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Tip.It Times Presents: Grand Exchange - Help or Hindrance?


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I've always viewed the Grand Exchange as a help, although it did lower the worth of my items, a lot...


It unfortunately also killed some skills.


Other than that, it's very convenient, and I think, a rather good idea.

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I still merchant, not the buy and sell merchanting, investing. But still, I guess it isn't the same thing I guess.

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They had no choice but to release the GE.




Main way of combating RWT was the trade law, so, I think centralized items values would be extremely hard to adjust with just normal trades, almost impossible, so, to give the players a fluctuating market, a central trade station that keeps track of all that would have to be implemented.




Without the GE, we would be stuck with prices that jagex changes, still no merching because of trade limits, and many more unhappy people.


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I had stopped playing RS that much when the G.E was released (Not because of that) but I don't see why so many people complain about it I like it it saves all the fuss of trading with people and anyway you can still merchant.




If you ask me, its made merchanting even easier, don't have to sit around and look for good deals anymore, you just put your offer up and go do something else!

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It's a great idea, in itself. The killer was the "price control update," which goes hand in hand with this. However, i think they could have kept the old price rules, added the Exchange (with different limitations/rules, of course ;), and dealt with autoers another way.

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always been a help for me, questing and treasure trail are a prime example of its usefulness,




merchant wise i guess it was is a hinderance but i wonder how merchanting would be operating now with the trade limit, i think thats had just a big impact on merchanting

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Good read to be honest.




I never merchanted before the GE other than a couple of times when I saw, in the same bank, one person selling an item for lower than another was buying it lol.




Merchanting, however, is still possible, and hugely profitable.


This is a picture I found on Supreme Skillers' forum, and all credits for it go to Blue Summer, I am just using it to prove that you can make millions very easily using the GE:




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adjusting it accordingly to the demand and supply, rather than the popularity of the item.


Popularity expresses itself in demand, so this part is a bit incorrect.




Next to that, I can't really say that this article has any interesting information. It's all pretty much what everyone thinks. Ofcourse you have the whining merchants, but Jagex doesn't quite see merchanting as something they should take into consideration when they release an update. Overall the GE just helps the average Runescaper so it's simply a good update, except for a few people that have made a profession of something which isn't Runescape's core activity.

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Well, I find it to be pretty useful... but. But! The price manipulation by JaGEx is just a wee bit.. creepy. And the system seems a little flawed; earlier today I was selling 26k willows. I found a buyer on the forums, they put in the buy order for 26k willow logs at 18gp ea, I put my 26k willow logs in to sell for 18gp ea. We waited several minutes. Neither of our orders were completed, or even started. We ended up hopping worlds to trade normally. I've noticed this quite often, actually, even if two people are buying and selling the exact same thing, for the exact same price in the ge, quite often neither of them will be able to buy or sell... :wall:




Good read.

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I have mixed feelings, but overall, it helps. I find i can sell my items much faster, but it sacrifices time for money, so i make less.


But, I believe the GE is an even greater help to some of our newer players. For instance, my friend just started playing rs. And, although he has no real skills, he has decent combat, and killed cows for a while, then moved up to hill giants (he's lvl 35 combat now). He has made so much money off of it, he doesn't know what to do with it all (he has about 75k, not much for us, but for him, it's more than he'll ever need). When I think back, I wasn't able to make money with such ease, since there were no markets for mostly-useless items, like bones (he sold them for about 70gp each). The GE has created whole new markets, since the seller can connect to anyone who is buying that item, instead of just people in the area. Now, just killing cows (anyone can do that) will yield about 220gp of profit each. That definitely beats smithing for hours on end, being unable to find a buyer, then giving up, and selling to the general store for a tiny profit.


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it is a help but it has hindered the skilling market a bunch




now you dont have to plan to train a skill you just put offers on ge which makes skills cost more with more people traiining skills like herb when before only a few people would train herblore to high levels unless they truly enjoyed it or was maxing total.




the ge limits are also annoying but they are good in the case that otherwise it would be too fast.




also runecraft and stuff profit way less it was the competition that kept the prices high but now you just put an offer and go on with more runecrafting so technacally you waste less time selling but make less money.

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I did hat eit....passionatly. But I love it. Alot of people said the GE killed merchants, but imo, it just made me more money. Alot of the old merchants I know quit, becasue they thought RS was ruined. Its sad to see that suck a great convinience drove so many people away. :cry:

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In my opinion this article was a waste of space and completely pointless to read. Not much was said at all that hasnt already been said thousands of times. There were no new perspectives offered or even any thought provoking comments.




This entire article could easily have been trimmed down to 1 paragraph and did a great job of stating the obvious. No offence to the author, it was very well constructed and flowed nicely but it just didnt say anything. It read like a report someone would write for school.

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The author has no idea what he's talking about, well to be precise the people who he talked about (The old 'merchants'). What 'merchanting' was in the past was kid's ruining the economy. Selling items at outrageous prices, auto typers everywhere. GOOD RIDDANCE. Now we have real merchanting, speculating the price of an item in the future to be exact. Businessmen in the past, pffft. What the real merchants are doing right now can be compared to real businessmen. Grand Exchange was for the best.

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i hate and love the ge


i really really miss world 2 park and merchanting for the cheapest prices


even though the ge is quick i enjoyed getting a better deal (even if i could have made more money than i saved in the time it took to buy :? )




lol what use is having a salamander on the ground :-#

Check it out, huge amount of effort has gone into this massive mod!


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