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The New Runescape - Glitches in H-D!


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3. There are odd items sticking up through the ground in my PoH in certain rooms called "nothing".




I've noticed these in my house too. My best guess is that they're supposed to be meant for holding rugs or something. They seem to only appear for me in rooms where I can but a rug but haven't (i.e. Skill Hall). However, I've also found little [bleep]es sticking out of the floor in my Throne Room - I have no clue why these are here :wall:




The "nothings" have always been there, perhaps they just start graphically messing up now.


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Girl characters with trimmed fishing capes will have a pink line down the center of the gold trim :P


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Two on LD:




Red Dragonhide (possibly other dhides) on a female - while bending over (for bone burying, crop picking, fishing), the stomach stretches from normal position to bent position.




Mystic Hat - in chat screen the character's head is tiny!






Drunk unicorn can't even walk straight. =D>


When I home tele'd to Lumbridge to use the canoes to go to the GE, I noticed the spiders on the river bank were attached to the ground, as the unicorn apparently is. Glitchy :D

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In the Tavelry dungeon, at the chaos druids, you can stand in the stone pillar type things around the altar and you look like you are melded with it.


If you drop your kitten while running, then you'll slide for a while and do a strange emote or something while sliding.

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Im invisible!




If you are in low detail you cant see me, this is mt sister taking a screenie of me.






This is the outfit im wearing, if you wear this outfit (any skillcape will do) people on low detail cant see you.



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Hazlemere over on that little red spider island next to Yanille does not have updated graphics, it seems he was forgotten.




And when wearing a lederhosen hat your characters face is half invisible when talking to NPC's.




sorry i don't have picture of either of these

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I noticed one when smelting.




Instead of your legs bending at the hip to crouch downwards your leg folds forwards part way down the thigh.


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In the lava maze you have a rune rock, it looks like rune, but when you prospect or mine it, you see 'this rock contains gold ore' and you just mined a gold ore lol :lol:.

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There's lots of graphical glitches with the Obsidian Cape, I'm currently hunting and getting pretty pissed off with my cape, flapping under my legs, showing my legs at the back, and I've seen a few other glitches involving the skillcapes.


This IS runescape BETA tho, so I'm sure the glitches will be fixed pretty soon :D

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The ponytail on long curtains & hard hat (I'm not sure if you need both) streches whenever you pickpocket or use lumby teleport. :)



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if when your teleing you end up with abyssal services random( the one where you have to click the odd lever out of four then you continue on to your destination and get given 2 laws and 3 airs) you will use the old style teleport animation when you tele and the old style tele animation when you tele from abyssal services place to your destination, however when appearing at your new destination you will land with the new style teleing in animation.

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