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Anyone remember starting classes?


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Hey, I've been doing a lot of lurking around latly and decided to make a post. Back when I started in 2001 when creating a character you were given a selection of I believe 5-6 starting classes. Your choice impacted what you started with and your stats. Anyways I started out as a Necromancer. +3 to Evil Magic, black mage hat and robe. Back when they had good and evil magic in the game. Anyways my question to you guys is, did anyone else start during this time and if so what class did you begin as? Do you remember what you started out with?







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I picked Miner, but it was during the time when I thought Runescape was too hard so I gave up. Didn't come back until several months later and by then they stopped doing classes.

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On my very first character, I started off as a wizard. I think you got 7 mage automatically and a couple of runes. Then decided I'd make a warrior.




Oh and I remember making archers for profit (or so I thought it'd be profit :lol: )




Make a random name like 'sdjkasfpio'


Login, drop the 10 arrows


Make another char, drop 10 again etc. etc.


Every few characters, login to my main and pick up and repeat.




I soon got bored and realised it was a waste of time. :P

Rs1 - X dsp x (84 pure plate) - Retired a long time ago

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Haha, I used to pick up a Iron Dagger in a Lumbridge spawn, then walk all the way to varrock to sell them all to the store...




same... I thought that method was killer..




Lol nightmare.. I made a buncha rangers n dropped the arrows :)




Think my first char started as a adventurer then adx1 started as a warrior lol.

Whiterob10 was better then zorro for sure :P

Adx1's Rsc Kills


Username = adxx1

Password = read only

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Adventurer , Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, Miner




when i started they were what you could pick from i was adventurer

Aefx(started 11/1/2002) Cb: 200 TS: 1900+
Bmms--Jr(Started on 1/24/06)(Banned 11/13/09 ) Cb: 119(pre-eoc) TS: 1700+
Bmms(Started 8/?/2001)(Banned 1/24/06 ) Cb: 101(pre-eoc) TS: 1350+

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I think I picked adventurer. Because it gave the most tools, I believe. My friend who introduced me to the game recommended to pick adventurer. I also picked non-player killer. I was too scared to be killed wherever I'd go, lol.

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