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Allright everyone, if anyone remembers we used to have a logo on drawball and once the balls got split interest in it waned, this time we'll do it right. Most people wanted to destroy our old logo because it was runescape-related so this time we're trying something different on a much larger scale, we are doing this




A big thing about that though, DO NOT RESTORE THE SLASHES IF THEY ARE VANDALIZED. I put the slashes when I didn't realize we weren't /OT/ on 4chan (lol) so let them die. The website is here, get on and try to help our logo as much as possible!




A few tips taken right from the original thread-


1. Vandals will be counted as trolls. Their sole purpose of joining TIF was to try and antagonize us. Thus, please try to not respond if any vandal replies.




2. ANY (including known none-real TIF members, and real members) user posting and saying they are purposely destructing the logo is considered a troll, thus will be prosecuted as such. Please try to report these people.




3. Although it is good to give visual updates of the logo so that people know what kinda vandalism they have to deal with, please try to not post any pictures of the draw ball with body parts, or words that would be normally covered up by the censor.




4. Drawball is not serious business. I was even the one to start this whole business, and I feel no anger, nor any superiority over vandals when vandalism happens. I simply ignore it, and go on. Now I am not saying don't have competitive fun, but please realize you can be passionate about such things without getting too caught up in it.

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It's pretty visible now, added all of my ink. We should try to come up with a good shade of brown that we all paint.


E: Here



And it seems /b/ is at it already. There's a white spot appearing on the logo.


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I'll play with it later, just below 4000% ink.


8,325th to 99 Firemaking 3/9/08 | 44,811th to 99 Cooking 7/16/08

4,968th to 99 Farming 10/9/09 | Runescaper August 2005-March 2010

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500% ink later...


BTW, anyone remember that trick to getting more ink quickly?

I was going to eat hot dogs for dinner tonight. I think I will settle for cereal.



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This looks... amusing.

99 dungeoneering achieved, thanks to everyone that celebrated with me!


♪♪ Don't interrupt me as I struggle to complete this thought
Have some respect for someone more forgetful than yourself ♪♪

♪♪ And I'm not done
And I won't be till my head falls off ♪♪

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Added my brown.


Looks like theres a few vandals having some fun, but most can be covered up with some brown fairly easily.


By popular demand, this signature is back- however I currently do not have a blog up at the moment and if I did I wouldn't update it. Sorry, the sig links to nowhere :( .

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