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The Varrock Library Authors Index


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The Index


What this is:

This thread is what the title says it is - an index thread where any author can create an entrance for themselves simply by posting a list of their written works. The project has the full approval of ForsakenMage, the Library moderator. In the second post of this topic there is an alphabetical list of authors who have made a post in this topic. Clicking any of the authors' names will take you to their index post.


The rules:

  • One post per author - This will keep the thread as clean as possible. You can simply edit your post if you have new material to add.
  • Authors only - All posts made to this thread that aren't submitted by authors that want to be added to the index will be deleted.

How to make an index post:


First, you'll need a link of the topics you'll want to include. The easiest way to find this topic is to use the search function:




Fill in your own forum name in the Author field, select the Varrock Library from the Forum dropdown menu. By sorting the search results by author you'll get a convenient list that will look something like this...




Now, it's simply a matter of using these results to create an index post. The following format is recommended:

[b][url=topic link]Story title[/url][/b] - Story description

The story title is pretty obvious. The story description should be brief and to the point, ideally two lines at most. Once you've entered the stories you want to use in this format, you can sort them in the way you prefer. Alphabetically or by genre, whichever you find most convenient. Below is an example of what my index entry would look like...

The Dreamweb - My first serious attempt at writing. Although it's pretty much on hiatus now there's still over 25.000 words of cyberpunk to be read.



The Imp and the Jinn - Always be careful what you wish for...

The World Behind the Painting - A piece of art turns out to be far less harmless than it seems



Deja Vu - Nothing blurs the lines between reality and fantasy like a woman

Untitled - A fateful encounter between two old friends

Pieces of Christine - A young woman making her final journey

Untitled - A quarry, a summer storm and two people in love



The Assassin - A short story about killing a goddess

Untitled - A young burglar exploring a seemingly abandoned hospital finds more than she bargained for



My Tip.It times article on The Library

Mama Medea - A very brief piece of experimental writing

Well, there you have it, get posting and help make the index as complete as possible :)




Approved by ForsakenMage, The Library Curator


17 October 2007

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The Dreamweb - My first serious attempt at writing. Although it's pretty much on hiatus now there's still over 25.000 words of cyberpunk to be read.




The Imp and the Jinn - Always be careful what you wish for...


The World Behind the Painting - A piece of art turns out to be far less harmless than it seems




Deja Vu - Nothing blurs the lines between reality and fantasy like a woman


Untitled - A fateful encounter between two old friends


Pieces of Christine - A young woman making her final journey


Untitled - A quarry, a summer storm and two people in love




The Assassin - A short story about killing a goddess


Untitled - A young burglar exploring a seemingly abandoned hospital finds more than she bargained for




My Tip.It times article on The Library


Mama Medea - A very brief piece of experimental writing

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Oath of a Dream Kevin dreams of a girl he marries, then wakes up next to her... how will things be? What will prevail? Kevin's world and its views, or will Kevin choose the right thing?




Simoun Simula, a tale of air-piracy The story of Simoun Simula, famous air pirate.




But right now, Writing Bloodlust Hollows started by Sephiroth King, perhaps he and Ozzy will get back in it. -.-




Creation of Kun An old woman tells of the creation of the people of Kun's existence.




Done for a bit of fun: Diary of poor Banquo My version of Banquo's story, from Macbeth




Star Wars, Empire at War - Three earth children are caught up in the Galactic Civil war, one will be the Emperor's Mind, another, leader of the Alliance, and the last shall control one of the most powerful forces of corruption ever.




Confused Flames - The tale of a warrior and those he loves.




A Tragedy of the Keyblade War - Two lovers battle, Sora and co investigate Kingdom hearts.




Fulmetal wars/Runescape, above and beyond - A family man is sucked into Runescape, and this event is the beginning of many deaths.




Legend of Zelda, Time's Requiem - Link and his battles after Ocarina of Time.




- Variable X, an unfortunate soul - A short story about a homeless, angry kid.




Contratheo, homeland of Montags! - An outcast decides to start a war between Montags and humans. (I'll finish it someday, Archimage A!)




The Cataphract of Kun! - A warrior race of humans conquer the world at great cost.




Brekar - A third generation king still feels his barbarian roots and deals with love and another king who wants to join kingdoms. (unfinished and likely never to be)




Age of Cataphracts Forever - A game about war brings up rivalries, love, and hatred.




The story of Investigating the Wise Old Man - I travel Mort Myre swamp, investigating for signs of the Wise Old Man




Tale of the Lover's Ghosts - Two lovers are forced to fight in a war. Very sad. If you want to sample my work, this one would be good to start with.




RPGs I participated in.




role playing - Fienrir and the family of Hylean fight evil forces invading Varrock. (Zipper began this)




Zephillia: The Anarchist - 3 people's lives are changed as battles rage over the fate of a government. (Fists of Ozzy began this)




Absolution (RPG) - Warriors attack as rebellion threatens the world government. (Started by Sephiroth King)




The Hunter's Run - My character is a mage bred to destroy, and assists on a dangerous game. (Unoalexi's)


I'll show you how terrifying a true Christian can be!

It's Xewleer: ZEW le ar, got it memorized?

Hermit of the Varrock Library and its proud guard.

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Short stories




Cycle - Fantasy/horror; on a man trapped in prisons both physical and mental.




The Dragon Hunter - Fantasy; to become a man among his people, a young Elf seeks an elusive dragon and finds more than he bargained for.




The Last Charge - Fantasy; a battle for freedom and pride, with human folly at its heart.




Silent Thunder - Fantasy/steampunk; a patrol into the woods goes horribly wrong.




Steel Grey - Historical fiction; a question of destiny after the sinking of the Bismarck.








Ravens Cabal - Fantasy; my first work of fiction, about an assassin who suffers betrayal and comes to work for the king of Varrock.




Blood Warrior - Fantasy; the sequel to Ravens Cabal, about the tiefling Vriskath and his journey for deliverance through the lower planes.




The Emperor's Finest - Fantasy; my latest series, set in the world of Astri, about an investigator working to thwart the enemies of the Dramaskan Empire.




Shattered Sky

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War of Frenskae- Vaguely based on the Demon Slayer quest. About an obnoxious egomaniac named Wallace. Don't have a rock-solid plan for the plot yet.




A Tale of Prejudice- A boy named Jack moves to Keldagrim, and receives an unpleasant welcome.

Ah, this reminds me about the noob on the Runescape forums who was upset with the quest "Cold War" because apparently his grandparents died in the war. :wall:
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Short Stories




URL The Follower After being followed on his way home, the protagonist is brutally attacked. Is there a link between the two events?










URL The Final Surgery They said the surgery would be safe. But it went horribly wrong.




URL Black and white How has our attitudes towards other races changed over the past 100 years?




URL The Dying Wish He knew his life was ending, so why did he resist death for so long?




URL The sin of men- the cold within They could easily have survived, but why did they end up dead?




URL Green- the Colour of Envy Is the grass really greener on the other side?

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Eponymous - Newest and best, a serial telling the tale of a city under seige from multiple perspectives.




Excerpts - Short samples from my primary work, a prospective novel.




Stratagem - My ongoing mystery/thriller about a group of friends who wake up in an unfamiliar place.




Bane of the Good Samartians - A stand-alone thriller.


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My works:






Demon Antics- A story about a man who fights a sand demon, and accidentally kills an old man, who iis actually a demon. In the process, the man sucks in the old mans soul, and gains his powers.




New Earth-An odd, somewhat poetic story, where a man keeps hearing voices in a dark room, telling him about how they died and are now in hell. He also falls asleep and dreams of a chaotic wasteland known as new earth.




James Bond: No One Lives Forever- Bond is pitted against Ernst Stavro Blofelds son!

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Old Crud:


The Story of the Elves - The story of elven heroes raised in human lands, then whisked back to the elven lands to fight a war.




Round Table - About a game quite like RuneScape, with one huge difference.




The Samurai's Story - A short story about the best samurai who is chosen by the gods.




The Tale of Sir Cody - A really short story that has actually been finished about a new knight.






New Stuff:


James Kanon's Story - A bit of a background story on the life of an American in the future.




My Poetry Topic - Just a place for my random poetry.




The Roks Rule - Random story (still working on fixing some cruddy bits... actually most of it...) about some boys and magic and space and stuff.








We of the Library - Collab between most of the Falador Library's members.

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Archimage A




The Bulk Edition:


Archimage Tales. This is actually pretty much all of my personal bests, it features some of the things here so please read first.




The First Coming: All the way back in Febuary 2005 when I first joined my stories from then till the middle of 2006.


Tales of The Lone Zarosen Written as a series, ages ago. It is basically the would be history and present of Runescape, featuring Zaros as the second creator God. It, as people have said, is dry but interesting.


Zaros the true story + the 1st and 2nd age A very long and very grammatically incorrect peice written very earlier on. If you want to bring up my nooby beginnings then please quote from this. Basically some sort of connection to the story above.


The Aura Wars This is not actually my topic(techniquely) however I did co-write it, and then the other person left so I carried on for a while. It is a story of a God and an adventuer who becomes a God. It gets bogged down and still isn't finished despite a rewrite being somewhere.




The Second Comming: The period from...Late 2006 to Present. This is probably my better era and I am alot less nooby.




A series of unforunately untrue events. A story about a student comming to terms with themselves. Unfinnished but an interesting read.


The Desiral Project A Command and Conquer spin off. Basically a what would happen if something was changed, just prior to WWII breaking out.


Death. Impending? Me rambling on from a slightly mental view point. Basically about how we live our lives in some strange fear and therefore not living at all...


'Letter of a daymare' A story written for a picture, all about fate and self fufilling nature of the universe.


Reliance: First in the series A relatively good peices of work, it depends on your opinion of the realism but anywho. About a few decades time when we haven't done anything about the energy crisis and leads from there.


Loveship A very short peice. It was meant to be longer and co-written with Issy2. However she left and it sort of fell apart. The end of this opening is very well done(in my opinion)


Dependence The second part of the Reliance trilogy(sorry there is no third part, I just don't have the time at the moment). It continues where it left off pretty much.


Release I consider this one of my best works. It is a story written from a view point and then carried on from another view point, looking mainly at racism and people being thick(basically)


A Star Control Story A story based on the Star Control Game. There are links for anyone who doesn't know anything about it. Sort of a filler piece because there is a big gap where the story is missing(company take over...Meh)


A Tale from the Library Arguably most interesting thing I have written. This is for EVERYONE. If you join the library and want to be added then please Pm me(You serouisly don't HAVE to do anything for it other than a brief description and then you are immortalised.




The Poetry selection:


30th of Febuary There are two poems here. Both are about love in one way or another.


Bitter Freedom I personally love this poem. It is either about the "bitterness and falities of the 'american dream.'" Or its about "how Communism is a crual master that kills people who revolt" Take your pick.


The End A cycle of my 'scary' mind. Basically my dig at religon.


Life Apparently too epic and a riddle poem. I just liked the structure and wrote a poem about it. About life being created.


When the end does come. Me attempting to be patrotic and failing...It is ok but nothing speical, probably should be in the first era.


Soul Me letting my beliefs run wild. It is all about our soul being the only God worthwhile worshipping.


A collection of songs, adapted to fit runescape. And ending with comedy, this is me just being random and putting new words to old songs.

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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Atheist v. God (Real Life Essay) - Declaration of wrong-doings by students and teenagers in shootings and murders across the country, then links back to Atheism in a logical but very tolerant essay.




Impulse (Sci-Fi, Original) - Aliens, guns, and faceless masked men. Need I say more?




Saga of Athir (Scrapped Novel) Misc. works I did when I was 10. Scrapped because it too closely resembled other works and stories. But hey, I was 10.




I would write more, but my hand is cramped!

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Harry - My first story which was based upon actual events my Grandfather had told me a few years ago, about his days in WWII as a tail-gunner for a B16 bomber.




The Battle of Tree Gnome Village - Was my second story of a gnome who goes to war to avenge his wife. He later finds out that his vengence has caused him to turn into a killing machine. But the war is not over....




Tracking a Noob: A Comedy - A short story about of course, a noob in the world of runescape. Find out what noobs eat, where they live, and what they will do to survive.




This Winter Burns Blue. - A poem about a man and his final moments on earth.






Currently Working On:




The Contamination: A New Begining Part I - The Village of sophanem has called for aid. The only one to answer is Lumbridge, and has sent 1,000 troops into the desert. Plague, Murder, and Betryal has swept the lands of sophanem. The army of Lumbridge arrives there, but is not prepared for what is to come....




Soilders From the Maze: Episode I - A half sequal or inbetween story to "The battle for tree gnome village." It contains the same plot line only different soilders, and a twist. Part II of the series.




As Xeweeler mentioned before Bloodlust Hollows (I'm getting on it!)






Failed Attempts:




Raiden(First Attempt) - My actual first attempt of writing here in the Library. It was a few years back and I stopped working on it simply because I needed to move on from it. It is about a soldier from Varrok going to war with gnomes that try to invade Falador. He finds a gem-stone that resembles a sign that it once belonged to Zamarok himself. The young warrior finds out that he is possesed by its powers.




The Black Casket - Something I started back in september that I never could really finish. Once I wrote it, I knew it was trash so I stopped writing it. It was originally supossed to be a 10 part sequel, but it was too..... out of my league. It is about two young assians/bounty hunters who hunt anyone for money.








Zephillia: The Anarchist. - Probably the most famous piece of my writings. It based upon a futuristic plot of anarchy from all around the universe, to take back curruopted earth. Of course, I couldn't have done it without most of you guys. Quite interesting too. It's the year 2150, and everything on earth as we know it is is taken by our government. No more countries, no more freedom, just one big earth. Although, with different races and planets too help earth, we are not alone. It also dates back to prevouis times in earth where the anarchists only follow one code and one man.... Zephillia.




Barracade: A Resident Evil RPG. (Currently being on worked on, and anyone can join at anytime.) - Racoon city is invaded with zombies and you have to survive anyway you possiably can. Ahhhh, Classic Zombies! :D




Annoymous Role Play. - The first RPG I was ever into too. It was pretty fun and lots of people involved. Good story line also.

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Runescape Fiction


The Lost Journal of Islar - A tale in three parts, the first (completed) of the god wars, the second (currantly being written) of the god wars dungeon, and the third (future addition) will not be reveiled for fear of spoilers.






Meant to Live - A dramatic short story about a group of teenagers after the loss of a friend, written from multiple points of view.

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