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  • Bad deal. JK! It's clearly a RWT website selling gold, items, and powerlevelling which Tip.It doesn't endorse.


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advertiser = gold4fun

url = http://www.gold4fun.com/Runescape-gold.html?gclid=CKK7xNLHxK4CFe4DQAodb1RB5g

banner on tipit

advertising gold for cash, accounts for sale, levelling, etc...

location = America


Pretty sure I have been seeing this one since about the time Drspock70 posted it, at least the 3rd or 4th time I have seen it this month now.

CLICK - 770th to 99 SLAYER 2/4/08 - 204th to 99 Summoning 7/1/08 CLICK



[Hide=List of Drops That I haven't updated in Years but want to keep in my Sig anyways...]VISAGE DROP - 12/06/07

3 Duo Sara Hilts, 3 Duo Arma Hilts, 2 Trio Arma Hilts.

Dark Bows: (11) Dragon Boots: (50!)

Whip Drops: (42!!!) Dragon Drops: (90+!!!!!) 2 D CHAINS!, 3 D Axe, 8 D meds, 7 left halfs, 7 D legs, 6 skirts, 8 Spears[/hide]

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LANDING URL: Chttp://www.mmosavor.com/runescape/RSIndex.aspx?vcads=mmosavor.RS&gclid=CLfPmdGd2a4CFSx-mAodYSAaew

TYPE: Top Banner

SITE: www.mmosavor.com



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advertiser = gold4fun

url = http://www.gold4fun....CFe4DQAodb1RB5g

Type: top banner on tip.it forum

Site: www.gold4fun.com

location: Canada

reason: RWT

I don't know which mod did this. I don't know why they did it. If they're looking for money, I can tell them I don't have any as I'm a student. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over 4 years of RuneScape. Skills that I have worked hard for and people like them can't take them away. If they give me my particles back now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for them, I will not pursue them. But if they don't, I will look for them, I will find them, and they won't like what'll happen

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ADVERTISER: Google Ads (Well, fairly sure of it)






REASON: RWT ads have nothing to do on platinum fansites.

*Comes up with the incredibly stupic idea to sort my bank alphabetically*
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ADVERTISER: [Caution: Jagex Rule Violation]

LANDING URL: http://www.gold4fun.com/?gclid=CLLsn8yU6a4CFQSHDgodLSD9Wg

TYPE: Top Banner

SITE: Gold2rs


REASON: They sell RS gold.

~@NL Teddy, the teddybear of Tip.it~

Infected? Read




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LANDING URL: http://www.gold4fun.com/Runescape-gold.html?gclid=CO71xOeP6q4CFUio4AodciDOKg

TYPE: Side Banner

SITE: Gold4fun.com

MY LOCATION: Newfoundland, Canada

REASON: RWT, Blocked by anti-phishing/virus


[spoiler=Rare Drops/Splits (Feb 2013 - ??)]




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ADVERTISER: doubleclick.net

LANDING URL: http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=l&ai=BKWW_SuJkT77zOMva-gbE8rx818LDnAKX2dKYKPPI9sIEoMpFEAEYASC03OUcOABQtbuIxgJgkYSghYwYoAHBs4DjA7IBCnd3dy50aXAuaXS6AQk3Mjh4OTBfYXPIAQPaARxodHRwOi8vd3d3LnRpcC5pdC9ydW5lc2NhcGUv4AECgAIBqQK3oDCS8jqFPsgCv7DNIagDAcgDHegDpwfoA-4E6AP9AvUDAAgAyPUDAAAAEKAGAw&num=1&sig=AOD64_2ZF8EiFMsu3lU5SjMEj8LAPhU3jQ&client=ca-pub-7006458855726751&adurl=http://www.mmosavor.com/runescape/RSIndex.aspx%3Fvcads%3Dmmosavor.RS&nm=10&nx=236&ny=49

TYPE: Top Banner

SITE: mmosavor.com

MY LOCATION: Netherlands

REASON: Selling items for real world money ( http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/simgad/12647425542260425069 )



ADVERTISER: googleadservice

LANDING URL:http://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=BLKsav-JkT8CXJMKO-Qbw1rAvyMPAwQPQ-e2DPvDz75pFwNTDAxABGAEgtNzlHDgAUK6O9-T9_____wFgkYSghYwYoAG4kOvFA7IBDGZvcnVtLnRpcC5pdLoBCTcyOHg5MF9hc8gBAtoBXGh0dHA6Ly9mb3J1bS50aXAuaXQvaW5kZXgucGhwP2FwcD1mb3J1bXMmbW9kdWxlPXBvc3Qmc2VjdGlvbj1wb3N0JmRvPXJlcGx5X3Bvc3QmZj0zNyZ0PTE2OTA2gAIBqQK3oDCS8jqFPsgC-OToMKgDAcgDHfUDAAkAwPUDAAAAEIgGAaAGAg&num=1&cid=5GhjCFJNJSNCdH6OOFzLQkIU&sig=AOD64_20SFyAbAc2QGVdvyQDTjndWwU-lA&client=ca-pub-7006458855726751&adurl=http://www.Gold4Fun.com/Runescape-gold.html&nm=10&nx=239&ny=65

TYPE: Top Banner

SITE: gold4fun.com

MY LOCATION: Netherlands

REASON: Selling gold for real world money ( http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/simgad/5277845185799943139 )

"The more persistence a game tries to have; the longer it is set up to last; the greater number (and broader variety) of people it tries to attract; and in general the more immersive a game/world it set out to be--then the more breadth and depth of human experience it needs to support to be successful for more than say, 12-24 months. If you try to create a deeply immersive, broadly appealing, long-lasting world that does not adequately provide for human tendencies such as violence, acquisition, justice, family, community, exploration, etc (and I would contend we are nowhere close to doing this), you will see two results: first, individuals in the population will begin to display a wide range of fairly predictable socially pathological behaviors (including general malaise, complaining, excessive bullying and/or PKing, harassment, territoriality, inappropriate aggression, and open rebellion against those who run the game); and second, people will eventually vote with their feet--but only after having passionately cast 'a pox on both your houses.' In essence, if you set people up for an experience they deeply crave (and mostly cannot find in real life) and then don't deliver, they will become like spurned lovers--somebecome sullen and aggressive or neurotic, and eventually almost all leave."

Mike Sellers' Hypothesis

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LANDING URL: www.mmosaver.com/

TYPE: Top Banner OR Side Banner

SITE: MMOsaver

MY LOCATION: Netherlands

REASON: they advertise selling RS gold for reallife money



First they came to fishing

and I didn't speak out because I wasn't fishing;

Then they came to the yews

and I didn't speak out because I didn't cut yews;

Then they came for the ores

and I didn't speak out because I didn't collect ores;

Then they came for me

and there was no one left to speak out for me.


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ADVERTISER: Botters United

LANDING URL: http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=L&ai=BZni-Qod4T4rHAsrO0AW_3ryoBbWz7pQC_YfA3y7AjbcBkE4QARgBILTc5Rw4AFCp8MTpBWC5u-0EsgELb3Blbi50aXAuaXS6AQk3Mjh4OTBfYXPIAQLaARNodHRwOi8vb3Blbi50aXAuaXQvqAMByAMd6AOnB-gD7gToA_0C9QMACADI9QMAAAAQoAYC&num=1&sig=AOD64_2JGifnTFgDQ2jFwFPLhzw_sapgFg&client=ca-pub-7006458855726751&adurl=http://www.botters-united.com&nm=4&nx=299&ny=24


SITE: www.botters-united.com

MY LOCATION: Lithuania

REASON: *AFK training promotion*


[insert caps locked swear words directed at this advertisement from a person who has over 900 box traps recovered from red chin *AFK hunters*]

R.I.P. oO000oO0oO00, RS2 range pure transformed to a maxed PvM char in EoC, ten years of time completely wasted.
Good to be gone :)

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Former Leader of The Tal Shiar Alliance - An Original Tip.it Clan
Member of the Wilderness Guardians and Founder of the Silent Guardians
Founder of The Conclave - A Tip.it Clan institution
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Check us out!
==> No seriously, if you like FREE GP, XP and Dung tokens, as well as Community, Opportunity and above all FUN... <==

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ADVERTISER: Which company is advertising on behalf of the bad ad?

simgad (?)

LANDING URL: Copy the full ad URL (right click the link and select copy link location)


TYPE: Top Banner OR Side Banner

Top banner

SITE: What is the name of the site/product being advertised?

Selling runescape gold

MY LOCATION: Which country do you live in?


REASON: What is wrong with the advertisement

Selling RS gold is against the rules.



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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  • 2 weeks later...

ADVERTISER: Which company is advertising on behalf of the bad ad?


LANDING URL: Copy the full ad URL (right click the link and select copy link location)


TYPE: Top Banner OR Side Banner

Top Banner

SITE: What is the name of the site/product being advertised?


MY LOCATION: Which country do you live in?

United States

REASON: What is wrong with the advertisement?

Selling RS gold.

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Mercifull <3 Suzi

"We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in RuneScape" Jagex 01/04/01 - 02/03/12

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