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Tip.It Times Presents: The Other Combat Triangle


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Hi everyone!




This week's great Tip.it Times article is about "The Other Combat Triangle" by Ts_Stormrage. It gives us a look at the three




major groups that players have moved into as the game has evolved over time.




>>>The Other Combat Triangle<<<

No one needs to get their ass on their shoulders about this

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good read but i kinda put myself in a fourth category.




i am a skiller but i dont do it for the cash any more i do it to get the 99.


i got the cash i wanted from fletching :thumbsup: .




any subsequent cash is just icing but not entirely necesary. (like 30 mil from hunter :mrgreen:)




EDIT:woot 6th post






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Haha, I liked the "organized crime" reference. :lol:


Honestly, there's a reason why nobody likes merchanters. Screwing up the game's economy and spoiling everyone else's fun just so that *you* can get what you want? It's corrupt, and to quote Lord of War (movie) "Just because it isn't illegal doesn't mean it isn't wrong".


Pretty much what Dragon said.

Thread terminated.

I guess that means I'm the thread Terminator?


No Tip.Iters were harmed in the making of this post.

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Nice article! I really enjoyed reading that. Merchant's use to keep the goods flowing between different types of skillers and pkers but now with the grand exchange doing that.... umm... I'm really not sure where I was going with that. Honestly. Just forget I typed that section.

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Good read,




Not sure i really fit in any of those caterogies, but lately id say im more of a skiller than anything.




I agree with the view on price manipulators, although its hard to tell how much damage is being done by the manipulators and how much is the panic that ensues. Makes me sceptical about the power they wield, but its definately a problem with no obvious solution.

Theres a fine line between not listening and not caring,

I like to think I walk this line every day.

Pinning blame on Jagex is like trying to put pants on an old man.

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that was a good read, i'm would put my self as a warrior with a little bit of skilling and merchanting on the side....





I like to think of the Dark Bow like a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) - you get one shot and then you're screwed.
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I'd have to be an "Other," because if I stay at one of those professions too long, I'll bore my pants off. I sell everything I find and don't need on the GE, and free-alch what doesn't sell. I get money from mossying and finding junk. The last major skilling I've done isn't over, as I mined-smelted-crafted 1,337 tiaras because I want 70 crafting for diamond ammies (btw, when I started, I needed like 10k tiaras for 70 crafting). So, to get rid of them, I'm killing elemental wizzes for tallies to infuse them, then sell on GE (I also get tons of runes). This way, I get mining, smithing, crafting, and rc xp, plus gp. Maybe it counts that I get magic xp too, cuz of the tons of runes.




So yeah, I'm pretty organized. Too bad I still have like 1.1k tiaras (and, hence, tallies) to get rid of. And I started this months ago. Sigh.




I have quit RuneScape. I have posted on the Leaving sticky saying so. Goodbye.

"Too late... my time has come... gotta leave you all behind and face the truth."

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I'm a merchant, but not the kind explained in the article. I don't buy massive amounts of an item together with a clan to drive the price up, instead I look for items with graphs that have sinus curves and invest in those when they're about to go low and sell just before the top. This kind of investing is actually good for the economy, it balances the item prices out, making the curves smaller and smaller as time goes the more the item is used for investing. This is because you always buy before the bump reaches the bottom and sell before it reaches the top, or else you sell too late. So don't go saying that all merchants are bad for the economy :D




I used to be a combat player in 2005-2006, but then changed to being a skiller until I found merchanting this year :P

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Im a mix between 1 and 2


i used to love training coombat,but i got bored of it


now im training non-combat skills but i dont got that much money :cry:


good read btw! :thumbsup:

99 Firemaking 30-5-2010 | 99 Fletching 13-7-2014
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I am definately a skiller to a point. It seems that I've just always made money that way...




I do know though, that I would love to be a boss hunter, and am trying to "turn into" one, and I know too that I am definately not a merchanter.

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I am a skiller, but I can place myself in the other two at times.




It would be intresting to see what would happen if JaGex cut the merchanting. Lets say, 100 amount of raw materials and others fitted to amount where it comes to a point where you have to get an item yourself. Would love to see that happen, just to make people go back to the old fashion way for awhile.




Good read.

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Very enjoyable article, and nicely written!




I'm a skiller who does a little fighting on the side (88 cb). I make money, but very slowly. For example, I don't chop yews and willows to sell them, but I use them to boost other skills (firemaking, fletching, magic via alching) so the money will come at the very end of the process, after months and months. A lot of the money will be going up in smoke, so exp is much more important than money for me. If I ever need anything, I can always sell off some materials to get what I need, but that's pretty rare.

~Proud RuneMart Founder.

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I Would put myself in the skiller category. but i have a respect for everyone but merchants. this is because. they don't seem to do anything. as the article states "make millions without even moving" i don't mind PKers. they risk there items for a profit. skillers take time to make there money and monster hunters challenge themselves. but merchants to put it abruptly don't... my brother (a hard core merchant) logs into runescape for about 10 minuets maximum a day to manipulate his GE offers. then logs out. runescape is a "game"




and call me old fashioned but a game is about "controlling stuff and having it interact with other stuff and your brain generates FUN!"




so i really don't see the point in "playing" runescape with a merchants life.




That is just my opinion on the matter =)

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A well planned out article, but I must object to the way you antagonized merchants. Sure, group of extremely wealthy players can bump prices a little bit, but it takes mass participation to make their goals reality. The people behind the bulk of the price surges and plummets are the average runescape joe's who are trying to make a quick buck or maximize their profit on their items. Now that we all can visually see the value of our items in any trade screen, we ALL have become merchants; all of us are concerned for the welfare and value of our goods, and by trying to make the most of what you have you on the same turf as the "criminal" merchants you have so labeled. Think of the merchanting clans are like lobbyists; they try to slighty influence the policy of the government (G/E) and let the general public do the rest.

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I guess I'm in the Combat section but not in the Boss Hunter subsection. I slay for most, if not all of my money. I never gwd and the most I do is go to KBD for slayer tasks every once in a while. Slayer=Money. <3:




Good read, I liked this one. =D>


Thanks to all those who have messaged me concerning a revamp of my Range-Slayer guide. Because of you all I will start rewriting it asap.[/color]


Formerly RobinHoodie.

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