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Multi Site Steel War Aftermath - Done - READ FIRST POST!

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Ok guys, it might not have been obvious, but...




Well, we won :P




If you're wondering who I am, I was the ONLY guy in the war who didnt wear Iron, Steel, or Rune... I was the guy in Full White with the pretty horsey on his Kiteshield...




I was a bit worried at the start that we might have been crashed already in Edgeville, but luckily that didn't happen... Fortunately for us, someone wearing steel armor can still wield a sword as sharp as the next guy in full rune...




Anywho, down to business... I logged on right on time to find an all but filled to the rim CC, so much even that I had to direct people constantly PM-ing me to Mario Sunny's CC... Handed out a whole bunch of supplies (I sold about 530k worth of supplies) and even saw people dropping capes all over the place for others... Nice work with the preparation!




Then it crept ever closer to the time to leave which was somewhat disorganised... Smeone even claimed that I wouldnt make it out of Edgeville bank alive wearing nothing but White armor... I was for all it mattered, completely unarmored, and with my colors on I just stood out screaming "Over here! Kill me!"...




So when I got a whole bunch of people to fall in on me I made a quick dash for the wilderness... Dbz and a few other fall-in groups were already ahead, and I'm quite sure I wasnt the last to leave either (seriously, who DID pick up the stragglers?)... The people that were attacking me continued to do that even after we passed Bounty Hunter, and after a few sharp turns to an unexpected side, the ones attacking me were visible enough to be killed...




Those guys who kept me supplied with food; THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!




We made it safely to the Ancient ruined castle, and only a handfull of non-tipit people made it that far...


I must apologise to those that did not grasp the importance of the 39 teamcape... I know I said that any green cape would do, but I underestimated the tenacity of some people... :oops: I hope that, even if you got killed by a few Tip.iters, there are no hard feelings...


What the teamcape made possible was a HUGE advantage for us. Friends appeared green, Teamcapes appeared blue, and those in the CC with you appeared purple... Anyone not falling in the category of these 3 showed up white on the minimap and was thusly VERY easy to single out and destroy...




All in all it was still pretty chaotic as quite a few backstabbers wore the tipit cape too... But the most beautiful example of how this fight went on was when I walked with about 120 or so people at my back westward from the Greater Demons and encountered Pure Community... I did not even have to give an order, and people swarmed out at their group. People seemed to target our enemies at random, but within 2 minutes there was no sign of anyone wearing a black cape anymore, and I highly doubt if we lost anyone... Odd though that a whole bunch of RUNES littered the ground after tha slaughter, did PC plan on binding?




That was about the most resistance we encountered.




I was warned not to go further south into single zone (remember, I'm still wearing that bulls-eye white stuff), but I did it anyway after gathering a bunch more people at my back at the ancient castle... We walked south and a small group of blue capes were very carefull not to stray into Single zone, but against an overhwleming force, instructed to target those that they could kill on their own, and then there were three...




I have to be honest with you, and this is quite dissapointing... I have not even SEEN an orange cape, red cape, yellow cape or purple cape organised with steel, and I quite surely stayed 95% of the time I was in the wilderness at the frontlines... The only cape I saw somewhat organised was teamcape 7, but I dont even know what site they belonged to...




I was told that there were some clans coming to crash at members gate, but when I arrived there, only 1 guy was left... And even at the single combat zone to the south there were only 3 people left that werent Tip.it...




Shortly after I said "Lets go get everyone and go home, we've won" I was finally attacked by some obvious non-tipiters and killed...




I'll be copying cool pictures or cool youtubes in this post, so IF you want yours to be featured here, post it in this thread :D






A final word of thanks though to:


The Tip.it Staff, who gave me INCREDIBLE leniency allowing me to post a guide, a Tip.it Times article, a warning of the changes and this Aftermath thread. And thanks to them for posting messages about the war on the main Tip.it page...


The other fansites, without them there wouldnt be a war at all (oh wait!)...


The leader and generals, our services werent much needed to organise our troops in battle, but marching the troops in the wild was fun :)


The Suppliers, without you, many people wouldnt have the proper gear, and maybe not even the proper cape either to effectivly fight in this war...


The Clans, who helped organise and fight side by side the whole thing, also thanks for the feedback (you know who you are)...


And finally, everyone else of the 600 man strong army that we guesstimated the total Tip.it force at... Not as strong as last year, but then again, the enemy was much much weaker... More importantly, we DID fill up the server, and some other sites that prepared on another world were unable to log in because of that (serves you right, you weaklings)...




And a final comment for people "getting killed by their own team"...


The lionshare of Tip.it is largely inexperienced in wars, but in the old days of the wilderness, this kind of backstabbing is commonplace, and I can GUARANTEE you right now that the rants section of every forum will fill up with them in the near future... In a war this large where 98% of the people dont know one another, you do not wish to be the odd one out... But even then, these kind of "mistakes" are seldom that, and are a deliberate attempt of malicious forces (clans, other sites, usually something organised) to weaken us from the inside out... Every time people fall victim to it, and everytime people are angry about it, but there is nothing you can do about it... Take it as a compliment; they are afraid to face us head-on...


If it sooths you, know that I too was killed in the end by people wearing our teamcape...




I wish I wasn't, because I wouldve LOVED to help you guys owning world 62 like you did... Seriously, cleaning out Varrock, Falador AND Al Kharid? Knowing that most people logged off after the war, this is quite a feat :)




Keep checking back here for the coolest of pictures and youtubes!!!

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Member of the Wilderness Guardians and Founder of the Silent Guardians
Founder of The Conclave - A Tip.it Clan institution
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people in full rune ftl as were magers and rangers



Mercifull <3 Suzi

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Great war, all tip.it did awesome! Other tipsites didnt stand a chance ;).




One thing though. Halfway through I got attacked by teamkillers. I spent alot of time for Tip.it to be stabbed in the back after. Could you please do something against them if they have an account on here pls :)?


BTW! I have asked and several other friends of mine got attacked by Sada1337 too! I find this quite unacceptable :/. Came for fun and to fight for Tip.it not to be killed by some renegade group.


[hide=Screeny of Teamkillers]081018202823ak5.png[/hide]




Thank you for the great war :)

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My account from following Stormrage:




After arriving at the battlefield we found the black capes right off the bat and destroyed them. That was the end of the war as far as I was concerned. After the initial skirmish with Black Capes, all that we encountered after that were a few rouge clans doing rune raids and a whole lot of bsers. I honestly think I killed more bser's then I did enemies.




But it was a fun filled adventure nonetheless. Lots of killing and then a major highlight was the Fally Massacre after, where Tip.It filled up the vast majority of Falador and destroyed anything that failed to wear the 39 cape. Could of used more enemies and less back stabbers but hey, Tip.It won.








And as far as the "backstabbing", I don't believe that it is possible to have a war without bs'ers. For all we know, other clans or users of other fan sites dressed up as tip it'ers and ran around trying to cause as much confusion and chaos as they could......and it worked.




Look at the fighting that has been brought up so far in this thread. As far as I am concerned, Tip.It is a well dedicated fansite, and just because some rouges were running around with our team cape on acting like fools does not mean that Tip.It is a bunch of "bsing noobs" and anyone that thinks it is should go back to the Official Runescape Rant Forums and continue complaining about everything.

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Just left Falador center. Two clans crashed/backstabbed. We had random leaders who tried gaining temporary fame.




Overall, was fun ::'




Will edit later with pictures & information.

*-P.K.M-* Website




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Worst MSSW I've been to so far, First one was the best in which I was with RSC/Zybez.


I've been to 3 of them, (First, third and this one)




First my brother died due to idiotic Tip.iters attacking him, then I got attacked by Tip.iters but


a friend got him off of me, then I get killed by a Tip.iter and saw many others with the same fate.


Sad what people do to earn 25K in a fun war. :roll:


I guess, I'll just stick to my clans own events.


Probably won't attend the next one.




I really was excited about this one and I love Tip.it but when this happens it just ruins everything.

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Tip.it Defeated Tip.it




The post indicated that any green cape could be worn, so I was given a green team cape and proceeded to go to the battlefield with the rest of my team. Once I got there, I was attacked repeatedly wasting my food, then finally killed even though I said I would go and get another cape.




So then I decided to go back, I got the correct cape, a new set of steel and ran up because none of the other sites had shown up yet. Wandering around for a while in the masses of people, waiting for the other sites to show up for the war, when my name is called and I'm piled by about 20 people (who were apparently from tip.it) Who the hell goes around at a war calling their own teams names? Those people should know better.




Clearly, the whole thing didn't go as planned, we didn't even fight the rival clan sites, and more people were killed by tip.it's own hand which was highly [developmentally delayed]ed. I wasnt at the previous Steel Wars because I had quit RS previously to that, but from experience of this one, I don't think I'll be attending the next one if I am still playing.




td;lr version: tip.it members killed tip.it members, other sites didn't show, event was a total failure and waste of time.


Quit RS 2005 | RSN: Johnalder

Back as of 5/7/2008!

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It was a great war :o it made me decide to become member of the forums :P But what Coolio stated is true, sadly enough. I too was killed by Sada1337. Even though he/she was not alone, not everybody who helped him/her kill other tip.iters knew he/she wasnt a real leader. as far as I could tell, sada1337 pretented to be a leader and when he/she got followers decided to make them pile random tip.iters. Im afraid I dont have any actuall prove, but I can assure you 100% that sada1337 is, in fact, a traitor.

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there were several assassins instantly attacking me the moment I left the bank, they were noob so didn't do much harm to me




on the way to the wild we were ambushed several times by rangers and mages


and from clan wars to the battlefield was one big ambush place






if any of those tipit guys are reading this, and I'm sure you are. You guys are pathetic


just pathetic losers


cheating like this for a simple game...










I won't be joining the next steel war because with all over cheaters it's no fun at all




enjoy your winning it must be really feel good to know you guys won by being the living definition of the word noob...




I hope you guys take this into consideration next time so it make it more fun for others next time. ::'

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Control f on normal thread search green keep pressing enter till it says 'We won't kill you if you wear other green-ish capes though.'




Erm... Backstabbers.. Care to explain?




By the way lol at Devan... We weren't cheating we owned you really. A lot of Tip.It people = Doesn't mean cheating.

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Well, the after party was not very fun on account of the BSers...




Also, their was allot of TipIt cheated going around in lumbridge. They claimed we rushed them at Gdz...




I hate to be the one to say this, but I think something went terribly wrong. Correct me if I am mistaken, but where we not supposed to stick to the fort? I mean we where lead way past Gdz, on to whoever had the black capes, where we roughed them up.




I fear these claims that TIF cheated, may in light of this, be justified. This incident happened well before 2 BTW.

Clan Moderator from December 15th 2006- August 20th 2007

Founder of: Terran Gamers, formerly known as Militos Deci

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Was fun untill i got bsed by some [cabbage] heads, claiming i spyed.
















Well, others were bsed by sada1337, so i will post some proof





Levon.png Bladewing.png


It's great you know what you're talking about rustiod. Everything you've said is 100% accurate a true.


That being said...your a [bleep]ing [bleep] douchebag, and none of your advice will ever (or should ever) be taken seriously because of it.

disregard good advice because the giver is a douche



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I have 50+ screenies, take a look at them in my signature. (Some are still uploading).




There wasn't a big enemy, and didn't go as planed, but hey, it was a fun break from Aviansies. :lol:

Retired Tip.It Crew Mapper.

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Ok recap of my experience...




1. Waited in edgeville for about 2 hours.


2. Got to see my tip it friends ::'


3. Noticed about 600 people in edgy have never even posted on tif.... -.-


4. Everyone gathered up with astounding numbers :o :shock:


5. War started


6. I got bsed by every "tiffer"


7. Came back


8. War ended (After like 5 minutes :roll: )




Worst mssw so far.... doubt i'll come to the next one after this year =p....




[hide=My pics]081018134052ex7.png









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Well, I can say that this year's MSSW4 was kinda disappointing.With all the teamkilling and in fact I got killed (by Tip.Iters) several times.




And for some reason, when I first logged in , I got hit a 50 and a 20 then died , losing my full steel, rune scimmy , my 50 teamcapes I was suppose to give out and my food.

Barrows Items: 1x Dharok's Platelegs, 1x Veracs's Plateskirt, 1x Dharok's Greataxe, 2x Torag's Platelegs, 1x Akrisae's War Mace, 1x Ahrim's Robeskirt, 3x Akrisae's Robetop, 1x Guthan's Warspear, 1x Akrisae's Robeskirt, 1x Torag's Helm, 2x Verac's Brassard, 1x Karil's Pistol Crossbow


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This event failed loads...




also control f on normal thread search green keep pressing enter till it says 'We won't kill you if you wear other green-ish capes though.'




Erm... Backstabbers.. Care to explain?




By the way lol at Devan... We weren't cheating we owned you really. A lot of Tip.It people = Doesn't mean cheating.




I didn't say you guys were cheating. I said some members were. Yteezy stole about 200 of our recruits and it went on from there.

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i'm ashamed




i've been to the previouse steel wars and they al had there share of bsers but it was never as bad as this!




most of the group i was with got piled by our own tip iters as soon as we stepped into the ruins. most of us had the team 39 cape and the rest had 33s from edge because we couldn't get any and the forums CLEARY said that any green cape was good.




it was sad i won't be going to any steel war again


[spoiler=click you know you wanna]
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im getting lots of mixed messages about this lol.






oh well




ne one got a video of this yet or was it not video worthy?






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