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Tip.It Times Presents: Quests: the FIVE Different Types?


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This week's Tip.It Times has been released. Feel free to discuss the article or post any comments. If you have any criticism, please make sure it's constructive! :D








Quests: the FIVE Different Types?












RuneScape features a world of monsters to kill, non-playable-characters (or NPCs) to speak to and different skills that allow players to make a living or simply have fun practising them. The game even features challenges such as the...








Click here to read the rest of this article.

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1st post!




yeah i like my quests (209 qp slowly working up to 229) and i like the humour in them, sometimes i find myself resorting to guides to easily, so i do all new quests without guides on the day so i dont have the choice to be tempted.




my quest is to do all quests by march (so yeah i mean slowly and got a long way to go on my non-official quests) :P








PS :o my first ever first post on a vaguely important thread


Yeah...Some people just go out of their way to ruin other peoples fun.
Sounds like Jagex to me...

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hehe... stupid... but its not your quest to steal the flag if you arnt playing cw... and its not your quest to destroy protals if you arnt playing pest control... jagex now list me 99 fishing goal in the quest journal :)








called: come here fishy fishy...


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i dont play anymore... i think rs is ruined

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It's a bit short, but it's great. Myself i am included in some of those types, but i dont really like "official" quests.











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GWD drops : Sara Sword, Bandos Tassets, Zammy Spear

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I hate doing the traditional kind of quests. I'll always use guides to complete them as quickly as possible and the only reason I have 185 qp is because I wanted the barrows gloves from r4d.








So to me, quests are only to be done if the rewards are good.

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I personally thought this article was a bit of a let down.








Reading the title and early stages I thought it was going to be a nice look at runescapes quest their various forms and story lines and how they are vital to playing the game was success. Which would of made a nice read and also could of dispelled some of the popular quests are pointless or too easy beliefs among many newer players.








What the article actual was however was pretty poor, I think, I mean player killing, minigames and goals aren't quests unless u put a very obsurd spin on them.








Mini-games they are a game where you have objectives and or goals to complete. I mean do you ever think to yourself it is my quest to reach the finish square before you start a game of snakes and ladders or such like? no








Player killing is most certainly not a quest it is just a form of combat that is alternative to monster fighting








Goals aren't quest either they are just what they say, goals or targets. Again do you in real life think "it is my quest to get a B in english? No you set it as a target.








So in my view this article was total jibberish, sure it may of had some argument but not enough depth or reasons to it to present a convincing argue or make a worthwhile read.








Most tip.it times I find are a ncie way to spend 10mins-15mins reading and thinking about, this article was over before I had even moved my hand from the mouse.








Not much of the good quality tip.it times normally has, in my opinion anyway


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A little short but an okay piece. I liked how he perceived that quests don't end just when you finish all the quests and you can make a quest out of other things like levelling a skill to 99 which I see as somewhat of a quest.








Having already completed all the quests I am now on one of my own quests to finish alching my 23k yew longs...

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I was also disappointed when I read the article. I too thought it would be a nice long article about the varys in all the quests, not the definition of quest. And btw, you can mage\range\hally that level 150 demon, so it's not really a big deal to kill it :boohoo:




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agreed. i havea account on maplestory as well, but it's boring. so i quit and use all my game time on rs. and rs didnt let me down=) i had lot of fun, and the update of the game are just rocks.in my opinion: RS RULE4EVER! it challenges you, all the new item and skills keep coming up makes u want to work harder towards it. so..anyway... I LOVE RS4EVER! :3>

Quit runescape on Jan 6th of 2008, at level of 115 with around 150M worth of item in bank...however stats still remains


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I didn't really like this article. It was too short in my opinion, and didn't really tell me anything new, just a player's definition of the word 'quest'...












i totally agree. this topic could have been better covered but it wasnt. quest is just a fancy term for "trying to achieve a goal". thats what ur doing when ur on an offical quest. and mimigames. i think thoughs are games to get experience. not much of a quest. do u really play pc for the sake of the viod knight? no u play for xp.








well that was my 2 cents.

Quest cape since Jan. 30th, '08

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I thought it was a bit of a letdown, it seemed to me like it was more of a filler article to give the editor a break than anything...When I read the title and then started reading it I was getting ready to read a really interesting article, and then it was...just ok.....








My complaint isn't so much that the article was BAD (it was decent) but that the idea had a potential to be SO MUCH MORE!


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I didn't really liked this article, reading the title i just expected something like dividing different quest types like quests where you only have to gather some stuff (imp catcher for example) and quests where you have to use your brains or use skills.




I used to play a MMORPG game called kalonline where all quests were just kill monster x untill they dropped number y quest drops, the quests of runescape are much better than that.




The article itself isn't anything wrong with it's just below that potential the title suggested for me :cry:


The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

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I feel I should be honest and say, basically, I think that article was completely pointless. I'm now informed as to the writer's love of quests, his/her latest achievementss and some quite obvious common sense concerning the 'other' quest types.




Infact, the part about the 3 other quest types wasn't really even related to the game. Pretty much all it said was that any pre-meditated task that you do can be considered a quest.








Not worth writing an article about in my opinion, sorry. :P

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I truly didn't think this article matches the high qualities the usual Tip.It Times contains. Too short, a little uninformative...after all, we could say treasure trails are quests, meeting people is a quest, and more. It seemed to me like The Editor didn't have time to write an article, so this "filler" was used.








Not worth writing an article about in my opinion, sorry.
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