatch going on and some lucky PKer just happens to stroll by. He nails you when you are very lo won HP and supplies, and boom... an easy 20m. This could be a solution to everyone's problems. In game mods and/or TIF staff and admins could be the middleman. Aside from that, you'll just have to go on pure trust. I mean whats the owrst that could happen? You win the duel and the guy refuses to pay? Yeah, you wasted your time and it's a bit frustrating... but you don't lose anything so you can't be TOO upset over it.
  21. I, personally, do not like the Grand Exchange. I'm quite old fashioned when it comes to Runescape and I just don't like it :oops: . Of course, it makes things cheaper and easily available for everyone... so lower levels/poor people probably LOVE it. I just cant get into it.
  22. I am not much of a skiller. I am not much of a quester. I am no pker. I was never a dueler, but any chances of be becoming one have been crushed. I am, however, a merchanter. Through and through *click siggy for blog.. it explains more :-w ). If rare merchanting is cut out of the picture or 100% fully controled, Jagex can say goodbye to Zibl for good. Not that it would make a difference. But this is getting pathetic. I know it's hard for Jagex to please everyone, and their jobs are stressful. But HOW DO THEY NOT SEE THAT THEY ARE RUINING SOME OF THE OLDEST AND FINEST THINGS IN RUNESCAPE!!?? Tradeable rares is probably the oldest, dearest, and most fascinating thing that we have left in Runescape. If that is taken from us, then to hell with it I say. P.S. - This isn't some rant from a merchant because he wont be able to make a lot of money now. This is coming from a seasoned veteran of Runescape and all it's old/present wonders.
  23. No. I havent. And if I did, I'd smack myself. But then again, we can't literally control what we dream about I don't suppose.
  24. Skillers annoy me. It can both ways you know. Besides, I've still yet to understand why people hate merchanting. You would honestly be suprised some of the hours some of us put into it. But instead of getting "oh meh gawd 99 mining!" we get, "oh meh gawd 50 million gp!"... :roll: . But on topic: I don't see them putting a cap on the GE. Then again, I never seen them doing that to dueling. So I suppose we'll all just have to wait and see.
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