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Tip.It Times: 11 Jan 2009



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Time for a new release of the Tip.It Times!







When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!




If you have any questions on the new format, make sure to check out the announcement found here: A New Times: Features & Writers (Discussion)






Enjoy all the articles!



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Hmm, the story is ok, though not really to my tastes. The guide- meh.


The random article was pretty good- I would have to disagree on the entertainment value of the some of the randoms, but hey, to each their own. One thing I really would like to see is a shortening of randoms, and not getting them in certain areas. The amount of hunting stuff I've lost to kidnapping randoms is very annoying, and having to redo half of the Grand Tree quest because I got an evil chicken while facing the demon, retreated to have the evil chicken go and had the demon go as well, then had to regather a ton of stuff I'd dropped for bank space to get back in the hatch >.<


Also, perhaps retiring the clothing randoms once you get the set, with the option to keep getting them if you like that random, as well as an option to send random loot straight to the bank instead of having to drop it.

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i like the random event thing. jagex says they will remove, but nothing has happened. and people are getting annoyed. i like the maze example, and that is sometimes true. id b waiting for some buddies so we can go kiil a boss or something and then one of us will get like a quiz show random and then we're delayed for a few more minutes or something. then one of use has to leave and the party falls apart. jagex should keep randoms to a minimum, and not have then activate so much. event he reward giver ones. theyre really not wanted.




like the mole acticle too. i did mole, when i needed easy cash. and its very fun. very easy too. and rewards are above par for a "boss" that easily solo-able. i meleed it though, since my range is pitiful. its a good beginners guide, but i think melee works best for mole if your range isnt 70+ (mine isnt)

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Loving the new layout. The featured article was good as ever, the mole hunting guide (although not really something I'll apply) was interesting and the Fiction article looks it could progress into a great story.




The randoms need sorting though seeming as were nearly 10 months down the road I get the feeling the idea may have been dropped, or at least put on the back burner. Not that thats terrible Id always prefer jagex to work on new content that existing function content but I guess I just like shiny things :D

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For the moment, we are concentrating on our PvP mini games to compensate for the Wilderness changes, but the random event proposal has been approved and is in the pipeline.





Must be a godawful long pipeline. They could always turn off the triggers now and then take the actual code and stuff out when it came out of the pipeline... Really, should it take 10 months to turn off getting Leo when you bury a bone?




I disagree with the author in that Jagex shouldn't be improving randoms - they should be removing them.

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Would you honestly get rid of Genie Lamps and Books of Knowledge?




If it means not having Molly or the Drill Demon... yes, I would sacrifice them to please the random gods in my favor.




Yeah I'd have to agree with you there.




Loved all the articles and totally agree with the Random Event one.




They should remove a lot of them and make the ones they leave have really good rewards worth 5k+ at least.




I honestly lost track of how many 20gp rewards I've gotten in my time playing, just way too many.

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they could easly make the rewards 10-20gp x total level for example ... if you have 2000 total lvl you will get from 20k to 40k from the random event ... people will be happy to get randoms then ...


edit or 100-200 x your highest still ... (at lvl 90 from 9k to 18k)

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the one about the randoms:




i too have found myself accurately predicting when i will get randoms while i skill.




wc: about every 400-500 logs


fm: every 400 logs or so




and it did not take me that long to figure that out either. i also realized that i really dont like most randoms.


i agree that the molly and pinball randoms are annoying. where the class room and genie randoms are wonderful




The one about the mole:


i love killing the mole. it is one of the few large beasties that i am willing to go kill by myself, in fact that is the way i prefer it cause i cannot hit it when i have my freinds with me.




i love the mole <3:<3:






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The featured article was a great read. I agree completely! Get rid of the ones that only give 500 gp (make the ones with costumes optional), give the others better rewards, give us the ability to turn off the teleporting randoms, and please, I'm begging you, let us just shoot Molly and her sister and just get it over with!!




The mole guide was okay, I guess (I guess I'm just too high-leveled to find it interesting), and I didn't read the third (I don't find stories based on a game all that appealing).

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I liked all 3 articles.


I agreed with the first one, In that the rewards should be more fruitful


The guide on mole killing wasnt of much use for me, because I don't hunt moles. It may be a good place to hunt for low lvled players though.


The fictional work was suberb but a bit short. I can't wait for the rest of this facinating story.

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Wholeheartedly agree with the comments on random events. Something that nobody else seems to pick up on with the topic of randoms is that even at the height of bot-harvesting loot, they didn't work.




Consider for a moment, bots were essentially a programme that allowed the user to afk whilst still gaining resources/xp. As a result, jagex implemented the safety features we all know and largely don't love. Aside from anything else, random events were the most well-known measure, implemented to outfox all those bots which followed a set clicking pattern and therefore wouldn't be able to cope with the rogue clicks required by a random event. However, I often wonder if jagex considered the places where people could actually afk anyway. Would it really be possible to afk at steel dragons? Or in the chaos tunnels with 6 angry fire giants milling round? Perhaps, I'll grant, considering the benefits of guthans, but still an almighty risk that would gain little reward at the best of times. Metal dragons could destroy any canny mager or ranger if the bot clicked in too close to allow melee attacks, similarly even with 92 defence, a few lucky strikes from a fire giant would have me rolling around in agony/death... In fact, it seems to me that aside from the obviously hostile spots where an idiot could theoretically afk for a little while before death, the only place that remains in combat is in the desert at the bandit camp.




Now I have no issue with the countless number of people who use desert bandits for stupendously fast xp with minimal clicks, and while I do not condone the popular afking method, I'm not so naive as to think it doesn't happen. Still, if randoms have a place in combat areas, the desert surely is it. Here I think few would argue in favour of removing randoms, as I'm sure many would accept that afking, being technically against the rules, is worthy of a random event punishment. Yet this does not answer the question of why they have to be applied to every area in the whole of runescape. As stated, they seem to have lost their place as a measure against bots, so why do they remain? It seems odd that after sacrificing a large part of their long-term player base, many of whom left when the wilderness and free trade were abolished, jagex did not immediately seek to rectify the imbalance created by pointless randoms.




Surely it is not too much to ask that those in very risky areas such as metal dragons or the vast multi-combat catacombs of the chaos tunnels should be spared the pointless "protection" of anti-bot randoms...?




Personally I'd be happy to see almost all of the randoms removed for good, but at the very least let's start with removing them as a threat to obviously legitimate players.




Oh and as for the other two articles, nice work, though I felt that perhaps the giant mole guide would be more suited to a "monster hunting" guide than as a tip.it times article.

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I normally like articles by the tip.it times, but this one was not to my taste, it was a little to critical towards Jagex, and randoms aren't a very big part of the game, there fore i don't think that it's that big of a deal. i'm not a fan of randoms myself, but jagex increasing rewards can have a very big effect on rs, i get maybe 1 random an hour which means it isn't a big part of rs at all


To sum it up i'd rather jagex works on almost anything else i'm sorry to disagree

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yup.... runescape is pretty stressful


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I actually was a bit disappointed as far as the quality of the articles today (the randoms one and the mole one). The randoms article was filled with grammatical and spelling errors. That would be fine if it were a topic or thread found on the general discussion forum, but this is a Times article which should have been checked to look more professional. The randoms article in particular had a lot of misplaced capital letters and odd sentence structure.




Aside from my grammar nazi-ness, I thought the articles were ok. I didn't particularly agree with the randoms article; I actually enjoy randoms when I get them. And Molly is hard to catch? Not really. I get her every time on my first try. She doesn't move fast at all.




And the mole one was good too. At least it tried to interject some humor.


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re: randoms




personally i think more randoms should be rewarded with xp, just like the lamps or knowledge books.




we should be rewarded for having collected all costume items from the mime (for example), as that is an achievement in itself, by receiving some kind of item that gives a small amount of xp. lamps give 10xlevel, books give 15xlevel, so why not 5xlevel? it might not be much, but if you think about how many costumes you can get, the chances of getting one of these items (i.e. a costume token or something) increases with the more full sets you have. i personally have all of the costumes and get very sick of having the same randoms. i don't mind Evil Bob, i either get a few good noted herbs or small amount of fish xp for free, even molly (as annoying as she is) gives noted gems, but i agree with curmudgeon - why would we want 20gp? i'd much rather 100xp in any skill i choose.

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i also realized that i really dont like most randoms.


i agree that the molly and pinball randoms are annoying. where the class room and genie randoms are wonderful




what is the difference between these though? the tests for the knowledge book are not that different from the "greatest quiz in runescape" random, other than you get some (possibly good) xp from it, rather than an old boot hidden inside a gift-wrapped box.




it basically comes down to reward. you would be less likely to be critical about a random if the rewards were better, which is why EVERYONE likes the genie and classroom randoms.








i hate randoms


my most hated rs thing, there honestly pointless, except the ones that give xp




reiterates the above.

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tbh only 2 of the randoms are imo bad enough to get rid of completly evil bob with prison pete and molly a few of the others could yield different rewards like freaky forester and drill demon 500gp isnt bad but its boring and repetitive gimme a lamp plz :roll:

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Re: randoms




You're pretty much shooting fish in a barrel. As you're saying, everyone knows the randoms are outdated seeing as even Jagex admitted it. So why write an article about random events not filling their purpose? The topic makes it sound reasonable, that they have been "neglected", but the article isn't about how nothing has happened during the 10 months since the Jagex statement, it's just trash talking.


Sorry for the rant, it's a good article. I just don't really see the point of it.




And by the way, be sure that they will get updated in 2009, seeing as this is supposed to be Jagex's year of upgrading. \'

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