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New Website Design Open Beta

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A couple of years ago now when we upgraded the forums, and got a nice pretty new skin for them, some of you probably wondered why the forum skin didn't match the website design. It generally looked (and still does look) a lot more polished and up to date than our aging website.


The reason for this was simple, the skin designer didn't pull this out of his head, he designed it from an early website redesign put together by us.


That was quite some time ago, and we decided that if we were going to create a fresh new look for the website, we should also probably code everything from scratch as well, and get rid of many of the unnecessary files and code snippets we have hanging around on the current website. We wanted to do lots of other things too, like making the URLs more friendly, and introducing more social networking aspects.


So the information you're actually probably reading this post for... the URL, and here it is:



With the "open" being for our "Open Beta" which is what we're calling this stage of the launch. We'd like you, our users, to test drive the site, reporting to us any bugs you find, along with your feedback on newer features or changes.


You can report bugs to us in The Tracker. This allows us to easily keep track of your bug as it progresses through to being fixed. There is also a new forum in which you can discuss the website. You should avoid using the Tracker for this, as it is strictly for bugs only.


Also, I can't possibly post this without giving credit where it's due:



Coding Team


Soon you'll also be seeing some Developer Blogs/Behind The Scenes posts revealing how and why things were done the way they were!


Have fun on the new website!

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Thanks so much to our designer and awesome coders <3: I am incredibly glad to see this finally released and so close to replacing our current design ;)

Posted Image


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Great work guys! It looks amazing!

Lulz... it does look amazing. Mad props! :XD:

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This has been a long time coming... it's been such a long time since I saw the images, very nice to actually see it up and working. A huge congratulations and thank you to all involved.


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Completely awesome, great work guys :thumbsup:

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Looks absolutely brilliant. Can't wait to dig into it. :thumbsup:



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Definitely looks nice, great job! It will take a bit of getting used to but still liking it. :)

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Yes!!! As other people said, it's been a long time coming. :) I am so excited to see it in open beta. Thank you to everyone who has spent their time on this project. :thumbsup:

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