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Soul Reaper

Miss Lioness

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Soul Reaper


Become a Soul Reaper in today's combat update from the RuneScape Ninja Team. Help Death restore balance to Gielinor by taking down some of its toughest bosses.


Earn reaper points for killing assigned boss targets and earn a range of rewards: powerful jewellery, a permanent reduction in instance-creation costs, aura refresh items, and more.


Read on for more information, or log in and head to Death's office now, via the portal just north of Draynor Village.

Live by the Sword


Once you reach Death's office - somewhat refurbished since the old death tutorial - he'll explain the situation in detail.


First, he'll hand you a grim gem - much like the enchanted gem you'd get from a slayer master.


Then, once per day, he'll offer you a boss-killing assignment that's achievable at your combat level. These range from the Giant Mole, Kalphite Queen and Barrows Brothers, all the way up to Rise of the Six, Araxxi and Vorago.


If you don't like the one he offers you, he'll give you an alternative, as long as you qualify for a different assignment.


Death will give you up to five alternatives per day, but each alternative offered after the first will reduce the reaper points you receive on completion by 25% - down to none on the fifth.

Cash In Your Chips


Completing assignments for Death earns you a modest amount of Slayer XP, and a sum of reaper points, which be used to purchase some smashing rewards:

  • Aura refresh items offer a one-time reset of a combat aura on cooldown. You can use one per day, and they come in a variety of tiers, relating to the tiers of the auras they affect.
  • Death's Deal is a consumable item that reduces the degradation of armour and weapons by 50% on your next death.
  • Permanently decrease instance costs by 25% with the 'instance cost' effect.
  • Permanently increase bonfire health boost durations by 25% with 'bonfire booster'.
  • Rainbow loot beams allow you to highlight your valuable drops with a cascade of colour.
  • Unlock the ability to buy extra Soul Reaper assignments, in exchange for your spare slayer points.
  • Incomplete hydrix is a new gem that can be combined with an onyx, then made into powerful equipment.

Level 79+ crafters among you can create jewellery from the completed hydrix gem. At level 87 Magic, you can use the Level-6 Enchant spell to create the following:

  • Ring of death - has a chance to heal you for 2.5% of a slain target's maximum life points.
  • Reaper necklace - grants a stackable 'reaper' buff when you score a critical hit, granting 1% increase to attack bonus in all styles for 10 seconds, up to a maximum of 3% for 3 stacks.
  • Deathtouch bracelet - has a chance to reflect 25-50% of damage you receive back to your opponent.
  • Amulet of souls - gives you a chance to heal 25-50% extra from Soul Split.

These pieces of jewellery are degradable and cannot be repaired. They last for around 10 hours of combat before degrading to dust.


Level 80 Fletchers can also make hydrix bolt tips, which can be added to ascension bolts and - at level 90 Magic - enchanted to create ascendri bolts. This potent ammunition can grant you a 'deathmark' buff when you hit a target, which gives you 1% more adrenaline per hit while active.


Finally, there are a bunch of cool cosmetic rewards, granted once you've put down a certain number of the bosses included in Soul Reaper. These include two titles: 'the Reaper' and 'Final Boss' - and a full set of cosmetic overrides: theVanquisher armour.


Note that you don’t need to be on a Soul Reaper assignment for kills to count. We've been tracking this since the update on 22nd July, so you may have unlocked some already.

Danse Macabre


It's a grim job, but someone's got to do it. Gear up and get reaping, then join the discussion over on the forums.


The RuneScape Ninja Team


In Other News
  • Solomon's got some splendid new wings and tails in stock. Head over to Solomon's General Store now and take a look.
  • Wings and capes can now be worn at the same time. Pull up the Wardrobe interface in-game and perfect your high-flying look.
  • Changes to your loot beam settings are now made by visiting Death in his office. You can get there via the portal just north of Draynor Village.

[spoiler=Patch Notes]Graphical:

  • The autocast highlight box should now appear again with off-hand spells selected.
  • The water fountains in Edgeville Monastery have been fixed and the water now flows in the right direction.
  • Max will now be using updated animations and not Legacy ones.
  • Major stretching in the infernal mage's attack animation has been fixed.
  • The Ivandis flail is now held in two hands during combat and has the correct animation.
  • Bloodvelds in the Slayer Tower, Godwards and Morytania's Underground have now had their models updated.
  • The Trial Announcer outside the Grand Exchange no longer clips into the box he was standing on.
  • Some old squirrel models have been updated.
  • New polls will now highlight correctly whilst in Legacy Mode.
  • A small issue where players could see parts of Plague’s End from the Araxyte Hive has been fixed.
  • An issue with the Ranged skill abilities interface that was causing an incorrect button to appear when scaled to a small size has been fixed.
  • An issue with ribbon pull out menus opening in the wrong direction has been fixed.
  • Models for the hellhounds in Player-Owned Houses have now been updated.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • The trimmed Summoning cape now boosts correctly.
  • Snapegrass is now teleported to your bank by Signs of the Porter when it is picked up rather than when it is harvested from farming patches.
  • The life points listed in the description for the rocktail soup scroll now matches the new value.
  • An interface issue with the Cure-plant option in Livid Farm has been fixed.
  • The healing stats of heim crab potato in Dungeoneering have been corrected.
  • Celestial dragons no longer get bored of fighting after freezing players in time.
  • The XP skill select interface will no longer highlight the last selected item when opened.
  • Recharging the specter of the gods now uses the correct amount of jeweled and gold artifices.
  • Players may now opt to pay the Zombie farmer for crop protection while their greenfingers aura is active.
  • It is no longer possible to sheathe the eggsterminator in Legacy Mode.
  • Tagging monsters during Slayer assignments with a partner no longer counts as 2 kills.
  • Some misleading text when you kill somebody with warbands items in your inventory has been reworded.
  • You can now obtain another sceptre of the gods if you have one keepsaked.
  • Malignius Mortifer no longer offers the player a brown apron in order to enter the crafting guild.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • A spelling error on Lady Meilyr's dialogue during Plague's End has been fixed.
  • An issue with Red Revolution being unable to be completed if a player has finished Plague's End has been fixed.
  • Some Mourners and slave workers in the Temple of Light tunnels are no longer present after the completion of the Plague's End quest.
  • Some post quest chat has been added to Farmer Brumty, General Hining and Gwir after Plague's End has been added.
  • Players are now able to receive a crystal trinket after completing Plague’s End.
  • Some wording on interfaces during the Plague's End quest has been adjusted.
  • Lady Hefin and Lord Cwrys will no longer disappear when multiple players are interacting with them at the same time.
  • Plague's End will now correctly reward 2 Treasure Hunter keys.
  • Plague's End will now appear on Adventurer's Log after completion.
  • The magic tutorial in Blood Pact while on the path system no longer triggers if you have a high-level magic spell set to autocast.
  • The spelling of 'Trahaearn' has been corrected on the interfaces called by checking the exoskeleton reward from Plague's End.
  • Some unneeded capitalisation of dialogue during Plague's End has been removed.
  • A typo when adding the ring of duelling to the action bar has been fixed.
  • A typo in 'Eastern Discovery' book has been fixed.


  • The Cooking Skill Advance Guide now says to use pitta dough to make pitta bread, instead of bread dough.
  • A typo when customising ribbons has been fixed.
  • The bug report interface will now allow the correct amount of characters when sending another bug report in the same session.
  • Players will now receive a clear message if they for any reason cannot use balloon travel.
  • Duke Horacio's lectern is no longer interactive.
  • You can no longer attempt the 'Use' operation on an item that is considered to be an empty inventory slot.
  • An error with the destroy message from the ankh and was has been fixed.
  • The blocking around the Lumbridge windmill has been improved to reduce the risk of face-planting the walls.
  • All 6 versions of the broken geart can now be keepsaked.
  • Superior kyzajs may be switched from a special attack version to a passive version, and vice versa, by using them on the Bandos altar to match the Bandos godsword.
  • Cooked snails now give a more accurate health increase when consumed.
  • Attack styles are saved in EoC and Legacy modes independently.
  • Players can no longer use the legendary pet ‘scavenge’ ability to retrieve the fire feather from the Entrana firebird.
  • The volume of the audio for the Energy Condenser emote for the Prototype colossus has been increased.
  • Animated armour in the Warriors' Guild now has a weakness to crush.
  • An issue that did not let you use Quick Chat in the Guest Clan Chat tab has been fixed.
  • Active scrimshaws and auras now display on the buffs/debuffs interface.
  • The bonds pouch now correctly opens if you do not have your inventory visible in Legacy mode.
  • Tweaked Green Dragons to make sure they behave correctly in single way Wilderness.
  • The correct warning is now displayed when attempting to drag Barrows items from the bank.
  • You won't send achievement broadcasts anymore if you've set yourself to appear offline.
  • The use multiple stars interface will not appear if you have a prismatic and non-prismatic star in your inventory.
  • The clan avatar options are now accessible again from the summoning icon when in Legacy Mode.

Araxyte Hive Fixes:

  • Acidic spiders will no longer spawn underneath Araxxor.
  • Damage from Araxxor’s cocoon move will no longer hit the player when moving into phase 4.
  • Spiders that attack the graves within the Araxyte graveyard have been told off and sent home.
  • When being cleaved on the acid ramp in tunnel 2, you will no longer get moved onto an invalid tile.
  • The cocooned body outside the cave will now tell you what tunnels are open.

Legacy Fixes:

  • Your combat level displayed in the hero interface will no longer have a duplicate reference next to it.
  • Casting Vengeance will no longer delay auto attacks.
  • The damage of Ket-Zek has been reduced to be much closer to the original The FPS display has been moved slightly to the left.

Ninja Fixes:

  • Players can now wear the vyreling, vyre grunt, vyrewatch and vyrelord/vyrelady titles without having to wear the Darkmeyer disguise.
  • You can now benefit from the Varrock armour Smithing bonus when wearing the blacksmith’s top (assuming you've completed the respective achievement diary).
  • The captains log will now teleport you directly into your port.
  • The light creatures in the Tears of Guthix cave now have right-click options to choose to take you either across or into the chasm.

Engine Fixes:

  • A fix has been applied to correct the overly large vegetables that have been growing for some players.



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For account help/issues, please follow this link:

Account Help

. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to PM me or post here.

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A fix has been applied to correct the overly large vegetables that have been growing for some players.

Well that's the end of that fun.  :P

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I highly doubt TDs are worth unlocking, but if someone could tell me the slay xp per glacor or per hour (multiply xp/glacor by 135) that would be highly appreciated.


Also task size.



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...that's achievable at your combat level.

Oh great, let's base this update on the one thing that least of all impacts your ability to actually kill these bosses.


Never mind that being able to defeat these bosses depends vastly on the equipment you have/can afford and whether or not you have a stable connection/computer...

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Base points, xp, and number assigned are all listed here http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Soul_Reaper


Points are from tasks only


Considering you only need an xp drop (excluding Barrows), all you have to do is smack it and not die. Join a mass or make your own, hire a friend and say you'll split loot 60:40 or something. They kinda make it easy for you...

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What I love about the comp cape req and difficulty:


Most people only didn't want it due to Nex, KK, Rago and Rots because they really *need* a team to be done, especially if your just not good a pvm and thought they were too hard for a plain comp req.

But no they stick to their guns and ignore everyone.


Then they put a toggle in that recognises that EXACT 4 as 'group' bosses that you can opt out of if your more of a soloer


It's like hi wound I'm salt, let me roll on top of you and laugh.


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I'm just glad the rewards don't really interest me, since I've always been terrible at bosses.



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Tasks should be longer for most bosses it seems. 6 kbd and 11 gwd bosses is too short. 3 Araxxi is decent I suppose.

Definitely this. 10-15 GWD and Dks is a joke. It should be level dependent somehow. And should be at least 50+ GWD and 100+ DKs (at higher combat levels). You don't even need that good gear to kill that many.

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It's not mentioned anywhere in the newspost so lemme say it here:

You can now buy the ability to be assigned Glacors and Tormented Demons for 50 slayer points each, much like Muspah and Nihil before.



Also, slayer helmet won't do a damn thing on Soul Reaper tasks so you can leave that at home.

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It's not mentioned anywhere in the newspost so lemme say it here:


You can now buy the ability to be assigned Glacors and Tormented Demons for 50 slayer points each, much like Muspah and Nihil before.



Also, slayer helmet won't do a damn thing on Soul Reaper tasks so you can leave that at home.

I am so turned on...

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It's not mentioned anywhere in the newspost so lemme say it here:


You can now buy the ability to be assigned Glacors and Tormented Demons for 50 slayer points each, much like Muspah and Nihil before.



Also, slayer helmet won't do a damn thing on Soul Reaper tasks so you can leave that at home.

Yeah, that is #1 update tbh. And I'm so [bleep]ing disappointed that slayer helm does nothing. That was like the biggest reason for why I was looking forward to this update. Dat slayer boost against bosses ;-;

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Comp: song in office, Reaper title from killing 1 of everything listed

Trim: everything on the Loot Beam page: beam, extra tasks, bonfire hp length boost, reduced instances

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