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New Quest XP reward -- don't read if you don't want to know.


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Doesn't the skill have to be above level 65 or higher?




Yeah unfortunately :( I was going to put it on hunter to get a spottier cape, but i couldn't

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My quandrie is a bit different.




I want construction to be my lowest skill as I hate training it so all my genies/tome and TOG go to it. However my construction and rc levels are close. As soon as my construction goes higher than my rc then I rc for a few hours and forget about it for another month or 2.




Straight away I thought stick it all in construction. However that would mean making up 400k in rc XP in order to level them out again. Roughly 20 hours worth of work, I just don't want to do.




I then thought about sticking it all in rc. This has the bonus of taking me to 75, for giant pouches and meaning I don't have to worry about rc again for ages. However it's a loss. 400k XP in terms of natures is a lot. However in the 20 hours I save I'm sure I can make that money.




Other option for me is to put 200k on construction and 200k on rc. Then I'm in the same boat now which rather ruins the point of a reward.




All other skills are a waste imoh. Anything combat related (and yes that includes slayer) can be levelled up perfectly fast enough without the extra.




Agility isn't that slow once you hit 65-70 and mining is bearable with the star hunting. All other skills get you XP fast/cheap enough not to be an issue.




Even with 99 melee/range stats Slayer can only be trained for around 20k per hour unless using a cannon, which then is a waste of cash. So saying that putting 400k exp into slayer would be a waste is really just ignorant on your part. Especially when you become my level and 1 slayer level takes over 1,000,000 experience.




Mine went into Slayer all the way, and as far as I'm concerned I made an extremely smart decision.



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i did put it all in RC and saved some hours and buying pess.


since ç'm not a 99 smith, I sold the lump for 11.6m and now can put it in more summoning/construction with ease ! Both are fast with the fresh geepees !




More seriously i keep the cash since i'm busy atm.




275QP ftw !

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If I would do the quest I would probably put it in summoning to get me to 68 (100k?) and the rest probably on prayer/herblore/construction (if I manage to get minimum levels by then).




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Personally, I plan to put enough on slayer to get 83 (if i can), and one on agility.


Mostly because I've returned from a break, and I really need some money, and agility is always good.

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I have no idea. I could use 200k on runecrafting to get me a giant pouch fast and the other 200k on 75 mining, that would save me about 16 hours of doing boring skills. I could use it on slayer too because that's even slower to train, but at least it's fun. :?




Oh well. I'll first go do the quests I have left and see what I'll use the xp on after that.

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I would probably put a lot of the xp into smithing, it's a long boring job where most of the time you lose money. Also it would get you closer to that 99 smithing for the dragon platebody ;)



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I'd save it for the next quest that has high requirements :)

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Well, i'm working on getting the stats for the quest at the moment. I have Farming, Herblore and smithing (for Rocking out) to get. Personally, I'm undecided on what to do. 400k xp is ALOT, and it really depends what im planning to do in the long term. For now though, im undecided :roll:

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well.. pity i stopped doing quests after i got my cape.. so i have 250 something qp.. so a lot to catch up on.. but i will use it on slayer.. i am 613k or something from 94 slay so all 400k is going into that. don't think i will get level soon because i don't even play :D

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I took 200k prayer and 200k agility... got me 3 agility levels (now lvl 70 yay) and 2 prayer levels (to 71) so they both had pretty good benefits




I would have used it on RC, but I didn't feel like training my RC another level +5k xp to get to 65.. shame

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